Summer Love (Niall Horan fan fiction)

Summer had just started, and McKenna wanted this summer to be one she'd never forget. She'd never thought it would actually happen. Until one day she DMed this one Irish guy, from a boy band & he answered. She'd never thought she'd fall in love, especially with who she did. Or was it just a fling? A summer romance? That's what she thought, but not him.


1. Main Characters!

~Main charatcer(s)-

     *-McKenna Nicolet Chilton (grade 12)

      -Aubree Rose Keller (girl best friend - grade 12)

      -Peyton Eston Johnson (guy best friend - grade 12)

      -Dakota Chilton (dad of McKenna)

      -Brandi Chilton (mom, passed away in child birth - not really in story)

      -Niall Horan, & all of his band mates. (Harry, Liam, Zayn, & Louis)


Wanted to give you the charatcers in the story. Even though the mom isn't really in the story, i just wanted to give her name & how she has passed. Hope you enjoy the story. 

Much Love x Shelby

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