Hotel Of The Devil...

One direction are always on the road... What if one day the boys get bored and decide to drive around in a hired car, they continue until they're lost... And decide to check in at the Hotel Of The Devil....What will happen? Will they escape?


1. Chapter One

Louis POV

UGH this tour bus is really starting to annoy me!! I mean sure i love touring, its the best part of being in one direction, but staying in a stuffy tour bus for days on end isnt. Im sick of it. I think its time to have some fun! 

"Haaaaaarrrrahhhhh" I tease.

"BBoooooobbbbeeeeaarrrrr" Harry replies.

"Wanna hire a car with the boys and drive around for the rest  of the night?" I ask hoping for a yes.

"Did paul say its okay?" He asks.

"Mayybbbee, Maybbee noottt" I say cheekily.

"Fine but only if the rest of the boys do" He says with a cheesy smile.

"YESS" I scream. I run as fast as my legs can carry me over to liam,zayn and niall. I look over to Niall and he nods straight away, seeing as my face was properly giving away that i wanted to do something against the rules. I give him the thumbs up. Niall is really like my partner in crime. I mean sure i do everything with harry, but i have to persuade him to do stuff with me. Niall on the other hand, I just have to give him the look and then he would understand. 


"God louis dont you ever shut up!" Zayn and Liam say at exactly the same time. Wooaahhhh! 

"Sorry but do you want to hire a car with me and then go round all night?" I ask.

"Sure bud" Zayn says. I smile.

"Erm i'm not too sure but if the rest of the boys are than sure but im just saying, I have a bad feeling about this!" liam says. I knew he would say that but heyho at least he said yes! 

"Okay meet me n hazza in our room at 10 o'clock sharp, or we will be leaving without you!" I warn. Let the fun begin i think as i make my way back over to harry.



A   U  T     H      O       U         R        S                 N   O      T       E

Heyyaa im doing another fanfic :) I promise i'll update often! More often then the other fanfics i have! I reallly want to finish at least one!! I DIP DYED MY HAIR BLUE TODAY WOOPWOOPPP SO HAPPY :) Anyway i think im gonna start on the next chapter now so i dont get bored of this story... :)


~ Hazza's Cupcake <3

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