Beauty and the Geek

Rosie had always been popular she had everything a super star football player boyfriend she was head cheerleader, rich, model, grades, and Simon Cowell as her dad. Now Zayn is a different story he has bullies, poor, nerd, never kissed, playes chess, and a abusive dad. But one day something changes he is now the bully, wheres leather, gets wasted, and stands up to his dad. He becomes popular and tries out for X factor. And thats just the beginning.


2. Will You?

Zayn's Pov.

Well if u don't know I'm a geek I wear glasses haven't had a first kiss or any alcohol. I get bullied and everything my crushes boyfriend yeah right he is dating Rosie Tiffany and Grace. While i get bullied she stands there with guilt in her eyes. He is probably using her for her dad yeah her dad pathetic right well i have the gut to ask her for my date to prom.  As i was walking i see Brad and Tiffany snogging i take a picture and run to class to avoid the bullying i catch up with Rosie and say " Umm hi Rosie" "Hi Zayn whatcha doing" "I ugh was wondering if you want to go to prom" "I am sorry i cant I'm with Brad" "Are you sure he was snogging Tiffany this morning" i say as i show her the pic. She starts tearing up and i say "I am sorry i didn't mean for you to cry i just didn't want you to get hurt" "its ok and yes" "huh" "i will go with you" "Really" she nods as i jump in excitement. I see Brad and I look away. "oh hey loser whatcha doing going to play chess with your mommy" he says while making a kiss face. "Fuck Off" "excuse me" "i said fuck off you fat whore" Rosie finally steps in and says " did u think i wouldn't find out" "what babe" "you snogging by 'friend oh and TIFFANY! you are not going to meet my dad or his new band or Justin Bieber and you are not coming to my party this week and you either Brad" "babe come on just one mistake " "oh ok" "thank you" then I shout "who has Brad hit ON?!" all the girls raise their hands "BRADFORD SCOTT WE ARE OVER AND IF U GET A CHANCE TO MEET MY DAD I WILL TELL HIM AND I WILL RUIN IT!" all of a sudden i hear laughs "ha your name is Bradford what a geek" i just chuckle Bradford runs off out of school as the bell rings.


i am working out and getting tattoos and contacts so i will finally be the one looks tough but is sweet and kind. I got tattoos on my wrist and everything to represent I'm afraid of no one. I buy a black tux and call Rosie on my crappie phone. "hey Zayn" "Hey Rosie umm i was wondering where do you live" "oh yeah 143 Creek Lane Dr." "Is that neighborhood for wealthy people. oh yeah never mind" "yeah" "sorry say that again i have a crappy flip phone " "oh i said yeah see you in" "how about an hour and a half" "perfect ok see u then" "bye" Yeah see you then. I make me some turkey sandwiches and buy the corsage. I go downstairs and sing Tonight Tonight by Hot Chelle Rae

Oh OH Oh OH OH tonight tonight theres a party on the rooftop top of the world tonight tonight and so on I finish and walk to her house. I knock on the door and wait till this man comes out "i umm i am picking up Rosie" "coming she comes back with a box and says " Hey Zayn this is Tom he is our butler and here" "Whats this" i ask while Tom walks out I open it and find a iPhone4s "thank you so much" "welcome and i see you change" "oh yeah I'm still soft and sweet but this is just to say no one can walk over me so how much do i owe you for the phone" "none it my present to you for telling me and wheres your car" "i was hoping you wouldn't ask that but i walk every where" "oh well you can have one of my Mercedes ill just buy a new one" "no its your car" "well to bad i have like 3 so i have a light blue silver and a yellow" "well i think you look good in the yellow and blue so i guess silver" "what?" "nothing i said silver" "ok?" she takes my hand as i blush and look down and she giggles. We drive off and get to the dance. She takes my old phone and looks through the photos and finds a video of me singing and hits play. She ends it and looks at me " I know I'm not good" i say "yeah your not you are beyond awesome" "yeah so whatcha doing?" "transferring the photos and you should try out for X factor" "I will only for you" "yay" "we grab some punch and go to the dance floor and dance to a fast song she rents a booth thats private and takes down the curtain we sit down and play would you rather "me first" i say "would you rather keep a foot or have a computer" "foot i do cheer and modeling" "oh" we go out and dance then a slow song comes "ugh may i ugh...have this.....ugh" "yes" she outs her arms around my neck as i put mine around her waist. She lays her head down on my shoulder as i lay mine on top of hers. We pull apart and she leans in I hesitate at first but lean in closing my eyes we kiss and our lips move in sync it was perfect. We go back to the booth and i lay down on the bench with my head in her lap. She puts her hands in my hair and comes it. She leans in as i do our lips smash together and move in sync it was perfect a long passionate kiss. At the end of the night we go to my house and she changes to my big hoodie a snapback and some sweats of hers. I lay down as she does by me as i cuddle to her caressing her hair as i fall asleep. I wake up and see her face buried in my chest making soft snores as I stared in awe i kiss her head as she flutters her eyes i peck her lips and make waffles while she takes a shower. Today I'm doing it its my audition day. She comes down and say "morning babe" "morning so i have to go somewhere today do want to come" "where and duh" "my audition for X factor" "YES YES YES"


AN this is NOT the end but I need a boyfriend for two people so yeah put your names age and boy what you look like and why should i add u bye my leprachauns

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