Beauty and the Geek

Rosie had always been popular she had everything a super star football player boyfriend she was head cheerleader, rich, model, grades, and Simon Cowell as her dad. Now Zayn is a different story he has bullies, poor, nerd, never kissed, playes chess, and a abusive dad. But one day something changes he is now the bully, wheres leather, gets wasted, and stands up to his dad. He becomes popular and tries out for X factor. And thats just the beginning.


7. Names

This is not a chapter but I just wanted to state who belonged where.

savannah and Niall-Caitlyn and Stella

Rosie and Zayn-Zayn jr. and Emma

skylar and louis-Justin

bree and Harry-Darcy

Liam and Sammie-Arabella

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