Beauty and the Geek

Rosie had always been popular she had everything a super star football player boyfriend she was head cheerleader, rich, model, grades, and Simon Cowell as her dad. Now Zayn is a different story he has bullies, poor, nerd, never kissed, playes chess, and a abusive dad. But one day something changes he is now the bully, wheres leather, gets wasted, and stands up to his dad. He becomes popular and tries out for X factor. And thats just the beginning.


6. Am i wait WHAT

Rosies Pov.

I woke up and ran to the toilet Ugh morning sickness i hate that. All the girls have been having morning sickness. I felt someone pick up my hair and rub my back "its ok babe" "what did i eat" "i dont know sweetie" I get up and get dressed in a black shirt that says SWAG in teal and baby blue jean shorts with royal blue vans. I go to the drug store and buy 5 pregnancy tests. I go back home and find he gils and say "I think Im prego" me too" everyone says in usion. I hand them the tests and we all come back and wait."positive" "ok ill schedule everyones appointment" "ok" "i want spaghetti anyone else?""no i want chocolate" says skylar" i want pickles" says Bree "i want a smoothie and cheeseburger" says Sammie "i am craving steak" says Savannah "weird" i mumble we all get our food and eat up. I cook spaghetti for me and the boys and french toast. I grab Dr. Pepper when my stomach grumbles I run to the bathroom and throw up again. I finish and clean up *ding dong ding dong* "its open!" The boys come in and kiss my cheek and the girls except our Fiancees who peck our lips. "I SMELL FOOD!" Niall screams. "yes Niall I made spaghetti and french toast." "YAY!" We fix our plates and eat by the time im down Niall has already had 3 plates. 

6 months later

I woke up and put on a blue maternity shirt with sweats and tennis shoes. Today is the day i am learning the gender. I wake up Zayn and cook toast with bacon. I wake up everyone because we were doing it together. They wake up and eat. We go to Eastwood Mayberrywind Hospital. We get in and check in "Mrs.Rosie Malik?" "here" "come with me" I was in room A41 "ok hold on Dr.Shreman will come" "ok" she leaves the room and zayn says "its ok" "will u still be with me through it?" "duh of course i cant lose you.....again" man i love him i thought as i smiled "Hello Mrs.Malik" "hiya" he ruubs sticky stuff on me and grabs the machine he rubs it over and it shows twins a boy and a girl. "Congratulations u have twins a boy and girl" "yeah" he leaves the room and i say "what do you want to name the boy" "ME!" "ok Zayn Jawaad Jr. and Emma Brooklyn" "perfect" i clean off and go to the waiting room and notice Sammie and Bree are gone "where are Sammie and Bree" "they are in the back" "Mrs.Skylar Tomlinson" "Here" they go in the back as Bree and Sammie are coming "I have one girl" "me too" says Bree "what are you gonna name them" i ask "i am thinking Darcy Ann" says Bree "oh im thinking Arabella Faith" "oh im thinkind Zayn Jawaad Jr. and Emma Brooklyn" "YOU GOT TWINS!"they yell i just nod. "Mrs.Savannah Horan?" "here" she goes to the back and Skylar comes back "I have a boy named Justin William" "YEAH!" Savannah comes back and says I have twins two girls "YEAH WE BOTH HAVE TWINS!" i scream "What are they names?" "ugh im thinking Caitlyn Jade and Stella Ashlynn" "aww". We go shopping for the babies and I pick a cherry crib and chocolate brown crib. I then picked up the blanket and monogramed them I got a teal and white chevron blanket with bright neon pink Emma and a soccer one thats black and white and in bright hunters orange Zayn. I then got the dressers diapers shoes clothers toys etc. We checked out and got the paint. I put all the clothes and everything in the dressers and nightstand and diaers in the changing station we painted Emmas room light pink and painted a black E on it. We put the chocolate crib in the far corner by the closet. We put the chocolate rocking chair with light pink pillows on it by the matching couch and in between a built in bookshelve in the wall. I put the toys away and the teal pillows on the couch. I then put the pink and blue carpet down with a black E on it. Perfect. I thought now Jr.s room. I painted it light orange. I put the stuff the same as Emmas room so yeah. Finally Done. 

Savannahs Pov

I painted Caitlyns room lavender and Stellas baby blue. I put in the white cribs and the black covers with a aqua s in stellas and a purple C in Caitlyns i put everything away and put the fluffy white carpet down and painted their names on their doors in black and it had polka dots in them.

Sammies Pov.

I painted Arabelles room light pink nd put the black furniture down I put the grey and white polka dot pillows and blankets everywhere and put the grey fluffy carpet down.

Brees Pov.

I painted Darcys room yellow with her name in Teal. I placed the black furniture down and yellow and blue pillows and blankets everywhere and I was done.

Skylars Pov.

I painted Justins room Navy Blue and put the basketball coverdown and the basketball carpet. I put everything and painted a J on the wall in orange.

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