Beauty and the Geek

Rosie had always been popular she had everything a super star football player boyfriend she was head cheerleader, rich, model, grades, and Simon Cowell as her dad. Now Zayn is a different story he has bullies, poor, nerd, never kissed, playes chess, and a abusive dad. But one day something changes he is now the bully, wheres leather, gets wasted, and stands up to his dad. He becomes popular and tries out for X factor. And thats just the beginning.


4. 1 year later

Zayns Pov.

Well today is gonna suck management is making me say Rosie is the reason I got tattoos that is compeletly false I tried texting her but we are ALWAYS on the tour bus it never delivers. I hope she doesnt watch the news. "HELLO EVERYBODY!" says the reporter. "So I hear Zayn has some news for us about your 'friend' back home" "yeah she isnt a friend she is the reason i changed and got tattoos and was bullied." "would you like to say something" "Yeah Thanks ALOT!" She stopped the camera and we got on the bus. I run to me and Liams room and start sobbing in my pillowmumbling I Love Her.

Rosies Pov.

I take a shower and jump in my black robe. I make myself french toast and bacon. I turn on the news and see a woman reporter "So I hear Zayn has some news about your 'friend' back home" "yeah she isnt a friend she is the reason I changed and got tattoos and got bullied." "Would you like to say somethin?" "Yeah Thanks ALOT!" I turned off the teley and ran to my room and started sobbing. I fell asleep. I woke up and heard noises downstairs I changed into my neon pink shirt that stops over my belly button and says YOLO in black. I kept my belly button piercing in and put on dark shorts. I then put on my neon pink and black vans. I put on mascara and base and put my hair up in a fishtail braid. I went downstairs and saw 5 people on the couch. One with a blonde quiff a dark quiff a curly haired one buzz cut and one with straight hair. " DAD!" They turned towards me and grinned. "weirdos" i mumbled "What" asked the one with the curly hair "nothing where is my dad" "he went to a meeting" "ok bye" "where are you going" "to hang out with my friends" "oh" "so who are you" "Well Im harry, thats Louis, thats Niall, thats Liam, and thats z.." "I know who he is well if you need a car go to the parking garage we have 2 mercedes those are mine we have 4 Bugattis and 2 Range Rovers oh and dont go to the second floor third door unless well youll find out bye" "wait" "what" "how do you know Zayn" "Lets just say i was the one who made him get bullied and change so if thats it dont burn the house down and if a guy with blonde hair comes bye and asks for me tell him ill call him back thats Chad he is my boyfriend so bye" I walk out the door and hear he boys following me " What" "We wanna come" "umm ok lets take different cars" "I want one with Rosie" says Zayn "fine who else ill take Louis and Liam Niall and Harry follow me and yall will take my friends Bree and Savannah" "ok" I jump in the red Bugatti as Niall jumps in the Silver. We drive to Brees house and I say "Stay here" "k" I knock on the door and here comes Sebastian "SEBASTIAN!" i yell he is Brees brother but he lives with Bree and Savannah but we are all getting our own flat at the end of the year. "Hey Sebastian you wanna go shopping with us" "yes aunti yes" "BREE SAVANNAH iyell up the stairs they come down and say Ohey whatcha doin" "yall wanna go shopping" "sure" "oh yeah Sebastian is coming and so are One Direction" "ok" We grab his carseat and they get in Harry and Nialls car. "Who is this cutie" "Sebastian meet Niall, Liam, Louis, Harry, and Zayn" "heyo" "AWWW" said the boys I got the car seat and we separated cars. We drove to the mall as i carried Sebastian. We got alot of things even for Sebastian. "Lets get food" "YEAH" everyone said We walked to the food court where we got smoothies. I got Strawberry Sensation, Bree got Mango Sorbet, Sebastian got Banana Boat, Savannah got Chocolate Mousse, Zayn and Harry got the same as me, Liam got Mango Sorbet, Louis got the same as Sebastian and Niall got the same as Savannah. We walked around and got Nandos. We then went home and everyone stayed the night. It was Me and Sebastian in my room, Louis and Harry in another, Zayn liam and Niall in one, and Savannah and Bree in another. But everyone came to my room so we pulled out my pull pu bed and then my foutain and a air mattresses so it was Harry and Bree on my foutain Niall and Savannah on my pull up and then Liam Louis and Zayn on the mattress. We all woke up and took a shower. I grabbed my white robe and slipped it on. I walked to everyones room and told them to go swimming. I then change to my strapless hot pink top with the strings and a white colorful bottom. Bree was in a strapless neon green bikini. Savannah was in a black one with the gold buckle in the middle. Zayn and Harry were in navy blue shorts while Liam and Sebastian were in Gray but Sebastian had cars on his. Louis and Niall were in a black one but Niall had tacos on it typical. Me and the girls were tanning till someone put me on top of their shoulders and trew me in the pool. "You mother of bi..crabs!" Of course it was Zayn he raches for me so I grab his hand and pull him in I run around with him chasing me I run up my bedroom and hide in the closet he comes in and pulls me out the closet "NO!" i scream he chuckles as he pulls me close to him I look at his brown eyes and lean in and kiss him I jump up as he grabs my butt and i comb my fingers through his hair he slides his tongue on my lip and I fight for dominice but he wins he pulls away and says "I never ment it" "shut up and kiss me" "no only if your my girl friend" "YES!" we kiss for like 5 minutes then pull away I go to Bree and Savannahs room to see them making out with Niall and Harry. "NO PDA!" "fine" they say angry "im just kidding i dont care where is little Sebasty" he went to a friends after we left the pool his friend Selena so yeah." "oh now carry on" as on que they start snogging. I go downstairs and me and Zayn go to the Zoo. We see a someone speeding towards our car as they hit us. I slam my head on the dashboard and everything goes blurry i quickly take out my phone and call 999 and say "help we are in a car crash on West Mary Boulevard" "we called an ambulance" "k" suddenly everything goes black. I hear beeping and see white everywhere I then see my mom who died in a shooting. "MOM!?" "honey fight" "why i want you" "your dad already lost me i didnt have a chance you do and what about Zayn and the boys and Bree and Savannah what about Sebastian?""Sebasty no i cant leave them" "fight fight" is all I hear as she fades away "mom" I here someone crying and they say " fight sweetheart fight I need you" "dad i mumble my eyes flutter open as i see everyone by me "hi" "ROSIE!" everyone yells "ROWIE" "SEBASTY" "hehe" he says. I look around and see that Zayn wasn't here "Where is Zayn" "umm he s having surgery after you called999 they rushed you to the hospital and he had a broken rib because of the drunk driver we rushed to the hospital and I called Selenas mom Kellye and Sebastian wanted to come" explains Bree" "oh what about me" "you were in a coma sweetie" says my dad. I pick Sebastian up and bounce him on my legs as he giggles. "Hi im Dr. Santiago it looks like your good to go your friend Zayn is out of surgery it went well he should wake up any minute just sign the papers and your free to go and Zayn can be released in a hour." "ok" i say and he walks out. "We go into Zayns room and sit down while im on the bed next to him. He wakes up and says "OW MY CHEST HURTS!" "ZAYN" everyone says except me who says "babe" "hey babe" everyone grins as i chuckle. We sign the papers for me to go home and we wait in the waiting room. Louis is talking to this girl with brown hair with and ombre with bangs I think her name was Skylar and Liam is talking to a girl with Grey blonde hair like Perrie hah she must be funny because he was laughing a lot. Oh yeah if u wondering me and Chad broke up he started dating a Lauren so yeah " Zayn Maliks friends" "me" everyone yells except the two girls "follow me" "ok" "Im Dr. Lee" We enter his room and sign the papers so he is free. We get in the car and the girls are coming with us they are super sweet  Sammie was funny and sweet and super huggable and is now Nialls food buddy ha. Skylar is silly and not to mention SASSY they are PERFECT together both Sassy. lol. We go back home and put Sebasty to bed.

1 year later

Well its been a year now we are all dating Me and Zayn Bree and Harry Savannah and Niall Skylar and Louis and Sammie and Liam so everything is perfect and tomorrow Sebasty turns 5 YEAHH!!!!!!! We all got our own flats me and Zayn, Sammie and Liam, Louis and Skylar, Bree and Harry, and Savannah and Niall. We are all on one street so it goes Skylar , Sammie, me, Bree, and then Savannah. So its all good. I woke up and got dressed to a strapless flowy royal blue dress with little flower prints all over it. I wore white heels and a messy bun. THe guys were wearing tuxs since his birthday is at a formal dinner since he likes the cheesecake so its funny. I unwrapped from Zayn as he moans and says "dont leave" "i have to get a shower" "can i join" "fine" we get in the shower as he crashes his lips to mine I wrap my legs around his waist and my arms in his hair. He slowly enters me as I moan. He goes farther reaching my climax but not his i cum and snog him again. He pulls away and thrusts harder jabbing my G spot. He kisses my jawline down to my neck reaching my sweet spot as i moan. He moans. He pulls out and i grind on him and kiss his jawline all the way down to Jr. making it big. We get out and get dressed we go to La Vine. We see the others as they are dressed in dresses to. Brees in a tight dress with a puff at the bottom. Skylar in a dress with grey at top and pink at the bottom. Sammie and Savannah are both in a white one and everyone else is in a tux and Sebastian is in a mini tux. We were in the middle when all the guys got on one knee and everyone started crying and they said "Will you do me the honor of being a Mrs.Direction?" "yes" everyone cheered and laughed at what they said cause it was clever.


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