Loved You First

"Was it possible that all the signs, I had convinced myself were just my imagination, actually were real?

I just couldn't help but wonder how long she'd had feelings for him, even if they were subconcious.
I was sure that I loved her first, but at this point I actually didn't know who she loved first."

A few slightly sexual references (not smut, I don't do that)
A few slightly violent scenes
Use of strong language at times
SELF-HARM references in a couple of chapters


21. 'The Cousins'

Chapter  16

"The Cousins"



"When will he wake up, how hard did you hit him?"

"Relax sis, it's only been an hour."

I heard voices speaking, and had no idea what was going on. My head was pounding, and something was hurting my wrists.

I managed to open my eyes, and noticed I was in a dark room, the only light dangling from the ceiling. Where was I? Then I noticed I was sitting on a chair, my hands tied behind my back and in front of me stood two girls.

I recognized the brunette, and then reality hit me. I remembered what had happened. The argument, Harry betraying me, me running away, the dark car, and the blow to my head.

I had never seen these girls before, but they looked oddly familiar. Especially, the other girl, the one who apparently had hit me. She had wavy blonde hair, and a piercing look. Despite the two different hair colors the two girls looked alike. They both had piercing looks and the same facial features, but as the blonde smirked, the brunette looked worried.

They weren't that old, the brunette probably around 20 and the other a few years older. They could actually both be kind of pretty... had it not been for the fact, that they had kidnapped me!

"Where the hell am I, and who the fuck are you?" I asked angrily, making the blonde smirk.

"Relax Lou, no need for that language is there?" The blonde replied, making me more angry, by addressing me in such a casual way.

"Don't talk to me, like you know me!" I shouted at her, making her laugh.

"Oh but I do know you, everyone knows you. You and your four little friends, taking over the world. One-fucking-Direction everywhere I go! What a joke!"

Okay, clearly not a fan. Then why had they brought me here.

"Why am I here?" I asked through clenched teeth, wanting to wipe that smirk off her face.

"Well, Louis, let me introduce myself. I'm Serena, and this is my sister Blair." The blonde replied, not making me any wiser. Until she continued, "oh, I forgot... My full name is Serena Georgia Sparks!" She smiled widely, at the expression on my face.

These girls must be related to Georgina Sparks! Fuck!


Maggie's P.O.V.

"Don't just let him go, we have to stop him!" I exclaimed, after Louis ran out of the bus, and Liam went to the door yelling,

"Louis! Get back here, are you crazy!"

"He's not going to come back, you have to go after him!" I said, but no one moved, so I grabbed my sweater, but Zayn took my arm,

"Babe what do you think you're doing?" He asked, holding on to me tight.

"If none of you are going after him, then I am! He's not safe, out there in the dark alone, now let me go!" I demanded but Zayn wouldn't let me go, and Liam tried to calm me down,

"Mag, it's too dark to find him, and I think he just wants some time alone. He'll be back soon enough, and we're not leaving tonight anyways. He's a big boy, he'll be fine. At least he didn't run in the direction of all the fans."

I had a bad feeling about this. Things happened to normal people when they went places in the dark alone. What could happen to a international pop star then?

"Maybe we should at least call him? What if he gets lost?" Harry suggested, sounding very worried. Apparently he wasn't angry anymore, and probably felt responsible for making Louis run out like that.

"He won't pick up," Zayn answered, "and if he gets lost, I'm sure he will call. Just relax, he will be fine!"

I could tell, Zayn was still upset about Louis lying to him, but I didn't even care about that right now. I honestly felt he wasn't safe out there, but Liam and Zayn thought otherwise, so all I could do was hope and wait.

* * *

An hour later, Louis still hadn't returned, and I could tell, the others also started to worry. Harry was the worst, which wasn't a surprise; he loved Louis, and of course he wanted to make sure he was safe.

"Hey Haz, how you holding up?" I asked sitting down next to him.

"I don't know Mag. What if something happened to him? Why would he be gone for so long, out there? This is all my fault, and if something happens..." He drifted off, and I tried to comfort him,

"I'm sure he's fine Harry, and this is not your fault. You were both very angry, and you can't blame yourself for this!"

He was about to answer, but was interrupted by Liam,

"He's not picking up his phone."

"What do you mean he's not picking up?" Harry jumped up from his seat, "Lou always picks up! It's been an hour, he should be answering our calls by now!"

"Harry, calm down..." Zayn started, but Harry kept shouting,

"I knew it! I knew something would happen to him! And it's my fault! I'm going out to find him!"

Harry headed to the door, but both Zayn and Liam held him back.

"It's probably nothing Harry! Maybe he just turned off the sound, you can't just walk out, not knowing where to go, we just have to wait!" Zayn said, and I really wished I could believe his words.

* * *

Louis' P.O.V.

"So you're related to that psycho Georgina!" I exclaimed, after Serena had introduced herself and her sister.

"Don't you dare talk like that about my cousin!" She shouted, making the younger Blair flinch, "Georgina is where she is, because of you little jerks, and mostly because of that obnoxious Harry Styles! Well, thanks to Georgie, I know that you and Harry are the best of friends, and that puts me in a very good position!"

So they we're Georgina's cousins. A family of psychos, great! I had no idea what they had planned, but remembering Georgina's last words to us, it probably wouldn't be good.

"So tell me Lou, what were you doing out all alone like that?" Serena said with a smirk, making me want to slap her, "you made our job far too easy! My dear cousin was ecstatic when she heard you guys were coming to this town, she phoned Blair and I right away! We were just figuring out how to get to Harry, when little Blair saw you, Louis Tomlinson all alone. In the dark. How geniusly stupid of you!"

"Are you gonna kill me?" I asked bluntly, but directed my question to Blair, who widened her eyes at my question, confirming my suspicions. She was just a follower, and her older sister Serena was the leader, and as Serena apparently wasn't any better than her crazy cousin, Blair was obviously uncomfortable with this whole situation.

"Kill you?" Serena stated, mock surprised, "why would we do that? Georgina wants Harry, and we're gonna use you to get him. You know like an exchange... But then, what if you go ratting to the police? Maybe we should use you to get Harry here, and then keep both of you! Oh my dear Georgie will be delighted!"

"But Serena..." Blair spoke up earning a glare from Serena, "what are we actually going to do with them? Georgina's in prison, we can't really "give" her Harry."

"Shut up Blair!" Serena snapped angrily, "you're not here to ask questions! You're only here to help when needed!"

"You talk to your own sister like that?" I asked, truly surprised.

"I can talk however I want, to whoever I want! Stay out of it, and both of you shut up and let me think!" Serena yelled, and sat down on a chair opposite me, just staring at me. I knew she was contemplating what to do, but she didn't know that I was making plans of my own.


For 5 minutes she just sat there staring, until an evil smile appeared on her face, as she said,

"I know exactly what to do!"

She got up and went to the door, and then stopped, turning to Blair and said angrily,

"Come on Blair! Are you a fucking retard, why the hell are you just standing there?!"

Blair hurried over to her, and they left me alone. I was disgusted that she talked to her own sister like that, yet she practically praised Georgina to the skies.

After a while, I have no idea how long, since there was no clock, they returned, however Serena looked different. She had a black wig and a hat on and had changed clothes. Why was she in disguise, what had she planned? Blair looked the same, but had her tough face on.

"I have to run some... errands," Serena exclaimed, sounding bored, "I've told little Blair to look after you, cause I'm not taking any chances. Be back in a couple hours."

She strode towards the door, but stopped midway and turned to me,

"Don't do anything stupid. You don't know me." And with a smirk she slammed the door, leaving me alone with Blair. Perfect.

Blair was sitting on the chair across me, looking at her phone, until she noticed me staring at her and looked at me curiously.

"These ropes on my wrists are really tight you know, think you could loosen them a little?" I asked, and used all my strength to smile at one of my kidnappers.

She looked at me, still with her tough face and replied,

"I'm not stupid. Besides it's not my decision, I just follow orders."

"Why do you let her treat you like that? She's really awful towards you!" I exclaimed, finding it so hard to be nice to this girl, but I had to make this work.

For a second I saw a scared expression on Blair's face, but that was soon taken over by anger as she answered,

"You don't know my sister! I owe my life to her! She... she wasn't always like this... and neither was Georgina..." she drifted off, but I urged her to continue. She hesitated before saying it was a long story.

"Well, we have plenty of time don't we? I just want to understand them." I replied with a smirk on my face.

* * *

Zayn's P.O.V.

It was now 2AM, Louis had been gone for three hours, and Harry, Mag and Niall were panicking.

"Something's happened, I just know it! Something bad! We have to find him. We need to find Louis!" Harry kept on repeating pacing back and forth.

Mag wasn't any better, as she kept on trying to call him, though his phone had been turned off. It annoyed me a little that she was so worried about him. She shouldn't be more worried than Liam and I.

"What are we going to do?" Niall said, voice shaking, "We're supposed to leave in 7 hours, and we're missing a band member! We don't even know where he is, or how to find him!"

No one answered, cause none of us knew what to do. I was clinging to the hope that he was still raging out, but that hope faded with every minute that passed by. No matter how mad Lou got, he wasn't so irresponsible, that he would stay away that long, when we had to leave for a concert, in the morning.

"His phone is still off! What if he got mobbed and he's hurt? What if someone attacked him? Oh my God, what if someone tried to rob him, and it went wrong on and..." Harry was blabbering, and Liam had to interrupt him,

"Harry! I'm sure he's not hurt, stop thinking like that, it doesn't help!" It was a poor attempt at calming Harry down, and the curly haired boy just kept repeating that he had lost the love of his life.

I thought he was totally exaggerating, and Mag tried to talk some reason in to him, but it was clear in her voice, that she didn't quite believe what she said.

"Guys, quiet! I've got a call!" Liam exclaimed, and we all turned to him expectantly.

"Unknown number?" He said curiously, before picking up, and turning on the speakerphone "Hello?" He said voice shaking, and there was silence until we heard a chilling voice,

"Is this... Liam?" A girls voice sounded, and there was something strangely familiar about it.

Curiosity and confusion spread across our faces, and Liam replied, hesitantly,

"Um... Yes, I'm Liam... Who is this?"

There was sniggering at the other end, and then a reply,

"Oh, who I am is not important. Who I have, is far more interesting."


Harry's P.O.V.

"Who I have is far more interesting."

The girl on speakerphone said, and I almost jumped on Liam grabbing the phone from his hands,

"Do you have Louis?!" I asked, yelling at whoever this girl was.

"And who is this now?" The girl asked, amused at the whole situation, making me angry.

"Answer the question!" I commanded, and she laughed loudly,

"You answer mine first!" She stated, with a superior tone.

"I'm Harry, now tell me where Louis is!" I said, very impatiently.

She squealed for a second, reminding me of a fangirl, and replied happily,

"Oh Harry, you're just the person I want to talk to!"



sorry if the last couple chaps aren't so long, they'll get better!

xoxo, M.

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