Loved You First

"Was it possible that all the signs, I had convinced myself were just my imagination, actually were real?

I just couldn't help but wonder how long she'd had feelings for him, even if they were subconcious.
I was sure that I loved her first, but at this point I actually didn't know who she loved first."

A few slightly sexual references (not smut, I don't do that)
A few slightly violent scenes
Use of strong language at times
SELF-HARM references in a couple of chapters


52. 'Team Louis'


Hey lovelies,

So these two team chaps are a little short, but we'll get back to the longer 4000+ words chaps after them :)

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Chapter 46

"Team Louis - Lirry"


Louis' P.O.V.


My recording part of "You & I" didn't take too long, so I decided to go back to the hotel and relax for a couple hours before the show.

I also had to figure out what to do with Mag. I wasn't sure if she was still upset with me, and now Zayn was with her and he was maybe or maybe not bad-mouthing me again.

That little prick with his ridiculous quiff and stupid posing faces!

I needed to come up with a plan of my own, to make sure he couldn't go through with his. At first I thought it was uneccesary since Mag would never want to be more than friends, considering their history. Or so I thought.

Zayn was a smooth talker and I knew most girls couldn't stand against his hypnotizing honey-brown eyes. They reminded me so much of Mag's.

I desperately hoped she wouldn't get caught in his web again, but I needed a plan B just in case.


Being totally caught up in my thoughts, I didn't notice Liam walking up to me, as I opened the door to our hotelroom.

"Hey man!" He said annoyingly upbeat, and I gasped, clutching my heart.

"God, Liam! Why are you sneaking up on me?" I asked, kicking off my shoes and throwing myself on my bed.

"Well it's not like I did it on purpose. Why are you so stroppy anyway?"

"Stroppy? Really?" I said somewhat mockingly but added a friendly chuckle.

"Been shopping?" I asked, finally noticing the bags he had placed on the bed.

"Yeah, thought I might as well. I went to a shopping center, Mag recommended. It was pretty cool, the usual shops but a few small local ones. I met a few fans and took a couple pics, but luckily I got out before the word spread about me."

Liam smiled sadly at the last part, and I knew he would love to be able to chat with our fans whenever we met them, but the crowd would usually increase too quickly, and we would have to be escorted away.


After showing me his new purchases, which included a beautiful, simple but definitely expensive bracelet for Skye, I finished packing my mess of clothes, which was littered around the room.

"So... What is bothering you?" Liam finally asked the inevitable question.

"Malik is really getting under my skin... I'm telling you Liam, he is on my last nerve!" I replied, laying lazily on the couch.

"What did he do now?" Liam sighed, pushing my legs away so he could sit on the couch.


I explained to Liam, what Zayn had done and about our conversation earlier that day. By the time I was done, I was even angrier than before.

"Well, you don't think she will get back with Zayn again do you?" Liam asked, sounding almost just as upset as I felt.

"I don't know anymore. Everything was so perfect with Mag, you know we were really getting somewhere. Why did he have to come along and ruin everything, I've been working for?"

"I think you should tell Mag, about what he did and said." Liam offered, but I shook my head, hopelessly,

"I don't think so. She's upset with me already for questioning Malik's intentions. Who's to say she'll even believe me?"

"She doesn't have any reason to think you're lying," Liam replied unconvincingly, "you're still her best friend, and she has always trusted you the most in our group. Why wouldn't she trust you now?"

I sighed, going over in my head what I had noticed lately,

"Ever since Malik implied that I was... Playing her... It seems like she doesn't trust me the same. I didn't notice it until last night though. It just really makes me boil! I have never done anything to make her doubt me, yet she would believe Zayn over me? After what he did to her! I just don't know what to make out from that alone."


Liam was clearly deep in thought, as was I. What did that actually mean?

Zayn betrayed her trust, I never did anything like that so why would she believe him?

"Louis... As long as Mag thinks Zayn only wants to be friends, he'll be able to tell her anything. Mag has big trust issues, but mostly when it comes to relationships. She didn't fully trust Zayn when they were together, but she put all her trust in you, her friend. Now that the tables have turned between you and Zayn, so has her trust."

I looked at Liam, confused,

"So you're saying that it's easy for her to trust a friend, but hard to trust a boyfriend, or potential boyfriend?"

Liam nodded, and in a weird way it actually made sense.

Mag had been hurt when she was younger, going out with the wrong guys, and naturally that lead to distrust in relationships.

But because she was convinced that Zayn was just a friend, she would eat up all the bullshit he fed to her.

I, on the other hand, would have a hard time even convincing her of my love, even after everything we had been through.

I was in a shit position, and the worst part was that she didn't even realise these issues she had with trust.

Mag was a very smart girl, in a scholastic way. She graduated high school with great grades, and knew so many random stuff, it was actually incredible.

However when it came to being streetsmart, or to her own feelings... Yeah, she could use some help there.


"You know what you have to do," Liam's voice snapped me out of my thoughts,

"You have to fight for her now. More than ever before."

"What do you mean?" I asked, curiously taking any advice I could get.

"Well this isn't like before," Liam replied, as if it was obvious but I continued to stare at him for further explanation,

"You never had to fight for her before. In the start she was with Zayn, and you stepped back. You told her you had a crush that you would easily get over, so she wouldn't feel bad about being with Zayn. When her and Zayn went on a break, yeah she knew how you felt but you didn't exactly fight for her, because you didn't want to pressure her. When she broke up with Zayn, you were her best friend again, but you've never really been friendzoned so just spending all that time together made her discover her feelings. You never fought for her before, but now is the time.

I strongly believe that she does love you, and I know how you feel and I really want you two to be together.

Zayn blew it enough times, end of story!

He has no right to do what he is doing and no place being with her.

I think she belongs with you, but she won't just fall in your arms, especially when Zayn is messing with her head.

What you have to do, is show her that you are a better man for her, the right one.

No dirty tricks like Zayn. You have to be you, and make her remember that you're the one she loves and wants. Make her remember what she fell for.

She fell for you before she even met you!

That's enough proof that you should continue to be yourself and for Christ's sake, proove your love like you've never done before!"


Liam said alot of things that needed thinking over, but I decided to go over them one at a time,

"How do I prove it, Liam? She should know by now that I love her."

"Why should she?" Liam replied, throwing me off,

"She only has your word for it Louis. For some that would be enough but you know... Words will be just words, 'till you bring them to life. And you're the only one who would know how to do it. You love her, so only you can figure out how to show her."


Liam was right. About everything.

I had to prove that I was the one for her and that my feelings were real.

It would be harder than it sounds, because I had never had to something like this before, but when it came to Mag, I was willing to do just about anything.


"You know, Harry and I both want you to be with Mag, and we're more than willing to help." Liam told me, and I looked at him hesitantly,

"How do you mean?"

"Well, we could always casually bring you up in conversations. Push her in the right direction."

A smile formed on my face, at Liam's words.

"We're on your team mate."

"Thanks Leeroy." I said jokingly, taking a pillow to the head for it, when something occured to me,

"What about the Irish couple?"

Liam furrowed his eyebrows in thought before replying,

"I think they're with Zayn on this... But no worries. You are the better man here and you will win her over. I know it."


* * *

Soundcheck was awkward to say it mildly. I was waiting with Harry and Liam as Zayn arrived with Niall and Tally and we might as well have stood across each other, you know like in those music videos. Just without the competetive dance routines obviously. Maybe a sing-off would have worked. I had Liam and Harry, so I would probably win that.

If it had been a physical fight though, they would have won by far with the Irish Hurricane, Tally on their team.


Those were the weird thoughts going through my head as we rehearsed our songs, like so many times before.

All hell broke loose when Harry's mic suddenly just went off during his solo in "Little Things", but fortunately it was quickly fixed. Then Niall tripped over a loose cord while dancing around like a fool and Tally had a proper fit.

By the time of the show, everything was fine. Except that Mag wasn't there.

We had gotten so used to having her there before a show, and she would always boost, at least my, energy with her smile and laugh so I was a bit bummed out without her there. Especially because she had spent the day with Zayn, and I still had no clue if she was upset with me.

I had to talk to her as soon as she came to the airport!


* * *

3rd person P.O.V. (I don't usually do this but I'm gonna switch between different people right now, so it works better like this)


The boys and Tally were at the airport, waiting to board the plane for Paris. However two of the boys were waiting more for Mag.

Zayn knew that he had to talk to Mag. He was still battling whether to tell her the truth or not.

Louis wanted to make sure that she wasn't still upset, and clean the air between them.

Liam and Harry stood with Louis, eyeing the other three.

All five of them couldn't help but notice how strange and different this situation was. It was like the band was split into two camps, but at the same time they weren't at each other's throats. Well Louis and Zayn were, so they generally tried to keep their distance not to create drama.

It was a different story on stage though. It was like everything else but their music and fans would disappear and they were just those five energetic drama-free lads who gave it their all for the fans that had done so much for them. They all knew that they owed their fans so much, no matter how much tension there was off-stage, when they stepped out under the spotlights, they would transform.


Harry noticed Louis continually looking around, not really paying attention to their conversation.

"She'll be here soon." Harry assured him with a slight smile, only comforting the older boy a little.

Louis couldn't stand this. Not only had he not seen her all day, which was pathetically painful enough it self, but it was not knowing what she felt towards him right now. He just really had to talk to her, before that Bradford boy sank his claws in to deep.

Louis chuckled at his own Twilight reference. He really had caught on a lot of things from Mag. The eye rolling, the irony, the speedy talking, the furrowing eyebrows in concentration and now the Twilight references.


"Do you think he's planning his next move?" Louis heard himself say out loud as he looked thoughtfully at Zayn, who was not sitting alone tapping his foot impatiently.

"He looks a bit nervous, if you ask me." Harry replied looking intensely at Zayn, hoping to read his mind if he looked hard enough.

Harry wanted desperately for Mag and Louis to be together. Of course he wanted all of them to be happy, but he truly felt that Louis deserved Mag more than Zayn did. Also Louis and Mag were in some ways so perfect for each other. They were both quirky, funny people who always looked like they were happy and having fun together.

Harry had also noticed the way they would look at each other, he saw it in Louis already from week one and it slowly formed in Mag's eyes too.

The warmth and twinkle that only comes from true love.

Sadly the twinkle was fading, only slightly, in Mag's eyes being replaced with mistrust, all because of Zayn.

Harry would do anything he could to get that twinkle for Louis back in her eyes.

He and Liam had sort of a plan. While Louis would work on proving his love towards Mag, Liam and Harry would work on getting Zayn to back off. Maybe even try to find him someone else.


Finally Louis saw Mag coming towards them, and felt his heart drop as she walked straight over to Zayn. She was still mad at him.

Okay, he had to do this now!

He walked swiftly over to the two interrupting whatever Zayn was saying,

"Hey Mag, can we..."

Unfortunately he was cut off himself by Liam,

"Guys come on, we got to get going!"


They all boarded the plane, and Mag found her seat, happy that she had a window seat, but she hadn't thought about who had the seat next to her.


Louis saw where Mag was sitting and looked at his own ticket.

Damn, these commercial flights, he thought to himself. If they were on a private jet, they could sit wherever they wanted.

"Hey Liam, where you sitting?" Louis asked quietly grabbing the ticket from his hand, and smiling.

"Can we trade?" Louis asked nodding towards Mag, and Liam nodded understanding the situation right away.

As Liam took Louis' original seat behind Mag, Louis slipped into his seat next to Mag, who looked at him with wide eyes.


"Hi, love!"


* * *

Uh-oh!! How will Mag handle the plane ride?? Are u excited about Paris?? I know I am!! :)

xoxo, M. ;)


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