Loved You First

"Was it possible that all the signs, I had convinced myself were just my imagination, actually were real?

I just couldn't help but wonder how long she'd had feelings for him, even if they were subconcious.
I was sure that I loved her first, but at this point I actually didn't know who she loved first."

A few slightly sexual references (not smut, I don't do that)
A few slightly violent scenes
Use of strong language at times
SELF-HARM references in a couple of chapters


83. 'Surprises'


Soo, the second last chapter!! I literally just wrote this in an hour, and it's mainly a filler chap (kinda short) but also a way to introduce the final new character before the end.. As you have already met Bea, it's time to meet one more person who will be a semi-big role in the sequel!! :) It was honestly an idea I had in the spur of the moment while listening to One Republic's "All the right moves", you'll notice that in how the character is introduced :P anyways, it might be a while before the next chap, because it will be THE LAST CHAPTER and has to be PER-FECT!

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Enjoy, xoxo M. :)





Chapter 72



 Louis' P.O.V.

 It had been 2 months since the accident. Liam was slowly starting to come out of the shell he had trapped himself into. He spent more time with the rest of us, after spending some time away with his family. He would smile and lightly laugh again, and even though he was obviously still broken, he was definitely healing.
 Harry spent most of this temporary break with Lauren and her family in Manchester, but tried to be here for Liam as well.

 I, however, didn't mind when he was out of town, as it left the flat to Mag and me alone.
 Her flat searching had been put on hold, since her injuries disabled her from working more than a couple shifts a week; something that frustrated her very much. Another thing that ruined her mood was that she couldn't perform with the band, as the doctor had advised her against it. They had their first gig since Skye's death the previous weekend, and she had sat in the audience cheering them on, but it was obvious she wanted to be up there with them.

 Most of the time she would spend with the guitar she had gotten from Liam and Skye, watching guitar tutorials on YouTube and using the little knowledge Calum had taught her before the accident. She hadn't even touched the guitar for a month after Skye died, didn't even want to look at it, as it was another reminder, but eventually as Liam began to slowly move on, Mag realized she had to listen to her own advice as well.
Sometimes Niall or Tally would come over and teach her a few tunes, she always had wanted to learn, and I would be sitting in the living room, just listening to the strumming dreaming myself away to somewhere far away and secluded with Mag.

I had suggested a few times that we take a small trip somewhere, before we had to get back to work in a month’s time, but she had simply brushed it off saying that the doctor would probably advise against it. Even though I told her we could simply ask him, she didn’t want to bother. I just wished there was a way I could break through to her, and get her to talk to me about whatever it was that really bothered her, as there obviously was something but she just kept pushing herself further and further away from me.

I had been sleeping lightly when I was suddenly awaken by Mag’s phone ringing. A few seconds passed before I heard Mag groan and answer with a sleepy voice,

“Hello… Yeah, what’s up… Oh, really… Well I guess… No no, it’s fine… Of course, I’ll be there in an hour, Louis can drive me… Okay, bye.”

“Where will I be driving you?” I asked turning around to face her, my eyes barely open yet.

“To work… Tanya called in sick… again!” She rolled her eyes, but I knew she was happy about going to work. I never quite understood why, but she really loved that place. I knew her co-workers were all pretty nice, as I had met all of them several times, but I think she just loved being in a place surrounded by music and people who loved music. In addition, she was really happy to finally be making her own money.

“Are you okay to go? How long is your shift?” I asked concerned, quickly getting out of bed to help her but she was already pulling herself up with her crutches that were next to the bed.

“Louis I’ll be fine… I have a broken leg, but for God’s sake, I am not crippled! It’s just half a morning shift and the afternoon, it’s no problem.”

I looked at the clock, showing 10 o’clock. If she was there at 11, and was working one and a half shifts she would be off at 5PM. I guess it wasn’t that bad, but I hated the fact of her standing there for several hours, supporting on her leg, which the doctor had clearly said wasn’t good for her. That was the whole reason, why she couldn’t perform with the band. A stage was far from the best support for a broken leg and crutches, but Mag assured me she could sit down at work the whole time, unless any customers needed help so I took her word for it, and tried not to worry too much.

As soon as we entered the record shop, I heard a song Mag loved, being played over the stereo. “Keep You” by Wild Belle. I knew she loved that song because she play it on repeat repeatedly at home.

“Mag, is that you?” We heard someone call from the back, but before Mag could reply a short, stressed-looking girl walked out to us. I recognized her as Mag’s boss Julia, a bubbly young woman four years older than Mag who was always changing her hair colour and seemed to be stressed all the time. Now her hair was a bright red, which accentuated her red cheeks even more, giving her the look of a ripe strawberry.

“Hey Jules… So Tanya is sick again?” Mag asked, as we followed Julia to the back, and she turned to face Mag with a nervous look.

“Well actually… I didn’t want to tell you over the phone, but Tanya was fired two weeks ago!”
Mag’s eyes widened in shock. I knew Tanya had been one of her favorite co-workers despite her constant diseases.

“She hardly ever came in anymore, and we had to let her go.”

“Two weeks… How did I not notice this?” Mag pondered taking a seat.

“Well, you’ve only been here three times in the past two weeks, but you have a good excuse… Tanya didn’t… Anyways, we clearly needed a new employee since Brian quit last month, and I hired someone last week. He’ll be coming in shortly; I have to go to a meeting with…”

The door opening cut off Julia and a young lad walked in listening to music through his headphones very loudly. I could hear every word to One Republic’s “All The Right Moves” distinctly as he pulled the ear buds out, his eyes fixed first on me, then on Mag.

“Oh Joe! Finally, you’re here… This is Mag and Louis… Look sorry, but I really have to get going! Mag can help you with anything, but you know everything by now right? Anyways, Dan will be coming in at one o-clock! I really have to go, bye!”

Like a flash of red, she was suddenly gone, leaving all three of us frozen, not quite understanding what had just happened.

“So you’re Mag?” Joe asked taking off his leatherjacket, and placing it on a hanger in the cupboard next to Mag’s trench coat.

“Yeah… This is Louis, my boyfriend!” Mag replied shaking his hand, and he turned to me eyeing me up and down, before extending his hand, which I quickly shook.

“I know who you are… My ex loves One Direction!” He exclaimed, with a tone telling me that he definitely did not share her enthusiasm.

“Really? Well, she obviously has good taste!” I tried to joke, but all I got was a fake sort of chuckle from Joe and a short laugh from Mag.

“So do you like work here part time or something?” He asked, clearly wondering why I was still there.

“No… I just drove Mag here, and made sure she’s okay… You know, with the leg and everything.” I nodded towards Mag who groaned and rolled her eyes.

“Right.” Joe replied blankly with a short nod.

“So I’ll be on my way then…” I added, turning to give Mag a goodbye kiss.

“See you later, love!” She said with a smile.

“Call me, if you need anything okay?”

“Of course! Now go!” She shoved me playfully and I left the shop, with an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Mag’s P.O.V.
The shop was unusually quiet today, and I spent most of the time in the back using a guitar to practice the chords to McFly’s “Too Close For Comfort”, which Tally had spent the last three weeks teaching me.

Joe was sorting through records in the shop, while Dan who had just arrived took the counter. I had no idea why Julia had found it necessary to have three of us today. I guess she knew I liked to get out of the flat, and she had probably been so stressed she didn’t totally realize what she was doing.

“McFly huh?”

I had been so caught up in the chords that I didn’t notice Joe walking in, and I almost dropped the guitar but managed to save it. Thank God! Julie would have had my head!

“Yeah… I’ve wanted to learn this song since I was like 13! I’m just struggling with this one part…” I told him playing it from the start again, but just I got to the chorus, I messed up again.

“Damn it, I can’t get it right!”

“Here let me help you.” Joe said, pulling a chair up next to mine.

“You play?” I asked with squinted eyes.

“Only since I was like 7 years old.” He replied with a shrug and a grin.

I guess Calum was right, when he said anyone who works at a record shop plays at least one instrument.

“My ex is not just a One Direction fan. She loves all the bands… Blink 182, Green Day, Busted, One Republic… and McFly… She practically forced me to teach her every single song she listened to… I’m telling you I could play any song in my sleep! But this song is one of the few I actually knew and loved before I even met her. She eventually joined a band herself, playing keys. I haven’t seen them play since we broke up.”

“You talk about your ex a lot, don’t you?” I asked, as it was actually the third time today. He had mentioned her earlier, when he found an old Queen record.

“I guess… we were together for four years and just broke up almost a year ago… good riddance! She was unbearable, just like that brother of hers! We only stayed together that long, because we had gotten so used to each other.”

Joe spent the next hour helping me with the chords, until I was finally able to play the whole song myself.
Dan, who needed Joe to help sort out some new records coming in shortly, interrupted us.

“Thanks for the help!” I told him setting the guitar aside and grabbing my crutches to go to the front of the shop. Just as I was adjusting the second one, I slipped and almost fell before he swiftly caught me in his arms.

He held me there for a moment, and I found our gazes locked. He had these incredible blue eyes! They reminded me a bit of Louis… Louis!

I quickly grabbed my crutches helping myself back to my feet, and going as fast as I could to the front of the shop, looking back quickly to find him staring at me.

“I love you like a love song baby… I-I love you like a love song baby and I keep hitting repeat-peat-peat-peat…”

“Since when do you sing Selena Gomez while doing the dishes?”

Tally had snuck up on me, in the kitchen and I instantly blushed and turned off my music. I would always sing along to whatever song was playing when I cleaned up, but only if I knew I was alone. I had forgotten that Tally was coming over, and Louis had left to get groceries 10 minutes earlier.

“Why are you doing the dishes anyway? You shouldn’t be straining your leg!” She scolded me, turning off the water and ordering me to sit.

“Oh come one Tally, don’t go all Louis on me! I use my hands to wash the dishes, not my leg!” I stated matter-of-factly.

“Well you’re not standing on your hands. Anyways, how was work?” Tally asked, grabbing a couple candy bars from her bag and tossing them on the table.

I thankfully grabbed my favorite and told her about work, and my new co-worker Joe who had taught me the final chords to McFly.

“That’s great! Hmm… Joe… How old is he?”

“I don’t know… I’d say around Louis’ age like 21 or 22 maybe.”

Tally nodded thoughtfully,

“Is he native London?”

“Well he told me that he’s originally from Wiltshire in South-West England, but you know I don’t know British accents that well at all!” I replied, wondering why Tally was suddenly so interested in my new co-worker.

“And he was with his girlfriend for four years, teaching her all these songs until she joined a band with her brother… How does he look?”

I sighed scanning my mind to remember exactly how he looked,
“Hmm… Well he’s about Louis’ height I’d say… He has these amazing blue eyes…” Tally looked at me suspiciously.

“As far as blue eyes go that is… His hair resembles Louis, light brown messy quiff style, it actually looks a bit more like Niall’s when it comes to thickness but it’s more smooth. And then his style is typical sporty, hipster-like.”

Tally raised her eyebrow, surprised that I remembered his appearance so well, but that was just me.

“So… Sounds to me, like he just might be Joe Sugg.” She stated matter-of-factly but I just started at her, no idea who Joe Sugg was.

“Honey… The band that his ex-girlfriend joined with her brother is the same that you’re in. Joe Sugg is Shay’s ex!”
My eyes widened, and if I had not been sitting down, I would definitely have sat down now.

“No!” I exclaimed, but she simply nodded chewing her candy bar thoughtfully.

“Wow… I mean, as big as England and London is, it sure is small considering everybody I have met since I came here knows each other is some sort of way!”

“It’s fate mo chraoi!”

“What?” I asked, having no idea what she just said.

“Oh that’s Gaelic for my love… Niall and I have started using more Gaelic Irish words for each other.”
I just nodded weirdly, and then went on,

“So I’m working with Shay’s ex… Shay who often comes by the record shop along with Calum, who Joe obviously is not fond of either.” I remembered Joe referring to Calum as unbearable, and suddenly thought he and Louis would get along really well.

“This calls for a drink!” Tally exclaimed, going straight to the fridge grabbing two beers, handing me one, which I took gladly.

This is just bloody perfect! I thought to myself, taking a big swig of beer.

Two beers later, Louis came home loaded with bags and a surprise.

Harry and Lauren walked in the kitchen with big smiles, and Tally jumped up giving them a huge hug. It took a little more effort for me to get up and greet them.

“What a nice surprise!” I exclaimed.

Harry had been gone all week, and I hadn’t seen Lauren for a month.

“Well, Tally here told us she had news. Everyone else will be here in like ten minutes!” Lauren told me, looking at Tally expectedly.

I wondered what on earth, she could have to tell us and I was about to find out shortly, when everyone else arrived and we sat in the living room.

“So Talls, why have you gathered all of us?” Zayn asked, with Ada under his arm smiling serenely.
Next to them, Harry sat with Lauren, who still looked a bit sad after losing her cousin but definitely better than last time, I saw her.
Liam was next to her, with a peaceful look on his face and I was happy that he was doing so much better.
I sat across from them, Louis laying with his head in my lap glancing up at me every other second and I leaned down giving him a quick peck on the lips.
I hadn’t yet told him the new information about Joe, which could wait.
Niall and Tally stood in front of all of us looking both nervous and excited.

I looked around at all my friends, my second family, feeling so grateful for ever meeting all of them. Even with the recent events, I knew we would come through it together, just like we get through everything else. The last year had been a rollercoaster, and I knew more was to come, but with these guys it was always an adventure.

“Tally and I have some great news!” Niall finally said, and as he retrieved something from his pocket all our eyes widened, and I could only do so much to stop myself from jumping out of the couch!




JOE SUGG IS MY NUMBER  ONE FAVE YOUTUBER BTW! Anyways the NeXT final chapter will hopefully be up in 2-3 weeks, it will be worth the wait! I will also be writing a A/N chap after with my thoughts on the story! so LOVE YOU ALL A BUNCH!!

xoxo, Maggie :)

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