Loved You First

"Was it possible that all the signs, I had convinced myself were just my imagination, actually were real?

I just couldn't help but wonder how long she'd had feelings for him, even if they were subconcious.
I was sure that I loved her first, but at this point I actually didn't know who she loved first."

A few slightly sexual references (not smut, I don't do that)
A few slightly violent scenes
Use of strong language at times
SELF-HARM references in a couple of chapters


48. 'Save My Heart'

Chapter 42

"Save my heart"

Harry's P.O.V.

Damn it!
Everything with Lauren had gone perfectly today! Until that stupid picture, ugh!

"Harry, what happened?" I heard Niall's voice, and turned around to face the others, but only Niall was facing me. Tally was staring wide-eyed at Louis who was cupping Mag cheeks, and Zayn looked like he could kill Lou. What happened here?

"Would someone explain to me, what the hell is going on?" Tally exclaimed and everyone faced her.
"I... I..." Mag stuttered, before silently walking to her room, and closing the door carefully.

"What the fuck was that?!" Zayn said through clenched teeth, walking up to Louis.
"Seriously, Malik! Can you stay out of my business for once?" Louis fired back,  and Zayn narrowed his eyes at him,
"Your business? It's not only your business when it involves my," Zayn stopped himself, hesitated a second and went on, "involves Mag!"
"Well, it doesn't make it your business, she's not your girlfriend anymore Zayn!"
"She's not yours either, Louis! So keep your lips away from her!"
"What just happened is between me and her, so stay out of it!"
"Shut up both of you!" Tally shouted, and they were threatening close to each other, so I decided to take it from here,
"I can't believe you guys, look at you! You used to be so close, best friends actually, but the last few months you've been acting like enemies! You know Mag is a really good friend to me, like a sister and this isn't her fault... It's yours because you can't stop behaving like children! You both think you know what's best for Mag, when you should both back off and let her decide for herself. Louis, if Mag wanted to kiss you, she probably would but you have to stop stealing kisses! This is the third time..."
"What?!" Zayn exclaimed, and I turned my glare to him,
"And you! You have to stop thinking everything in her life concerns you! Mag is a grown woman, and can handle things herself. She doesn't need you intefering in this situation with Louis!" I reminded him, of what I had said earlier, and the two boys stood there stubbornly looking everywhere around the room, but at me.
"Now both of you, go to your rooms and cool down!" I commanded, and of course Zayn spoke up,
"I don't have a room here!"
"I. Know." I said slowly through clenched teeth, letting it sink in.
"Fine, whatevs see you tomorrow!" Zayn snapped and left, just as Louis slammed his door, a few seconds before I heard a crash from his room.

"I'll go check." Niall offered, and I nodded my head as thanks.
I did not want to deal with him, especially right now when he was breaking things.
"You handled that well, couldn't have done it better myself," Tally smiled at me,
"So you gonna tell me why Lauren is pissed at you?" She asked, taking a seat in the couch next to me.

I wondered if I should, or could tell her and finally figured that Niall probably had told her all our band secrets and she might be able to give me som advice.
"Well, I assume you know about the previous... thing... between Louis and I?" I said cautiously, and she nodded giving me a cautious smile.
I sighed deeply, and stared down at my hands, as I went on,
"So you know before we went on tour there was this uh... Picture of me and Louis kissing..."
Here goes nothing,
"Well, I saved it on my phone because, at that time I was still madly in love with him and I really liked that picture. Anyways, I forgot about it and today Lauren wanted to see pictures from last night, so she was browsing through my photos and..."
"And she saw that picture." Tally finished my sentence, and I nodded, wondering how to fix up this mess.
"So what was she most upset about, the picture itself or the Larry thing?" She asked, and I immediately knew the answer to that,
"The picture isn't so much of a problem, I mean I just forgot to delete it, and I don't think the Louis thing is actually that bad either. It's more the fact that I hid it from her."
"You knew she was going to find out eventually."
"Of course, and I was planning on telling her eventually. I just didn't know how to bring it up so early in our relationship." I told her truthfully.
"Have you told her all this?" Tally asked, and I looked at her, like she was stupid,
"Don't you think I've tried? She won't talk to me!" I said loudly pointing towards the bedroom door.
"Just give her some time to think it over, and then she'll come to you to talk." Tally said reassuringly.
"When? She's leaving in half an hour!" I reminded her, but didn't get a reply so I sat there counting seconds on the clock.
After only 5 minutes, that seemed like 5 hours, I heard the door open,
"Harry? Come on then." Lauren said calmly, and I rushed over to her, following her into the room, and closing the door behind me.
I wasn't sure if it was a good or bad thing, that she wanted to talk so soon.

"Go on. You wanted to explain?" Lauren stated bluntly, sitting on the bed and I felt nervous as she looked at me with an expecting, but annoyed, expression.
I took a few deep breaths before dropping to my knees in front of her and tried to explain,

"Listen I know how this may seem, but let me start by saying that there is nothing between Louis and I anymore, nothing at all! Okay?"
Lauren nodded, and I went on to explain the whole Louis and I situation from the start, and then retold the whole story from the last couple months starting with the picture and taking her through the breakup and moving past it.

"Well, it's nice to finally be enlightened, but why did you not tell me about this before?" She asked, with a genuine hurt look.
"I never knew how. It was always my intention to tell you about it later on, but we only had a month together before we left, and I couldn't tell you something like that over the phone."
"Only a month?" Lauren exclaimed furrowing her eyebrows,
"We were together all the time for that month, and it didn't cross your mind once?"
"I had no idea how or when to bring it up!" I defended myself, but she wasn't buying it,
"Oh I don't know how about when you sang 'Taken' to him, which apparently waan't coincidental! Or maybe in the start when we were getting to know each other, which was literally right after your breakup. I mean, if it had been a girl I'm sure you would have told me that you had just gone through a breakup!"
She was pissed, totally pissed off! But I couldn't blame her.
"That would be different..."
"How Harry? Because he's a guy?"
"Yeah, for one! He's also my bandmate and best friend! You expect me to tell a girl I just started dating 'oh by the way, the other guy in the band has been my kind of boyfriend for the last three years and we just broke up'?"
"Yes exactly! What's so bad about that?" Lauren asked, sounding more curious than angry now.
"Well, you're a girl, and I didn't know how you would take it, when you found out that I'm ga... I don't know... Bi, I guess. That's why I wanted to wait."
Her face expression softened a bit, but I knew I wasn't completely off the hook yet.
"I guess I kind of understand that, and I don't have a problem if you really are bi but... I mean, after what you told me you really loved him a lot, and you're with him all the time... Do you think that, if he hadn't fallen in love with Mag or hadn't broken up with you... Would you still be together, or whatever you were?"
Was she seriously asking me this? The "if your ex didn't break up, would you still be together" question.

"Lauren, listen to me. Whatever I used to feel for Louis, no matter how strong, whatever we had, is all in the past. I could spend a week locked up with him, and nothing would happen, and you know why? Because of you," I took her hand in mine, and placed it over my pounding heart,
"You feel that beating? That belongs to you, and only you! My heart is yours. You stole it, and I can't describe how happy I am that you did! You're the only one for me now, not Louis. Louis isn't who I think about when I wake up, or before I go to sleep. It isn't him who invades my mind every day, all day. You know who that is? It's you. I'm in love with you, and no sassy twat could ever change that."

Lauren smiled slightly at my words, and I brought her hand up to my lips, tracing her knuckles lightly, before kissing them one by one.
"I think my train already left." She said quietly, and I looked up at the clock.
"You can leave tomorrow." I said and shrugged as I pulled myself up to sit next to her.
"Don't ever doubt my feelings for you." I said staring into her beautiful brown eyes.
"I won't." She replied, locking them onto my green ones, and it was incredibly hard to pull my gaze away long enough to press my lips against hers.

Louis' P.O.V.

I slammed my door, knocking over the first thing, I could reach.
I turned around at looked down at the shattered glass frame, holding a collage of pictures: a couple of the boys and I at X-Factor, a picture from the last show of the Up All Night Tour and finally a picture of Zayn, Mag and I from one of our first days together, when we were hanging out at the hotel.

Mag stood in the middle with her hair pulled back and a huge grin, an arm hanging on each of our shoulders, Zayn had his arm wrapped around her waist and as the mature adult I was, I was making bunny ears behind her head. Not cliché at all.
It seemed so much easier back then, before I had truly discovered my feelings for her, when I could be around Zayn for more than 5 minutes without snapping.
Before all the drama, and most importantly before I found out about... No I didn't want to think about that now.
I started to pick up the pictures, when I heard a knock on the door, and Niall came in.

He looked at me sitting on the floor, pictures in hand, then at the glass and worry filled his eyes.
"What do you want, Niall?" I snapped, instantly regretting. It wasn't him, I was mad at.
"Isn't that the glass frame... Um... The one Harry bought you for... Well, earlier this year, and the pictures he had developed?" Niall asked nervously, and I had totally forgotten how I got this glass frame.

Harry gave it to me for Valentine's Day, with the pictures already in, excluding the latest one. There had been two pictures of him and I, but I had replaced them with the picture of Zayn and Mag.
Instead those two pictures were now in their own frame, and I turned to the windowsill, where they still stood. I should probably put them away somewhere.
I had always felt bad, that he gave me such a thoughtful and personal gift for Valentine's Day, even though he said that day was also for friends. We had always been more than friends, but selfish me could never take it all the way, while he was totally committed. If we forget about his short occasional flings. I guess we had both had a hard time adjusting.

"Yes it is. And now it's ruined, damn it!" I exclaimed, feeling much worse now that I knew, just exactly what my erratic actions had broken.
"Well maybe you can get it fixed?" He tried, and I rolled my eyes at this naïve person in front of me,
"No, Niall. Some things are too fragile... Once you break it, there is no way of fixing it again. Even if you are able to put together the big pieces, there will be too many tiny unrecovered pieces missing, and the beauty will never be the same."
I picked up the pieces I could, while talking, careful not to cut myself.

"So... Why did you do it?" Niall asked, sitting on my couch, and I wasn't quite sure what he meant.
"Why I broke the frame, or why I kissed her?"
"Both, I suppose they're connected?" He replied, and I returned to the small pieces of glass.
I knew he came in here to talk to me, make me open up about my feelings and that would probably be a good thing to do. I just really didn't feel like it.
"No offense Niall, but I really don't wanna talk about this and go through the whole Dr. Phil shit, okay?"
To my surprise, he laughed at my statement, and I couldn't help but chuckle along.
"Louis, you know me... Would I ever go Dr. Phil on you?"
He made a valid point.
"Of course not... but your girlfriend would." I said, pointing at him.
"I know. That's why I decided to come in here, before she could." He replied, pointing back at me and I couldn't help the smile that appeared on my face.
"Yeah, I got your back mate!"
The Irish lad winked at me, and after I gathered all the glass in a small pile, I joined him on the couch.
"If you don't wanna talk about it, I won't force you. I just wanna make sure you're okay. It's been a while, since you broke anything." Niall reminded me of an incident, I'd rather forget, and I frowned avoiding eye contact.
"About half a year." I said out loud, more to myself than anyone else.
"Right. And the times that followed... well they weren't happy. I just don't want history to repeat itself." Niall looked at me with a worried expression, but there was nothing Dr. Phil about it. He was truly concerned, and I understood why, but this was nothing like last time.

"That was different Niall. I totally overreacted back then, just like Liam said. He was right when he called me 'lost'. I was hypocritical and possesive and it got out of hand. Like I said, it was a completely different situation."
"Not all of us shared Liam's opinion back then, you know that," Niall looked at me with furrowed eyebrows, like he wanted to be sure that I believed him, so I nodded in response.
Niall and Zayn had been on my side when Liam had scolded me several months ago.
"I agree that you were being hypocritical and possesive during that time, but I never thought you overreacted at the exact moment that you broke that sound system... and the crystal vase next to it."
Niall half-smiled when he added the last part, and I remembered what I had said back then,
"Well, what kind of guy has a crystal vase in his apartment anyways?"
Niall chuckled,
"You know, I think Liam mostly said all those things because it was his stuff you broke. Especially because that vase was actually Dani's."
"Well, I didn't go after his things on purpose!" I defended myself,
"Just like with the frame here, I lashed out at whatever was closest."
"Yeah, and that was almost me." Niall grinned, and I got lost in my memories.

* * * Flashback * * *
6 Months ago

"I thought you guys broke up?" I yelled furiously at Harry, almost the moment I stepped in Liam's apartment.
He was lying on the couch, probably hungover, and Liam sat beside him flipping channels. I heard voices from the kitchen, probably Niall and Zayn.
Great, a fucking audience!
"We did break up! It was just a birthday party!" Harry replied sitting up, already knowing what I was talking about.
"A party that you went to together, and apparently that you left so late from, that you crashed at Liam's!" I yelled, stepping closer to the couch.
"Liam's place was closer, seriously Lou, chill out!" He glared at me, lying back down again, igniting the rage inside me even more.
"Chill out? You tell me over and over that you and Taylor are done, yet you still go out with her again and again!"
"Well, you're still with Eleanor!" He fired back, getting up from the couch.
"That's bullshit! You know I have nothing to say when it comes to El, but no ones forcing you to go out with Taylor fucking Swift all the time, after you've broken up!"
"Listen, we both know that you spend a lot more time with Eleanor than you're told to, so don't give me that shit!"
"Christ, she's my girlfriend Harry!" I seriously couldn't believe we were having this talk again.
"You are such a hypocrite Louis!" Harry said in a calm, but harsh tone,
"You just said that you have no saying when it comes to El, but you still call her your girlfriend, even when there's no one but us around. You don't want to be in a relationship with me, but you totally lose it when I go out with anyone else. You act like you own me, even though you have a girlfriend, and you get mad at me whenever I complain about you going out with her!"
I paced back and forth in the livingroom, trying to keep my voice down,
"She is my girlfriend, technically but you know that I have no feelings for her. I spend more time with her then they tell us too, to make it reliable Harry! Management only set up events and all that shit, they expect us to do the casual things on our own, you know that! Of course I get upset when you go out on dates, because nobody's forcing you to do it, and I get upset when you complain about shit I can't change!"
I raised my voice again, and my hands were fisted by my sides.
"Louis, you need to calm down!" Liam said sternly, but I ignored him as I went on,
"No, I'm sick of this! You're always playing the victim Harry. Oh poor Harry waiting at home, while Louis is out enjoying himself with Eleanor! Well, I'm not enjoying myself with her! Unlike you, going out all the time with women you choose, whenever you want!"
"Louis..." Niall stepped up to me, touching my arm but I shrugged it off as Harry looked me dead in the eye,
"You're right Louis, I do enjoy myself on my tons of dates with many women. And until you're ready to stop being a fucking prick and actually commit to me, I'll continue to go enjoy myself with Swift and any other woman I please, I have plenty to choose from. And you know what, you don't get a saying in what I do, or who I do it with!"

I don't know if it was the smirk on his face,his choice of words, or the way he emphasized on "do it", but I completely lost it. I barely felt anything but boiling rage as my fist collided with whatever was next to me, and I just only missed Niall as Liam's expensive sound system smashed on the hardwood floor, obviously breaking, followed a second later by Dani's just as expensive crystal vase, shattering into a million tiny pieces, making Niall jump away, as I stood there frozen not even noticing the pain in my slightly bloody knuckles.

"Louis, you idiot!" I barely heard Liam's voice, as I stared Harry in the eyes. They held no remorse for what he had just said, even though he had crossed the line.
I barely even listened while Liam scolded me about overreacting, and being a "lost cause", always breaking things in anger. I hardly even acknowledged Niall and Zayn defending me, saying that Harry had gone too far.
All I could think about was Harry's smirk as he basically told me he was sleeping around, well aware of how it would effect me, especially because he knew I never slept with Eleanor or any other girl, since I met him.

His words hurt me more than I thought possible, and for the next couple months I walked around in a daze, feeling depressed but constantly putting on a show for the fans and paparazzi. After a couple months, Harry apologized and we had a long talk, in which he admitted to dating girls, only to make me jealous because he was jealous and worried about me and Eleanor.
Liam forgave me for breaking the soundsystem, partially because I bought him a new and better one. Danielle wasn't too upset about the vase, it had apparently been a gift, and she had never been very fond of it. Too extravagant for her taste.
Even though everything turned out fine, I promised myself to never lose my temper like that again. Liam's stuff may not have been the first time, but it would definitely be the last.

* * * End Of Flashback * * *

"That was totally different Niall. I was upset and Harry hit me where it hurt. He knew how to push my buttons to the maximum, and it's exactly what he did."
"Well then, tell me what made you so upset right now. As far as I remember, you said that you would never let your anger get the best of you again." Niall spoke with a voice, that wasn't pushy or annoying, simply curious and it made me want to talk to him,

"I finally found out that the woman I'm crazy about, feels the same and just as I thought we were getting somewhere she goes and hangs out with her ex boyfriend. I understand that she wants to be friends with Zayn, but I have a bad feeling, that he has other intentions. Anyways while they were gone, I was coming up with exactly what I would say to her when she came back, rehearsing it over and over again, and I got impatient. When she stepped through that door, I couldn't help myself, I just had to kiss her! Then she runs off to her room and Zayn just had to meddle like always, and then Harry starts telling us off like kids. It was all too much. I have been dying to hear her say those words for months, and then when she does, she acts like she regretted it, and I just don't how to deal with it anymore. I don't want to go back to that awkward "friendzone" place, now that I know how she feels. Just the thought of that, mixed with Zayn still acting like he has to 'protect' her from me, it's just infuriating!"

I punched the cushion next to me, glad that there wasn't anything breakable on the couch. Apart from various bodyparts on Niall. But I would never take my anger out on someone innocent. Zayn wasn't innocent though.
"You know what I think?" Niall's voice tore me away from my thoughts about breaking that glass frame on Zayn's head.
What was wrong with me?

"I think you should have waited and heard out how your plan with Tally went last night, instead of kissing that girl."
"Tally told you about my plan?" I asked, surprised at first, and Niall gave me a look.
"Oh right. You guys are like one person. I wonder how long one of you could go, without telling the other something you just found out."
Niall swatted me on the arm playfully, and even though I never would admit it, I kind of admired their relationship. It was so cute and dramafree. Just like them.

"So she told you how it went then?" I inquired, not even trying to disguise how desperate, I was to know.
"Yeah of course she did," he replied, hesitating for a bit, before he finally looked at me and continued,
"Before even talking to her, Tally was convinced that Mag had feelings for you, that she wouldn't acknowledge. However while they talked, it seemed like she was finally warming up to the facts," I couldn't prevent the smile on my face but Niall looked at me seriously,
"But she said herself, that even if she does have feelings for you... She's not ready for a relationship at this point."
My smile vanished, and my heart sank,
"But why?"
"I don't know Louis!" Niall exclaimed, with wide eyes,
"Maybe she thinks it's too soon after the Zayn breakup, maybe she doesn't want to hurt his feelings or maybe she's afraid of going too fast and getting hurt again. There could be a million reasons, but no matter what, you have to accept how she feels."
I knew Niall was right, I couldn't push her on this, it had to be on her terms so she wouldn't regret it later.
"You know... Tally is convinced that Mag actually loves you." Niall spoke in a hushed voice, like he wasn't quite sure if he should be telling me this and my heart skipped a million beats.
"Really? That's a strong word!" I exclaimed, wondering how trustworthy Tally's judgement was.
"Well, do you love her?"
I nodded eagerly, not at all in doubt about my feelings.
"And for how long have you known that?"
"Do you believe in love at first sight?"
"Yeah, I guess... Sometimes." He replied hesitantly.

"Well it wasn't quite like that. It wasn't the first time I saw her, but it was kind of like... Love at one sight? It was on that tourist day, I started seeing her differently and then all of a sudden she turned around and it was like I got hit by a truck. I just knew that she had to mine. Then when we went clubbing, I... Well I kissed her and from that moment, my heart was hers and I knew I loved her. Undeniably. On karaoke night, when Harry and I went to get pizza, I told him that I loved her. That was the first time I said it out loud, and it just made the feeling even stronger.
Then there were all the things with Zayn and Harry and I got so confused, but in the back of my mind, I knew it all along. That Mag was the one for me. And she still is."

Niall looked thoughtful for a while, before he finally said anything,
"So you think 'love' is a strong word to use about Mag's feelings, when you actually loved her from very early, and you still love her."
He had a point there.
"Lou, I can't speak on Mag's behalf and I don't know if she loves you, but I know that she has feelings for you and I also know that she can be very sensitive and emotional and she doesn't want to hurt or disappoint anyone. You can't push her, she has to be the one who comes to you."
Niall really was smarter, then we gave him credit for. But what if Mag never came to me? What if she decided that it was a mistake to reveal her feelings?

My train of thoughts was stopped by a knock on the door, and my head flew up. I recognized that calm and timid knock and soon enough Mag's head popped in.
"Can we talk?"
"Yeah, of course!" I answered quickly, and Niall got up to leave.
"Thanks, Niall. I'm actually really happy it was you that came in here." I told him quietly, and he gave me a quick nod before leaving his seat to the love of my life.

Mag's P.O.V.

I walked into my room, closing the door carefully, with two questions running around in my head.
Why did Louis kiss me, and was Zayn right in his assumptions?
Unfortunately, the last question led to even more.
Could I trust Zayn about this? Was he really okay with my feelings for Louis? Did he have a hidden agenda?
I shook my head and pushed all my questions aside, to focus on what was most important. I couldn't just ignore the upcoming talk with Louis, and I had to have a clear mind. I had to be sure about what I wanted, and I wanted to wait. I wasn't emotionally ready at all, and even more important, but that I would never admit, I was worried about how it would look.

I really didn't want to care about what the fans, or public or the press would think, because they didn't know what actually happened, but I couldn't help myself.
I stayed away from social networks as much as possible, because the attention was still too overwhelming at times, both the bad and the good. As a result, I had no idea if people knew that Zayn and I hadn't been together for a month or what they thought about it, but either way, they would definitely notice if I got together with Louis now. I definitely knew what they would say about that.
"Desperate for fame", "golddigger", "attention seeker", "whore!"

Of course I could ignore it, people who said things like that were just haters or jealous, but I could see it from their point of view. It would really look like that.
No matter what, Louis would have to wait, and if I saw that he was willing too do so, I would also be sure that he wasn't just playing me.
I spent some time preparing myself, so I was sure to stand my ground and not crumble as soon as I looked into those bright blue hypnotizing eyes.

I left my room, and found Tally alone in the livingroom, watching TV.
"Where is everyone?" I asked, startling her because I had entered so quietly.
"Holy fudge! Girl you can not ninja up on me like that!" I chuckled at her statement, and she smiled in return,
"Harry is talking to Lauren and my boyfriend is in there talking to your... friend."
She emphasized on the words 'boyfriend' and 'friend' with a twink in her eye, and I gave her a look which made her smile at me innocently, batting her eyelashes.
I rolled my eyes, and knocked on Louis' door before opening it slightly,
"Can we talk?" I asked quietly, and Louis looked at me with wide eyes,
"Yeah of course!"
He said something to Niall, who left giving me an encouraging smile on his way out.

"I'm sorry about befo..."
I lifted my hand to cut him off,
"Don't Louis."
He looked at me worried, and I had to look away to be able to focus.
Stand your ground!
"Okay... Please just let me say what I have to say, and if you want to discuss, we can do that after, okay?"
Louis nodded, and I braced myself to speak in a calm, steady voice.

"I'm just going to get straight to the point here. I have feelings for you Louis, deep feelings. I honestly don't know how long I have had them, but that's not important. What's important is that, I have them now, and I'm willing to acknowledge that, but... I am not ready for a relationship at this point. I have several reasons, and I really don't want to go into a long explanation, unless you really need one. I know this is probably not what you wanted to hear, and it's not easy for me to say, but that is how I feel, and I'm not changing my mind. I'm sorry."

I finally turned to look at him, and it took all my self control to not take back everything I had just said, and throw myself into his arms.
He looked at me, with an undefinable expression, and I could literally hear the clock ticking louder and louder until he finally said something,
"When will you be ready?"
"I don't know." I honestly replied.
"Alright." He nodded his head, and took a deep breath,
"Alright. I will wait for you."

What? I had actually expected him to fuss and try to convince me to change my mind. Maybe he realized how much this meant to me and it warmed my heart.
"Don't look so surprised." He said, with a half smile,
"I've waited my whole life for you. I can wait a bit more."
My breath got caught in my throat at his words, and I felt like my heart would burst.
"I know it's a lot to ask..." I started, but he shook his head, still with that sad smile, cutting me off,
"No I understand, I'm just wondering... Where does this leave us?"
"As friends?" I offered, and he looked at me sceptically so I went on,
"Nothing will change Louis, only for the better. Now that we are aware of each others feelings, it won't be awkward anymore when we accidently have a coupley moment and stuff like that, you know? Also, we won't have to worry about you making out with a random girl."
I said the last with a smile, and he covered his face with his hands,
"Ugh don't remind me!"
We laughed a little, and then he turned to me with a serious, but sweet expression,
"Even if I have to wait till I'm old and grey... I'll save my heart for you."

Soo the Laury drama was prevented! :) I figured there would enough drama coming up with our favorite love triangle Zagouis (I know the name sucks but I can't think of a better!) ;)
Anyways, pleeease remember to comment, they make me so happy!
xoxo M.

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