Loved You First

"Was it possible that all the signs, I had convinced myself were just my imagination, actually were real?

I just couldn't help but wonder how long she'd had feelings for him, even if they were subconcious.
I was sure that I loved her first, but at this point I actually didn't know who she loved first."

A few slightly sexual references (not smut, I don't do that)
A few slightly violent scenes
Use of strong language at times
SELF-HARM references in a couple of chapters


17. 'Meeting El'

Chapter twelve

"Meeting El"

"Have me missed out on something here?" I asked looking at their happy faces, and entwined fingers.

"Mag and I have an announcement," Zayn said with a smile, I was sure must be hurting his face, "we talked some things through, and I'm happy to say that Mag is now officially my girlfriend!"

Everyone got up, saying how happy they were for them, and officially welcoming her to the family. I rolled my eyes when noone was looking, it's not like they were engaged.

I knew I had to say something, and not just stand there or they would both be suspicious. Zayn thought, my crush was almost gone, and Mag thought I would get over her soon, but I hadn't told either of them how my strong my feelings were. Only Harry knew how I really felt, but he was clearly not thinking about me right now, and Liam and Niall knew nothing at all.

"I'm really happy for you, two of my best friends together. You guys really suit each other." I said hugging them both, hiding how heartbroken I actually was. She clearly wanted to be with Zayn, and if she was happy so was I. On the outside at least. All I could do was hope, that they wouldn't be too lovey-dovey in front of the rest of us.

"But seriously, don't go getting pregnant now okay?"

"Harry, if you say pregnant one more time today, I'm throwing you out of the band!" Liam said angrily, but Harry just stuck out his tongue. I was now mad at him for making me think of Zayn and Mag together.

* * *

"So tell me about this party at Eleanor's place." Mag asked the next morning, while we were both in the kitchen cleaning up.

"Well it's kind of like a "going away" thing, you know before the tour, but I also think it's and excuse to get to meet you. I've told her so much about you... um, and Zayn has too of course." It was getting harder for me to put my feelings aside.

"Great, now I'm really nervous! Do you think she will like me, how is she actually?" Mag asked biting her lip, clearly trying to imagine how Eleanor was in person. Alot of fans had a bad impression of her, she really got a lot of hate when we were "dating".

"Eleanor's really great. She's actually down to earth and not just the party person that some people say. She's very sweet, and I'm sure you'll get along; I can't imagine anyone meeting you, and not liking you." I looked away and busied myself with wiping the counter.

Usually as a friend it wouldn't have been a problem for me to say that, but now that she kind of knew how I felt, and she was Zayn's girl, I was afraid she would take almost everything I said in the wrong way.

"So you and her managed to stay friends after the relationship? I just told Niall yesterday, how I think that's pretty cool." Mag said starting to do the dishes.

Should I tell her? Nothing in the Elounor contract mentioned telling anyone after the "breakup", and Mag wasn't the type of person to tell anyone. I was actually surprised she didn't know yet, and I'd talk about anything not involving her, Zayn or the two of them together,

"Actually," I said sitting down, "the whole Elounor thing was fake."

"What?!" Mag exclaimed shocked, almost dropping a plate and turning to face me.

"Yeah, it was all management." And then I explained her everything about meeting Eleanor and the contract, but leaving out the emotional parts, "but we actually turned out to become friends, though there was never anything there for either of us than friendship..." I drifted off, realising this was taking an awkward turn, and remembering the painful conversation with Mag a couple nights before. Apparently she had noticed too, and changed the subject,

"So do know why Niall is so excited?" She asked with a big grin on her face.

"He is? Why?"

She dried her hands, and sat down next to me lowering her voice to a whisper,

"Well, when we were shopping, I found out that he is trying to impress this friend of Eleanor's friends, who's coming to the party!"

"Really, who?" I asked curiously. I had no idea Niall was interested in anyone.

"Um, he didn't really say much. Only that it's someone Eleanor obviously knows, who you've all met a few times and she's coming to the party." Mag answered, and I had no idea who it could be.

El had lots of friends with friends, and we met a couple new people almost everytime we hung out with her. I would have to wait to tomorrow, and I was glad to have something else than Zayn and Mag on my mind.

* * *

Maggie's P.O.V.

"Zayn, are you almost done?" I asked irritably, knocking on the bathroom door, "I have to shower now! Why couldn't you shower at your place?"

He finally came out, usual towel around his waist, and kissed me on the cheek,

"Relax babe, you have plenty of time to get ready! And I had to shower here, cause my clothes for tonight is here. I don't get why you're still staying here, instead of at my place."

"I'm staying here, because there is no point in moving all my stuff, when we're going on tour in less then a week, love!" I shouted through the bathroom door, and stepped in the shower.

Since I had become Zayn's girlfriend (oh my god!), Zayn wanted me to stay at his apartment, because he missed me too much. I pointed out to him, that he spent all his time at Harry's and Louis' anyways; he even brought a suitcase with clothes, the day before. Unfortunately this meant that we now shared the guest bathroom, which I had enjoyed having to my self. But being Zayn's girlfriend, I really wasn't going to complain about anything.

"Zayn, where's that girlfriend of yours?" I heard Niall entering the bedroom, as I stepped out of the shower. Zayn muttered answer and immediately, Niall pounded on the bathroom door,

"Mag I really need your assistance!"

"Well can it wait Niall? I'm not even dry!" I exclaimed, wrapping a towel around myself.

"But, I don't know which shirt to wear!" Niall said desperately, and I knew he wouldn't leave. I opened the door slightly, and popped my head out,

"Niall. Rela-a-ax. Go eat a sandwich, and I'll help you when I'm dressed okay? Just give me about ten, maybe fifteen minutes, and remember if a girl doesn't like you because of your outfit, then she's not worth it!" I repeated the mantra, I had said like 100 times the past few days, since I agreed to help him out.

Poor boy was so worried, and dying to impress this girl. I wish he would understand that his lovely personality was enough to sweep any girl of their feet, but he still wanted me as his stylist.

"Zaynie boo, I don't know what to wear!" I exclaimed throwing clothes on the bed. I used to hate those nawtiously sweet nicknames, but now I was using them myself after only two days.

"Oh I thought you were going like that?" Zayn winked at me dressed in my towel. I threw his own discarded towel at him. He was already fully dressed and had nothing to worry about.

"Come on, Zayn! I only have ten minutes before Niall is in here again, and I can't decide! I've never been to an Eleanor Calder party before, and certainly not with the hottest guy ever as my boyfriend! Help me out, please!" I pouted, knowing how to get his attention.

Zayn's P.O.V.

Mag was sitting on the bed, with her puppy eyes and I couldn't help it, when she looked at me like that I was sold, and she knew it! I walked over to her, and she smiled wildly. Five minutes later I hd picked out a dress, and she went to change in the bathroom so I could finish my hair.

When she walked out of the bathroom, I couldn't help but stare, at the perfect dress I had picked: tight, strapless, brightyellow with a flowery print. It had this slight wrinkly effect, that gave it the final touch and I had never seen her dressed in something that looked so perfect on her.

"How are you so gorgeous?" I asked walking over to her, and wrapping my arms around her waist.

"The question is, how am I so lucky to have you as my boyfriend?" She smiled, and I replied with a kiss.

"I knew it!" Niall came barging in, without knocking, "instead of helping me, you're making out with your boyfriend! Come on, we're leaving in 45 minutes!" And then he dragged off my girlfriend.

This girl must be special; Niall usually never took more then 15 minutes getting ready. He had been very secretive, not even saying her name so we were all looking forward to meeting her at the party. I wondered if this girl had any idea that Niall Horan was really going out of his way to impress her.

I was looking forward, to finally showing Mag off as my girlfriend, and for Eleanor to meet her. Of all the ex-girlfriends, Eleanor was the only one we were actually good friends with and hung out with. Probably because their relationship was fake, meaning there were no hard feelings involved with the break-up. I wondered when Mag would let me make our relationship public. I wanted to tell the world she was mine.

Louis' P.O.V.

I was eating a sandwich, Niall had surprisingly left untouched in the kitchen, when he came out of Mag's room dragging her behind him. Her hair was still wet, and she wasn't wearing any makeup but she had a lovely dress on, and it was hard to take my eyes off her, until Harry nudged me in the side, and I saw Zayn coming out of the room. I focused on the sandwich.

"Will someone explain to me, why almost everyone is getting ready here? You have your own apartments!" Harry said adressing Zayn and Niall, going through a bag full of clothes with Mag assisting him.

"I needed Mag's assistance." Niall answered quickly, without looking up.

"And all my party clothes are here." Zayn said nodding at his suitcase in the corner.

"Right, well that also makes perfect sense." Harry said his voice laced with irony.

He had been kind of cranky these past few days, apart from when we made dinner together, but I had no idea why. He actually hadn't talked to me very much at all, which was unusual but he talked alot with Liam.

I guess he figured that, I was going through stuff with my feelings for Mag, he didn't want to bother the new couple in their honey moon phase, and Niall had his own issues. I felt sort of bad, not being there for my best friend like I used to, but he hadn't exactly confided in me.

Niall had pulled out a bunch of shirts, and Mag was trying to decide asking what pants he would be wearing, and Liam walked in also ready. We were all waiting for Niall, who finally went to Harry's room to get dressed and ready, and Mag rushed off to do her hair and makeup.

Ten minutes later, Niall and Mag stepped out at the exact same time, creating a wow effect. Mag in her stunning dress had her long wavy hair loose and shiny, like always, wearing little but gorgeous makeup. She topped it off with a cute black clutch, and simple black heels, keeping the accessories simple and letting the dress speak for itself. Wow, I was spending too much time with Mag's glossy fashion magazines, lying around the apartment for the last week.

I then turned to Niall, who actually looked very good. Mad had dressed him in a red plain t-shirt, a denim shirt and black jeans. Casual, but cool and I was sure that this girl would be impressed. I had also realized that it looked like clothes he already owned, before he insisted on going shopping. His hair was it's usual spiky/messy style, the brown starting to grow out, and he had a huge smile on his face. They both looked at us for approval and Zayn was the first to speak,

"Harry I think this time your surname is better suited on these two."

* * *

Niall's P.O.V.

I was so excited on our way to the party, I was practically jumping up and down in my seat.

"Take it easy, Niall," Zayn tried to calm me down, "can you guys imagine how he will be if they actually start dating?"

"You're no better yourself Zayn!" Louis jumped in, from the drivers seat, but Zayn just ignored him and was playing with Mag's hair, actually sort of proving Louis' point.

Finally we were at El's place, and I jumped out of the car, knocking on the door before the others were even out of the car.

El opened the door, and next to her stood none other than Natalie, making me nervous.

"Hey Niall, how are you? It's been so long!" El greeted me with a hug, and I tried not to stare at Natalie. She was beautiful as ever with her dark goldenbrown hair and greyish blue eyes, wearing a gorgeous blue dress and matching very high heels, smiling widely.

"Hey El, everythings great... and hi Tally!" I finally managed to get out, and building up enough courage to give her a quick hug.

"Hi Niall, it's great seeing you again!" She replied with her beautiful voice.

"So where's this girl I've heard so much about?" El questioned, and then I turned to see the others, finally making their way up the stairs. Louis, Harry and Liam greeted El and finally Zayn and Mag walked up.

"Hey El, great seeing you again. This is Mag, my lovely girlfriend, Mag this is El, our crazy friend!" Zayn introduced them, and El pulled a very shy Mag into a hug, welcoming her.

"So, Niall where's this girl..." Louis started but I interrupted him loudly,

"Guys, have you all met Tally?"

First now everyone noticed her standing next to El, smiling shyly.

"Ooh Tally! We've met before right?" Louis said, smiling at me.

"Yeah, I remember at El's BBQ like two months ago." Harry followed, winking at me, and they all greeted her, smirking at me, making me nervous.

"Great, now that everyone's met, um... Tally do you want to... get a drink?"

"Uh Niall, I already..." she drifted off, showing me the glass in her hand, making me feel stupid and the others laugh.

"Oh." Was all I managed to get out.

"But I'd love to and get one with you." She smiled sweetly, and we walked off.

Maggie's P.O.V.

"Well, what are you all doing standing here in the door? Come in!" Eleanor led us all in, and through the hallway, and we entered the living room where there were about fifteen people besides ourselves, sitting, standing, talking, drinking and a few people dancing. I knew noone at all besides the boys, and was very nervous.

"Come one Mag, let me make you a drink!" Eleanor took my hand, and pulled me away from my safety zone next to my boyfriend.

Two hours into the party, Eleanor and I had got to know each other, and she really was great. Zayn kept on trying coming over, but Eleanor wouldn't let him "steal me away", as she wanted to get to know me better. She was very sweet and funny, and not at all stuck up as I had been worried she might be. She was very genuine and I had a feeling we would be good friends.

We were talking about how cute Niall and Tally, or Nally as we said, looked together. Apparently, Tally had also used Eleanor's advice and was looking forward to seeing Niall again, just as much as he had. Then she decided to change the subject,

"Soo... Zayn is totally crazy about you, you know."

I blushed and looked down replying,

"Yeah well, I'm pretty into him too."

"I can see that," she said sweetly, "for the past month, whenever I called, all he would talk about was Mag, Mag, Mag and how great you were and that all the boys loved spending time with you!"

"Well, Zayn always exaggerates." I replied hiding my happiness about finding out that Zayn had talked about me.

Eleanor shook her head,

"No he doesn't. I can tell that all the boys really care about you, I remember when Lou called telling me about this new friend and then when you two got close he would talk about you all the time!"

I thought about Louis, wondering if Eleanor had known anything about his little crush, but I didn't want to bring it up, so I just smiled.

"Yeah, Louis is really great," I answered and switched back to Zayn, "and Zayn is amazing, I feel so lucky! He's such a sweet boyfriend and agreat guy. I feel very strongly for him actually."

"Well, he's lucky to have you. I can tell, you're just as amazing as they've told me, and you two are great for each other! He needs someone like you, especially after the whole mess with Perrie!"


I looked at her curiously, not quite sure what she meant.

"Oh, you don't know why they broke, do you? I forgot they never spoke out about it!" Eleanor said, now looking worried.

"No, I have no idea! I've never asked either, I didn't know there had been a "mess"." I said, wondering what could have happened. Everyone had been shocked when Zerrie split up. They had been so happy together. Or at least, that's what everyone thought.

"Well, let's not talk about that, this is a party!" Eleanor exclaimed, smiling again and then I felt someone grab my waist from behind.

"I don't care what you say El, but I'm going to dance with my girlfriend." I heard Zayn's voice, and then he spun me around to face me, kissing me on the cheek, and giving me a smile that made my knees week.




Yay, now you've met Tally! This was kind of a "nice" chapter, to prepare... there's a storm coming up, who do you think it will involve?? ;)

Keep commenting, I really wanna know what you think about this story!

Xoxo, M. ;)

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