Loved You First

"Was it possible that all the signs, I had convinced myself were just my imagination, actually were real?

I just couldn't help but wonder how long she'd had feelings for him, even if they were subconcious.
I was sure that I loved her first, but at this point I actually didn't know who she loved first."

A few slightly sexual references (not smut, I don't do that)
A few slightly violent scenes
Use of strong language at times
SELF-HARM references in a couple of chapters


50. 'Let The Game Begin!'

Hiii lovelies!!
I was worried, I wouldn't update on time cus I've been hella busy and wrote most of it last night and this morning, so sorry if it's short!
Also I know you're getting impatient with Zayn/ Mag/Louis but months ago I planned how things will go. Soon, I'll be jumping some months towards the end of the tour. Something big (and sad) will happen and THAT will lead Mag to her choice. So... Patience is a virtue!! :D
Finally.. couple names! You all know Nally and Laury. Skiam, I'm not sure about but I'm using it unless I think of something better. If Zayn and Mag are together it's Zag or Zaggie and finally if Louis and Mag are together I came up with either Lougi or Magouis. They sound weird and a bit lame, but hey their names are hard to ship so that's what it is unless you come up with something. Personally I like Magouis most so that's what I'll use.
Also I sometimes refer to the love triangle as Zagouis cus I honesty think they deserve their own name! :-P
Enjoy, xoxo M. ;)




Chapter 44

"Let The Game Begin!"

Louis' P.O.V.

I woke up in the hotelroom, I shared with Liam, and thought about last nights events. It was great meeting Mag's family, well at least the female side, and very amusing to hear her old "fan-stories".
It had been a perfect day, so of course it had to be ruined eventually!
She thought, I was playing her?
Ugh, ridiculous!
Why on earth would I ever do something like that to her, or anyone else?
I didn't roll like that, and I thought she knew me well enough to know things like that. Maybe she didn't... Unless...
Unless someone else had filled her head with crap like that...
Of course! Why didn't I think about that before?
That intolerable, meddling, sneaky little Bradford boy!
Who the hell did he think he was, filling Mag's head with that sort of crap? I knew, she would never come up with something like that on her own.
Well if he wanted to play dirty, fine we would play dirty.
Oh, it is on! It's on like Donkey Kong!

* * *
I pulled on a pair of jeans and walked over to Harry and Zayn's room, knocking loudly on the door.
A few seconds later, Harry opened the door looking at me confused.
"Where's Bradford?" I asked flatly, and he nodded towards Zayn, sitting on his bed reading a book. Nowadays, I rarely called him anything but Bradford or Malik out loud, it was quite strange but I felt a strange satisfaction by not using his first name.
"Why don't you go somewhere and call Lauren?" I suggested to Harry, who was holding his phone.
He gave me a strange look, but I gave him one of my own so he nodded quickly and walked away.
I closed the door carefully, and walked over to Zayn's bed, crossing my arms while I waited for him to notice my presence and look up from his book.
Finally he glanced up, and his eyes widened in surprise before he furrowed his eyebrows, took off his glasses and layed his book aside.

"Is there a problem, Louis?"
I scoffed at him, and his playing innocent,
"I've figured you out, Malik. Don't think that I don't know what you're up to!" I said narrowing my eyes at him.
"I have no idea what you are talking about mate." He replied with a fake smile stretching his legs on the bed, crossing his ankles and folding his hands behind his head.
"Is that so? I guess Mag just came up with the idea of me playing her, all on her own then?"
I thought I sensed a flicker of something in his eyes, but whatever it was, was quickly gone,
"Yeah... I guess so. Sounds like she doesn't trust you, man!"
I could barely control myself from walking over there and knocking that sly smile off his face.

"Does it give you some sort of sick satisfaction to mess with other people's relationship? Or can you just not handle the fact, that Mag is over you and has feelings for someone else?"
Zayn glared at me, and stood up from the bed,
"First of all you and Mag don't have a 'relationship'," his use of air quotes infuriated me even more,
"And secondly, if her feelings for you were as strong as you think, it wouldn't really matter what I say. Would it?"
If Zayn thought he could plant shit in my head, like he did to Mag, he was so wrong. I walked up to him, trying to decode his somewhat neutral facial expression and locked my gaze on his,
"I'm not falling for your bullshit, Malik. You may fool Mag, but not me. Mag and I will be together, and you're right. Soon enough it won't matter what you say or do, you won't be able to prevent it from happening."
"You seem so sure Lou," Zayn scoffed at me,
"Just be careful you don't get ahead of yourself. She hasn't made a final decision yet, and it seems like my opinion still counts quite a bit."
He now smirked at me, pushing me further and further over the edge.
"Is that a threat?" I asked, and he shrugged nonchalantly,
"Consider it a challenge. A test of your 'charm skills'."
"Unlike you, I don't need to use charm or lies or filthy moves. Mag can see I'm real and that's what she fell for and what she still wants."
"Well obviously, it wasn't you she fell for first." Zayn smiled at me, thinking he had won, but it was my turn to smirk now. He had said just the right thing,
"Really, Zayn? Because that's not what I heard at the dinner table last night."
Zayn snapped his head up at me, anger slowly taking over his features. I cocked an eyebrow, somewhat satisfied that I had finally gotten the reaction I wanted.

I knew that one of the things, Zayn was most afraid of when they were together was the "celeb crush" she had on me.
Mag would say that it was before she met Zayn, and it was true when she said it, because she truly believed it herself at the time.
However both Mag, Tally, Zayn and I were all starting to consider that she still had had a crush on me the entire time, and it wasn't just a "celeb crush" once she had became friends with me.
I don't how Tally would find her way into our conversations about this, but she always would. She would also still randomly scold me for kissing that girl at Liam's party, weeks ago.

I was brought back to reality by Zayn stepping all the way up to me. I was glad that we were almost the same height, so he didn't tower too much over me, as he narrowed his eyes threatening,
"You just wait and see Louis. Even if she did like you first, I was the one who got her, and trust me... I won't give up on getting her back again."
"Well, you better bring your best game Bradford." I replied not even able to find anything funny in my use of words. Not now.
"Don't worry Tommo, I definitely will." He smirked.
Our glares were locked for a minute, and I was actually expecting a growl any second, but he finally walked over to his bed and I made my way to the door.
"May the best man win." I heard him say, and I grinned widely as I replied,
"Don't worry Malik. I definitely will."

* * *

I was furious with Zayn! He thought that he could get away with fucking with Mag's head like that. Trying to convince her, that I was just playing her? That wasn't fair play, fuck!
I didn't want to think about anything Zayn said, since he was into manipulating people now, but I just couldn't forget one thing. Did Mag really believe that I was playing her? Did she doubt my feelings after everything?

I recalled what she had said last night, analysing exactly how she said it, and the look on her face. There was a chance that she said it out of anger, but why would she get angry about me questioning Zayn's intentions? I don't think she got angry at Zayn, when he questioned mine, and I was pissed that she was on his side.
Especially because he was actually the one with a hidden agenda, I just wished she would open her eyes and see it.
That he still had feelings for her and was establishing their friendship to get close enough to win her back, and push me out. And he was even using foul moves!

In front of Mag he was a perfect angel, sweet as honey but if she saw what a jerk he was towards me behind her back, she would definitely change her mind about him. I had realised that wasn't likely to happen, so there was only one way to go. Play his game and play it better than him.

* * *
Harry's P.O.V.

I saw Louis exiting the room I shared with Zayn, just as I got off the phone with Lauren, and I walked over to him.
He looked furious, and I wondered whatever their problem was now.

"Hey Lou. What's going on?"
Louis stopped in his tracks and looked at me with a blank expression,
"What's wrong? What's wrong!"
His repeated my question as his expression changed back to furious, and he raised his voice,
"Bradford is being an obnoxious, lying, brainless... evil... Dickhead!"
He finally finished his sentence, and I looked at him in shock with wide eyes.
I don't think Louis had ever been this upset with any of us... well, except me.
His issues with Zayn had gone to a new level and I was worried about the consequences and how everyone would be effected.

"What has he done?"
Louis leaned against the wall, crossing his arms and rolling his eyes in a typical Mag way. I continued to stare him down until he finally let out a deep sigh,
"Apparently him and Mag have some interesting "friendly" conversations, and he has tried to convince her that I am just playing her! Can you believe it?! He just admitted that he still wants her back and he's obviously using filthy tricks to do it!"

I raised my eyebrows, not really sure what to think about this new information,
"Really? Wow." It was all, I could manage to say, at the moment.
"Yeah, and the worst part is that she would never believe me, if I told her!"
Louis let out an exasperated sigh, and I realised that he wasn't just angry. He was sad.
He really loved her, I knew that and he was finally so close to having her, but apparently Zayn was going to change that.
"You want me to talk to her? About Zayn?" I offered and he looked a bit taken aback,
I nodded and he seemed to consider it briefly, but he shook his head,
"Nah... I'll take care of this myself. Thanks though."
I nodded slightly, not quite knowing what else to say. Luckily, Louis broke the silence,
"Is Lauren good?"
I hesitated a bit, suddenly feeling awkward.
"Oh yeah great, I just miss her..." I drifted off for a bit, avoiding eye contact but not being able to ignore the confused expression on his face,
"Um... I have to get ready. You and I have recording before soundcheck." I said, and he suddenly smiled.
I looked at him weirdly until realization dawned on me, of what I had just said.
"For what song?" He asked grinning, because he knew which song it was.
"You and I." I replied with a smile.
A while back, I would have gotten upset at him for "suggesting" things with the little word "game" right there, but I knew he was only joking now. Mag had his heart, and Lauren had mine.

I walked into the room, where Zayn came out of the shower, and started to find an outfit.
"Where are you going?" I asked, well aware that his recording was in the evening.
"I'm going to see Mag a bit." He replied quietly, probably aware that Louis met me in the hallway and updated me on the situation.
"Zayn, we're leaving tonight. Why not give her some more time with her family?"
Mag had slept at her sister's, and was spending most of today with them. Even though she had yesterday and all last night, I could imagine that wouldn't be enough.
I cherished my short periods of family time, and I should be used to it by now. To Mag it was all new, and I knew that she missed them.

"She invited me over to her sister, Harry. Niall and Tally are coming too. She invited us all, but I told her you and... Louis have recording and Liam wants to shop."
He said Louis with so much detest, and I wanted to slap him!
Louis had the right to be upset. Zayn was the one, pushing himself in when he already had his chance with Mag, but blew it.

"So what's on the schedule? Planting more stuff in her head about Lou?"
Zayn's head snapped up at my words, and he turned to me slowly,
"Stay out of it Harry, it's between me and Louis."
"No, see that's where you're wrong!" I snapped at him,
"You should be staying out of it! There shouldn't be anything between you and Lou. There is something between him and Mag, and it would have been a lot more if you hadn't made her doubt him!"
"I didn't make her doubt him! Like I said to Louis, if she really trusted him, it wouldn't matter what I said! Besides, you know she isn't ready for a relationship so, no it wouldn't have been a lot more."

Zayn was right on some points, but it still wasn't okay for him to do what he was. He was manipulating Mag, to try and get her back and I couldn't take it. She deserved better than that, and I knew she really did have feelings for Louis. Zayn had to get the fuck out of the way.

"Did it ever occur to you, that you and Mag just aren't meant to be?" I asked, as he started to get dressed, ignoring me so I went on,

"You messed up with Mag more than once, she gave you another chance more than once until you really blew it. She broke up with you and she got over you. But she can see you aren't over her, and you know that. You know that's one of the reasons why she isn't with Louis, and you know what's the worst part? You don't want to get over her, you want to make her fall in love with you again. You know she won't be with him, as long as you still have feelings for her, and you're hoping that will give you enough time to win her back. And I think that's pretty fucked up! I think that just proves that she deserves,better than someone who would do that!
You're one of my best friends Zayn and I love you like a brother... But what you're doing is wrong. You know how much Louis loves her, and she loves him. She may not know it, and he may not know it but she does."

I could see my words had effected Zayn, even though he pretented to be unphased, as he fixed his hair.
I didn't actually expect him to answer, and after staring at him in the mirror for a minute, he apparently couldn't take it anymore.
"I'm borrowing this. See you at soundcheck." He stated grabbing my beanie on the table and walking out.
I could tell that he knew, I was right. I could also tell, that it wouldn't make him change his mind.

I took a shower to clear my head, thinking of my conversation with Lauren. Ever since the Louis thing, we were doing great, but she would sometimes, suddenly think of something that had happened with him in Manchester. She would then question me about it and it didn't bother me, but it was awkward to see Louis right after a conversation with Lauren.
I was generally a bit on edge, because I missed her so much. I had a newfound respect for Liam and Zayn who had handled touring last year alongside their relationships with Dani and Perrie back then. I finally really understood the meaning of "Back For You". I just couldn't wait to get back to Lauren!

* * *
Zayn's P.O.V.

Stupid Louis with his stupid fringe and his stupid smile. Stupid Harry with his stupid dimples and curls!
Why did they ever break up? They were perfect for each other, both annoying! Why should Harry care about Louis' feelings? And he really thought Mag loved Louis? No way! She may have some sort of feelings for him, but nothing too big that I couldn't get rid of.

Niall and Tally were already waiting for me in the car, when I got down to reception. I was ready to go on with my plan for Mag.

"Hey guys!" Melissa opened the door and Gabby ran up to Niall, who gave her a hug. He thought it was adorable that he was her favorite, and she just wouldn't leave him alone. Tally would usually "bond" with Melissa, as they both were bullies.

Mag came up from the bathroom with a messy ponytail, sweats and no makeup looking perfect!
"Hey Zaynie!" She greeted me with a big smile, and I flashed her one of my own.
"My mom left this morning with Maria and Camilla so it's just Melissa and Gabby." She informed, and that was perfect.
Niall and Tally were with Gabby and Melissa, so I could have time with Mag alone.

"Alright. Um should we make some tea?" I asked and she looked at me weirdly but smiled,
"Uh sure, I guess."
We left the others in the livingroom, and went into the spacey kitchen where she started boiling water.
"So have you had a good time?" I asked, as she hopped onto the counter by the window and lit a cigarette. I didn't know she had taken smoking up fulltime again.
"Yeah great! We were up almost all night talking and watching Audrey Hepburn movies!" She replied chuckling.
I remember her telling that her mom and sister loved old movies, especially Audrey Hepburn!
"I just miss them you know. Well mostly, Melissa. I wouldn't see Camilla as much as I would like, neither Maria so that's okay to handle. My mom, yeah but Melissa is like a best friend as well, and I used to visit her and Gabby here in Copenhagen every weekend! But of course, it's not as bad when I get to be with you guys. Everything lately is a dream come true!"
I smiled, generally just happy that I ever met this girl.

A few minutes silence followed, until the water started boiling and she got busy with the tea-making.
"So how's it going with Louis?" I asked, and she smiled awkwardly,
"Good. We're just taking it slow. Doing everything we used to."
It seemed like she was leaving something out, so I walked up to her and lifted her chin so she faced me,
"Is everything okay?" I asked with concern in my voice.
"Well, I talked to him yesterday and he said something about you and if I was sure you had good intentions and it really upset me! You and I are just friends and I wish he could just understand that. It's like he doesn't trust you." Mag frowned and I smirked on the inside,
"Well see it from his point of view. He's probably just worried because of our history, but of course we're just friends."
I couldn't talk bad of Louis in front of her, or anything that would make her suspicious.

"It's hard to get over you, but I know we're only friends now and I've learned to accept that. Which is why I want to finally show you something."
Mag looked at me confused and curious, as I went on with what I came here for.
I pulled up the sleeve on my hoodie, and gently pulled off the black wristband, revealing the ink that covered my wrist.

* * *

Let the game begin!! Explanation: the next two chaps will be called "Team Zayn" and "Team Louis", (which explains itself) so that's how I came up with the name for this one.
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