Loved You First

"Was it possible that all the signs, I had convinced myself were just my imagination, actually were real?

I just couldn't help but wonder how long she'd had feelings for him, even if they were subconcious.
I was sure that I loved her first, but at this point I actually didn't know who she loved first."

A few slightly sexual references (not smut, I don't do that)
A few slightly violent scenes
Use of strong language at times
SELF-HARM references in a couple of chapters


12. 'It's Over'


Heello lovely people, so here’s the promised chapter finally! :D

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Second, most of this chapter is Harry’s p.o.v. but to all you Louis and Zayn girls, the next chapters are gonna be focusing a lot on those two and Mag, so you can look forward to that ;)

Third, I try to update a couple times a week, since I keep on writing whenever I have time, but it’s not always possible for me to update so often, so be patient please J

And I guess that’s it so ENJOY! Xoxo M. <3





Chapter eight

“It’s over”

Harry’s p.o.v.

SLAM! My eyes flew open, and I sat up startled by the loud noise coming from across my room. I got up, and opened my door, wondering what was going on.

I saw Louis, in front of his door, looking furiously at the couch where Zayn and Mag apparently also had just woken up. Mag was rubbing her eyes, and Zayn had stood up looking puzzled at Louis,

“Lou, what the hell?” Zayn asked, clearly in need of more sleep.

“Oh I’m so sorry, did I wake you?” Louis said through clenched teeth, but luckily Zayn didn’t notice this.

“Louis! Calm down!” I whispered sternly at him.

He turned to me quickly and shot me a look, clearly saying “stay out of this”, but I shot him a look of my own saying “don’t ruin everything”, and I knew that he knew I meant both his friendship with Zayn and with Mag. We stared at each other for a while, while Zayn and Mag were mumbling, until finally Louis’ put on his poker face, and said in a more calm tone,

“Sorry. Didn’t want to wake anyone. The door handle just sort of… slipped.”

I hoped I was the only one who heard the irony in his sentence. As he walked towards the kitchen, he walked past the living room, and asked a bit too casually,

“So why are you two sleeping out here anyways?”

He emphasized on the word “two”, making it clear that he really was interested in why they were together. Mag blushed, like she always did when nervous, and stayed silent, pulling the cover up to her chin. I suddenly remembered last night, and instantly blushed myself. I wanted to slip back in my room, and get some more sleep, but I had to make sure Zayn and, especially, Louis didn’t explode on each other again. I was still the only one, who knew had Louis felt and I wanted to keep it that way.

Zayn had joined Louis in the kitchen, making coffee, and explained that Mag was supposed to sleep in his room, but they had fallen asleep talking. It was only 7am. From what he said, they had only slept about half an hour.

“Why are you making coffee, instead of going back to sleep?” I asked, pulling a shirt on, and sitting on the couch furthest away from Mag.

“Might as well forget getting any more sleep.” Zayn answered bringing a mug of coffee for himself and tea for Mag, as Louis brought himself and I coffee, and they put the fours mugs on the table. I turned on the TV as we all settled down, and stopped on a channel showing a comedy sitcom, I had forgotten the name of.

Five minutes later Zayn had fallen asleep, followed ten minutes later by Mag. Louis was next, and as I noticed all the mugs were untouched, I drifted off to sleep myself.


“Guys! GET UP!”

My eyes flew open again, and I was now looking up at Liam’s stern face expression. Shit! I then remembered the morning events, and looked at the clock. 11 Am. Oh right, we were going to get that crazy girl today. I was surprisingly fresh after the extra 3, 5 hours of sleep I had just gotten, and took a look at my surroundings.

Louis was stretching, Zayn was yawning, Mag was rubbing her eyes again, Niall was in the kitchen looking through the cupboards and fridge and Liam stood in front of us staring us down.

“Now who cares to explain this little after party?” Liam asked crossing his arms.

“Wait, how did you even get in?” Louis asked taking the four mugs to the kitchen.

Liam rolled his eyes, and took a deep breath and I just knew a lecture was coming up.

“I have an extra key of course, but that’s not the point. The point is we left the club at 3 o’clock so we could all get like 7-8 hours of sleep, and be fresh to discuss business today. Now here I come, and find all of you sleeping in front of the television! I made myself very clear when we left last night. I only agreed to going out, because you promised you would get up and now…”

Niall interrupted him, his mouth full of cereal,

“Yeah but if we hadn’t gone out, Harry wouldn’t have figured out who the girl was right?”

We all looked at him in shock. That boy was so clever sometimes.

“Yeah that’s right; it was good that we went!” I said standing up for us all.

Liam was not finished complaining yet though,

“Fine, good we went out, but that doesn’t explain why you four didn’t go straight to bed!”

“Well Harry and I did!” Louis said instantly, and Zayn shot him a death glare.

Liam now looked at Zayn, who muttered “thanks a lot Lou” before starting to explain,

“Okay well, Mag didn’t want to sleep alone, so I said she could sleep here, but we were up talking until like 6 o’clock, and we might have been able to get up at 11 if it hadn’t been for Louis…”

Zayn drifted off and Louis took over,

“Right well I woke up at 6 o’clock and couldn’t fall back asleep, so I was gonna go to the kitchen, but I didn’t even know they were here. When I was closing the door, the handle slipped…”

“And the door slammed waking us all up.” I added.

“So you decided to get up, and instead you all fell asleep.” Liam finished, guessing exactly what had happened.

Mag had remained silent, and I could tell from her expression that she felt, this probably was all her fault, which it wasn’t of course, and I wanted to assure her of that,

“It’s really no one’s fault Liam. And it’s not a problem either. I said like 8 hours ago, that I know how to get that girl, and I still do, so just relax.”

“Fine let’s just eat breakfast, and then get on with it.” Liam finally said, and everyone was relieved.


We all ate in silence, and finally the time had come to explain, how I knew this girl and how to catch her. Everyone looked at me, anxious to hear and I drew a deep breath, and started,

“Well it started about half six months ago, when Louis and I were out having lunch somewhere. At some point Lou went to the bathroom, and these two girls came up wanting an autograph. Then one of them hesitated before pulling out her phone and showing me a picture of a girl, asking if I knew her. The girl on the picture had red hair and was kind of pretty, but there was something about her eyes, she had this crazy look you know. Of course I didn’t know her, and they told me the picture was from twitter, some girl called Georgina, and she kept on tweeting about me, as if we were in a relationship or something. When I asked for her twitter, they said she had deleted a few days earlier right after adding that picture, which they had saved just in case.

I didn’t think any more about it, not even when we found out about the stalker thing a few months later, but then last night I saw her, and I remembered. On the picture Georgina was standing in a club in front of a bar. I hadn’t recognized it on the picture, because I had never been there before at that time, and you will find out why later. But last night on my way to the bathroom, I walked past the bar, not to close to it though, and I just happened to look there, and she was there in front of the bar, just like on the picture, and I recognized her right away.

She didn’t see me, and I hurried up to the bathroom where Louis found me, and that’s when we went to find you guys and ran into Liam and Niall. I just know the girl in the club last night was Georgina, and I’m sure it was her, who confronted you Mag, because you told me something in the car. You mentioned her crazy eyes.”

They all looked at me, taking in this new information, and processing it. Mag was the first to speak, for the first time all morning,

“But you still only know her first name, and how she looks. How are we gonna catch her?”

I now smirked, thinking of my bulletproof plan,

“Well now it gets a little complicated, so try to keep up, because I’ve been very aware and clever to figure this out. We will take a look at the cameras from the entrance of the club. When we find Georgina, Mag will confirm it is the same girl, and we can see exactly what time she entered. But of course no doorman can remember the ID card of everyone that walks in…” everyone’s face fell,

“… But…” their faces lit up again,

“… A machine can! Here’s the thing. The day after I talked to those two girls, Eleanor told me about a club that had opened a few days earlier, with a huge Grand Opening. She said that everyone who had come, got the opportunity to be writing up for a “Member’s Only” card, containing their name, address, birthdate and a card number, which allows the owner to enter, simply by swiping the card through the machine at the entrance. When I saw her last night, I remembered all this, and figured that the picture of her must have been from the Grand Opening cause they had only been open that one time, when I saw the picture.

Georgina must have a card, and when we found out when she entered, we synchronize it with the card machine, and then voilà, we got her!”

“Harry you genius man!” Liam exclaimed, as they all looked at me, with wide eyes.

“Well actually, most of it was luck, with like the card and stuff, but yeah I am pretty brilliant being able to put it all together, and you can thank memory later.” I said leaning back, and folding my hands behind my head.


After we had got ready, and gone over the plan, we contacted the club and the police. We were at the police station, in their technical department. The club had sent camera footage from the night before, and all the information from the card machine.

“So this girl… Georgina, must have arrived shortly after you, like around 12 right?” Dan, the technical supporter, asked and I nodded as he fast forwarded the camera footage to around 12 o’clock, where we saw ourselves entering.

We all stared intently at the screen, and though he was black/white, I hoped we would be able to recognize her, by her face and clothes.

Dan fast forwarded slowly, until I saw someone familiar,

“Stop right there!” I said quickly, and asked him to zoom in.

I recognized her immediately; her hair didn’t need to be red, to be able to see it was her. The face, the hair style and clothes all matched the girl from the bar. I looked up at Mag, who nodded, and I told the Officer Jenkins that this was the girl.

“Right. Okay Dan, do whatever it is you do, and let’s get her information up!” he ordered, and Dan did a bunch of technical stuff, I couldn’t keep up with. Five minutes later a picture came up, of a card with a picture of Georgina, her full name, address, birthdate and a card number.

“Georgina Blair Sparks, lives in Camden, well that explains the contacts she needs to get into a club like that, 20 years old, are you sure this is the girl, who has been stalking you?” Officer Jenkins asked, and Mag and I looked at each other before answering.



“Let’s go bring her in then!” He exclaimed, and we all left the room, spirits lifted.


We didn’t actually get to go along to pick her up, so we waited at the station for about an hour, until they brought her in.

She was sat in an interrogation room, and before another officer, Officer Benson went in, I asked how she would be punished.

“At this point, we only have the letters and e-mails, if she admits to that, I’m afraid it’s only enough for a restraining order at this point.” Officer Benson answered.

“What?!” we all exclaimed in shock.

“A restraining order is not going to stop this girl!” Liam exclaimed

“Listen boys, I would like to see her behind bars to, but unless she actually threatens one of you, there’s nothing we can do.” Officer Jenkins said, and Zayn jumped in,

“But she did. She threatened Mag last night!”

“I know, you have told us all of this, but we have no proof, and it’s your word against hers, and that’s not good enough for a judge.” Officer Jenkins sighed.

The excitement of catching her slowly faded away, until I got an idea, which I told the boys, the officers and Mag, who agreed to let me go through with it.


“Georgina Sparks, you know why you are here?” Officer Benson asked, ad she just nodded looking bored, probably knowing they didn’t have that much on her.

“Well, there’s someone here, who wants to meet you.”

That was my cue, and I stepped in the room followed slowly by Mag.

There was no doubt of the look on Georgina’s face. Pure and utter shock.

“H-Harry! You’ve come to save me…”

Then she noticed Mag, “What is she doing here?” she said angrily, just as I had hoped.

“Hello Georgina.” I said casually and sat down across her, looking her in the eyes as I continued,

“Listen, I think there’s been a misunderstanding. We’re not dating. In fact I’ve never met you before today!”

The expression on her face went from anger to confusion to devastation and finally fury.

“You’re wrong!” she yelled suddenly, “all of you! We’re a couple Harry, and we’re meant to be!”

“Ms. Sparks, calm down!” Officer Benson commanded, and she sat down, with an evil look in her eye, and continued in a calmer voice,

“Is this because of this little bitch?”

“This woman is my girlfriend,” I said angrily and Georgina sat back with an expression, as if she had seen a ghost, “My actual girlfriend! Not a psycho living in an illusion!” I added, and that did it for Georgina, she was furious. She got up, leaned over the table and looked Mag straight in the eyes, saying with a chilling voice,

“I warned you to stay away from my man! I will find you wherever you go, and I will end you, you’re dead!

“Right, that’s it!” Officer Benson stepped in, “Come with me Ms. Sparks!”

He handcuffed her, but she didn’t care. She smirked evilly and mouthed “you’re dead”.

I left the room with Mag, and we joined the rest of the boys. As she was taken out of the room, she stopped in front of us to say something, and I gave my permission, I wanted to hear what she had to say. She looked at us one by one saying,

“You said once that you would date a fan. I guess that meant if their famous. Danielle, the dancer, Eleanor the wannabe model, but good enough and Taylor and Perrie. World famous singers” You’re all a joke! When will you ever date someone ordinary?”

“Sooner than you think!” Zayn answered, and we all turned to him, but Georgina wasn’t finished,

“As for you Harry, you’re not getting away with this! You’re going down with that little slut! If I can’t have you, nobody can!”

“That is enough Ms. Sparks!” Officer Benson said, and took her away, why yelling,

“I’ll finish every single one of you!”

“Great job Mr. Styles!” Officer Jenkins said shaking my hand, “We’ll have her down for threats and harassment that should put her away for a while, and of course a good restraining order, whenever she gets out.”

“Well done Harry!” All the boys said, and we were all relieved that it was over, so we went back to the hotel to celebrate.


Maggie’s p.o.v.

By the time we were back at the hotel, it was early in the evening and we were all tired and hungry, but the boys wanted to celebrate. Personally my mind was full of thoughts. Mostly about Zayn and I. 12 hours ago I had promised myself not to fall for him, but we had gotten even closer being up talking all night.

Then there was Louis, I wasn’t quite sure about him. He acted mostly like usual, but there was something different, his jokes were flat and he wasn’t his jumpy hyper self. I thought maybe it was because Harry had mentioned Eleanor earlier. It was a couple months ago they had broken up, and the public, including me, didn’t actually know why. All the Larry shippers went crazy of course. I had never really been sure whether Elounor or Larry was real, but I always said to my friends I’d rather “lose him” to a guy then another girl!

Yeah, I had almost always been a Louis girl. Before I was a real fan, I had a thing for Zayn, because I liked dark guys, but when I shortly after became a dedicated, hardcore fan, it had been Louis, Louis, Louis all the time! I just loved everything about him, and I still did but now it was as friend, not as a boy band crush. I found myself drifting off to the “forbidden topic” of falling for Zayn…

“Helloo, earth calling Mag!” Niall was waving his hand in front of my face, and I realized I had zoned out.

“What? Oh sorry, so how are we celebrating?” I asked, not really up for much.

“Karaoke!” Louis answered cheerfully, and I quickly protested,

“What? No way! First of all I don’t wanna go out and second I am not going to sing and humiliate myself in front of One Direction!”

The boys laughed as if I was stupid for trying to protest.

“First of all, we’re not going out, because we brought Louis’ karaoke machine her like a month ago, and second you are singing, and you really have nothing to say about it!” Zayn said matter-of-factly, and for the first time I noticed the karaoke machine next to the TV.

“It’s not fair! You’re professional singers! You make millions of pounds singing! Why do you even have a karaoke machine?” I asked trying to get out of this.

“Well, exactly we’re singers, because we love singing! And karaoke is singing right?” Harry said, pointing out the obvious.

I was starting to panic,

“You know, you can’t force me to sing!” I said crossing my arms, and they all stopped what they were doing, and turned to look at me.

Shit! I shouldn’t have said that!

“Are you sure about that?” Zayn said, stepping closer, and I took a few steps back. I was closest to Louis’ room.

“Um… well… yeah… cause… you would have to catch me first!” I said the last part really quickly, while I threw myself into Louis’ room, slamming the door, and jumped in the closet, right before they came running in. I knew I only had a matter of seconds before they found me.

“Maybe she’s under the bed.” I heard Liam say, and heard them move away from the door and the closet next to it. I took a deep breath and stepped quietly out of the closet, as they looked under the bed. I ran out of the room, and crashed into Louis, making us both fall over, and the others boys came running.

I was lying on top of Louis, and for a second, I forgot everything that was going on, until I felt a pair of hands grab me around the waist and lift me up.

“Ah! Zayn! Put me down right now!” I yelled at Zayn’s back, as he had thrown me over his shoulder.

“Not until you agree to singing!” He grinned, and I said dramatically,

“Never! I won’t surrender!”

He laid me on the couch, and had me pinned down. He smiled mischievously and said,

“Well it’s good I know your weakness then.”

No, he wouldn’t!

“Oh no, please Za…”

I didn’t finish my sentence, as he started tickling me, and I laughed uncontrollably. I was the most ticklish person, and would scream if someone even poked my side. Now five boys were tickling me everywhere, and I thought I would never stop laughing, it was like torture.

“O-okay… hahaha, sto – haha – stop, I-I’ll sing!” I managed to get out, and they stopped. I was panting, catching my breath, and looked evilly at Zayn.

“Sorry, babe, but we had no choice. No one gets out of karaoke night.” He said shrugging, and Louis added

“It’s true. Once we pulled Zayn out of bed and into a cold shower, because he wanted to sleep instead of singing karaoke.”

“In the case, I’m glad you only tickled me.” I said, thankful, I hadn’t got the same as Zayn.

Zayn smiled and then turned to Louis,

“Louis, can I talk to you for a minute?”



So they finallycaught her, yaay! Well, do you think she's gone for good, or will she come baack? Nobody knows, but mee.. ahah see what I did there? ;) well anyways, keep commenting, let me hear what you think :) and what d you think Zayn is going to say to Louis?? :D

xoxo M. ;)

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