Loved You First

"Was it possible that all the signs, I had convinced myself were just my imagination, actually were real?

I just couldn't help but wonder how long she'd had feelings for him, even if they were subconcious.
I was sure that I loved her first, but at this point I actually didn't know who she loved first."

A few slightly sexual references (not smut, I don't do that)
A few slightly violent scenes
Use of strong language at times
SELF-HARM references in a couple of chapters



Okay, so I'm a bloody idiot!!

as I don't have my own computer atm, I write chaps on my phone, on my email so I can quickly send them to myself when I'm done and then update from a computer..

so last night I was pretty much done with the next fabolous (and in my opinion perfect) chapter, and then because I'm a stupid klutz, one wrong tap and eeeverything was deleted!!! 5000 words gone!! I swear, I actually cried!! like I'm completely devestated!!! all my hard work!! my swearword vocabulary was put to the test!!

BUT sort of luckily I had just read the chap through before my gigantic mistake, and of course I remember everything, not word by word, but yeah I started all over again (hehe), and since last night I've written about 1/3 of it so far, so hopefully I can update on Saturday!! I just hope I remember everything, cause it was a kind of complicated chapter with different P.O.V.'s and stuff..

So, to make up for being such a stupid hopeless twat, and to not make you too impatient, I will reveal a couple stuff about the next chap so you know what to look forward to! :)

1. this was supposed to be a surprise, but I'll tell you now.. A NEW CHARACTER!!! yaay, I've been waiting to bring in someone new, and now finally!

2. somebody is coming to visit the boys (one of them in particular) hehe ;)

3. someone is about to make things complicated for another person! dan dan dah!!

so now you sort of know what's coming up, and I give you my word that I will never be so bloody clumsy again!!

massive apologies, pleeease be patient, I'm working my ass off, to write it again and make you happy!!!

love you all!! xoxo M.


p.s. Lallypop! pls get in touch with me on twitter @MagValerie, I need ur assistance for something ;)

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