Loved You First

"Was it possible that all the signs, I had convinced myself were just my imagination, actually were real?

I just couldn't help but wonder how long she'd had feelings for him, even if they were subconcious.
I was sure that I loved her first, but at this point I actually didn't know who she loved first."

A few slightly sexual references (not smut, I don't do that)
A few slightly violent scenes
Use of strong language at times
SELF-HARM references in a couple of chapters


9. 'Getting Ready and Getting "Jelly"'


Okay, I wasn’t gonna update until Friday, but I got so ecstatic that One Direction and Harry S. won all their categories, and that Twilight, Vampire Diaries and Glee also won awards, so here’s a very early update! :D

Enjoy, xoxo Mag ;)








Chapter five

“Getting Ready and Getting ‘Jelly’ “

Maggie’s p.o.v.

It had been a week, since the stalkers last letter, and things had changed a lot. I had moved into my own room, and the boys’ hotel, which by the way was far more expensive than mine, but there had been a lot of bickering before this happened.

First of all, I had refused to move, since I didn’t think the stalker could be that interested in me, but Zayn insisted that it would be safer. I had mentioned that I definitely couldn’t afford their hotel, but he said that of course they would be, and I really wasn’t keen on that. That’s when Louis suggested, that I could stay at his and Harry’s apartment since Harry’s room was unoccupied, but Liam said that was a stupid idea since we spent all our time at the hotel. So the final decision was everyone moving into the hotel, and they just wouldn’t hear my protests against them paying, so I finally gave in, realizing that money probably wasn’t an issue for internationally famous pop stars.

Louis moved into the last bedroom in the penthouse suite, while Niall, Liam and I got two rooms downstairs, but of course we would spend all our time in the penthouse, and when I say all our time, I mean literally all our time!

We had been stuck in the hotel, the whole week, trying to think of ways to catch stalker girl. Of course we tried with the obvious: fingerprints and DNA but that didn’t work out at all, since she wasn’t in the DNA database, because she apparently didn’t have a criminal record, and she was smart enough not to leave prints on the note to Harry. We tried connecting the girl on the pictures she sent Harry, to anyone on the camera footage from the hotel and the area, but of course this failed also. The only visible part of her on the pictures was her reddish hair, and fair skin, and the only girl on cameras with red hair, was wearing a big hat and huge sunglasses. All we really knew, was she had reddish hair, was kind of short and knew how not to get caught.

Besides that, we hadn’t actually heard anything from her the past week, and all of us were getting pretty tired of staying in all the time, watching movies and playing games. It was a Friday night, and we were sitting around the telly as usual.



Zayn’s p.o.v.

“I’ve had enough!” I said loudly, making everyone look at me weirdly, “I’m sick and tired of sitting her all day and all night, I wanna go out!”

Liam looked at me disapprovingly, and was about to say something, when Harry spoke up,

“Yeah I agree! Come on, we haven’t heard anything in a week! If we’re careful we can go out right? Even if she’s outside right now, we can just sneak out the back. Come on, let’s go clubbing!”

Harry, Niall and I had already got up, when Liam stopped us,

“Hold it guys! Listen, you really think we’re just going out like that, without even discussing it first? Sit. Down.”

Niall, Harry and I all sight, but sat down, hoping this wouldn’t take too long.

“First of all, we have to take safety precautions. Just because we haven’t heard anything, doesn’t mean she’s not out there, you know. Have you even thought this through?”

It was so typical Liam to be so sensible, but I had actually had thought this through,

“Yes, as a matter of fact. We have the van called to the parking basement, because you can’t get in there without the code from your room card, so that’s how we get out. If she somehow gets to follow us, we’ll go to one of those exclusive night clubs, where not everyone can get it, and even if she does you really think she’d do anything with all those guards and people around?”

They all looked at me shocked, but I couldn’t understand how no one else had thought of this, it was so simple. But of course Liam had to spoil it,

“But Zayn, crazy people don’t care if there are people…”

“Oh come one!” Louis had interrupted, “Look, this girl has made our lives miserable lately. She’s scared the crap out of us. Are we going to let her take our fun away from us to? Let her keep us trapped here? For God’s sake, Maggie didn’t come to London to stay in a hotel room!”

“Oh well, I’m not complaining being here with you guys.” She said blushing, and I smiled at her, looking so cute.

Now all of us were looking expectantly at Liam, waiting for his decision and the tension was killing us. He thought it through for like five minutes before finally saying,

“Okay fine,” we all jumped up cheering, “But only for a couple hours, and we plan everything before leaving, Niall, Mag and I will go down to get ready and we’ll meet up here in an hour.”

“An hour?” I exclaimed terrified, “But there’s only one shower here, and we’re three guys, and my hair!”

Maggie and Louis laughed loudly, and I heard Louis muttering “vein Zayn”, but Liam just sighed and gave us all two hours to get ready.


Louis’ p.o.v.

15 minutes after Liam, Niall and Mag had gone to get ready, I heard knocking on the door, and wondered who it could be. None of us were that fast. I opened the door, and saw Maggie standing there awkwardly, still dressed in sweats, and with a bag in her hand.

“Hey Lou,” she said smiling shyly and my heart beat faster, “well, I got my clothes and makeup ready, but when I went to take a shower, I only had could water, so I wondered if I could…”

“You want to get ready here?” I finished her sentence, smiling widely, trying to get a glimpse of her outfit in her bag full of clothes and stuff.

“Thanks so much, I know you’re probably already stressed, being three guys with one shower…” she trailed off again, but I just smiled at her,

“Don’t worry. Harry and I showered earlier today, we just have to get dressed and stuff. Zayn just wanted more time to find his clothes and do his hair.” I winked at her, and she let out the cutest giggle ever, “He’s in the shower now, so you want to help me pick out an outfit, while you’re waiting?” I asked hopefully, and she nodded enthusiastically and followed me to my room.

Maggie was sitting patiently on my bed, while I looked through my clothes, not really noticing any of it, since I was looking at her through the corner of my eye.

“So where are we going? I’ve never been in an “exclusive” nightclub, I hope the dress code is not too posh, my outfit isn’t really that special…” Maggie started talking very quickly, and I had to cut her off, to be able to answer her,

“Well, I don’t actually know, I think we’ll figure it out when everyone’s ready.”

“But how do you know what to wear then?” she asked, but I didn’t quite understand, which I think she could see in my expression, as she elaborated her question, “I mean, aren’t their different dress codes for different clubs?”

“Oh well, yeah but most so-called exclusive clubs require nice clothes, so it’s no problem. You were able to find something, without knowing where we’re going; oh I can see your outfit?” I asked hopefully, clapping my hands together.

Maggie pulled out a cute little dress, consisting of a high waist black skirt, and a white silky top, with ruffles on the collar and slightly puffed short sleeves. The cleavage wasn’t really deep, and I could tell the skirt wasn’t too short, so it was sexy but very classy, and I was happy about that. The dress was accompanied by not too high red heels, a bright red clutch, and cute gold earrings and a gold bracelet, all nicely laid on my bed. Going over her outfit, I realized that my fake relationship with Eleanor, had added new words like “ruffles” and “clutch” to my vocabulary.

I then noticed Maggie was looking at me, waiting for me to say something, so I stayed quiet for a few more minutes, teasing her until I finally answered,

“The dress is perfect, the bag and shoes are lovely, and your sense of styling is very good. Oh I know exactly what to wear!”

Maggie immediately had a big grin on her face, and just seeing her smile made my heart pound faster. I wanted to hold her in my arms, kiss her…

“Louis, have you seen my… um… Mag?” Zayn appeared at my door wearing nothing but a towel and a curious expression.

“Zayn, hi!” Maggie said slightly shocked, clearly trying not to stare at his body. I instantly felt jealousy spread in my whole body.

“What are you doing here?” Zayn asked slightly suspiciously,” am I… interrupting anything?” His tone in the last question was downright accusing, and it made me upset. She wasn’t even his girlfriend. Maggie hadn’t noticed it though, and just answered casually,

“Well, I came to use this shower, since my only had cold water, but you were showering, so I was just showing Lou my outfit.”

“Why didn’t you use Liam and Niall’s, their room is right next to yours?” Wow Zayn really had a problem with this, and Maggie had noticed now too, as she didn’t quite know how to answer,

“Well I… um… I just figured…”

“Zayn, I think Maggie is a lot closer to you and me, then Li and Niall, and she probably felt more comfortable, coming up here. Why is it a big deal?” I came to the rescue, and Maggie sent me a thankful smile, whereas Zayn glared at me, but after a few seconds snapped out of it, and looked softly at Maggie replying,

“It’s not a big deal, I was just curious. You can use the shower now babe.”

He smiled at her, and she collected her stuff, and walked out of the room leaving Zayn and I now glaring at each other again.

“Why was she showing you her outfit?” he asked eyeing me suspiciously.

“Why not? We’re good friends, and I let her in and kept her company while you were showering. What’s your problem Malik?” I didn’t mean to sound so angry, but I couldn’t help myself. He was acting like a jealous boyfriend, they weren’t even dating yet, and she was my friend to.

Zayn knowing, that I only used his last name when upset answered coldly,

“I haven’t got one Tomlinson. But are you sure you don’t have one?”

For a second, I thought he knew something, but I shrugged it off; I just wanted him to leave,

“Don’t you have some hair to fix Zayn?” I asked sassily, and he stepped closer replying,

“I’ll be fixing your hair if you…”

“Guys! What’s going on?” Harry stepped in clearly confused.


Zayn’s p.o.v.

“Guys! What’s going on?” Harry asked interrupting me.

Before Louis had a chance to speak, I quickly said,

“Lou is putting on his attitude for no reason!”

Louis scoffed, and fired back immediately,

“Well I do have a reason! Zayn is being all threatening and “I’ll fix your hair” and stuff!”

“Well Louis told me to fix my hair first, probably jealous that I have nicer hair…”

“Yeah right, cause I totally want to look like a Dalmatian.”

“I don’t have blond streaks anymore Lou!”

“Guys!” Harry yelled again, ending our discussion, “I don’t get it. You’re arguing over hair?”

I didn’t even wanna say anything, so I just let Louis explain,

“Maggie came to use our shower, but Zayn was in it, so in the meantime she was showing me her outfit, and then Zayn came in acting all jealous!”

“So you’re arguing over Mag?” Harry asked.

“Yeah… or well no not like that. Zayn is just obviously jealous that Mag and I are friends…”

“I’m not jealous!” I said angrily, why would I be jealous of Louis?

Harry cleared his throat, and we both looked at him,

“Right, well Louis we all know that Zayn has had trust issues recently, and it’s totally understandable. But Zayn, you have to understand that Mag and Lou are good friends, but just friends. You and Eleanor were friends too, talking about fashion and stuff.”

How could he use Elounor as an example?

“But Lou and Eleanor weren’t even dating…” I was interrupted by Louis,

“Well neither are you and Mag technically.”

I was about to reply, but Harry stopped me,

“Oi! You two are incredible. What is wrong with you? You never argue like this. First of all, even though Zayn and Mag aren’t technically dating, we all know how much he likes her, and Zayn I was stating that Mag can have other friends than you. But all this aside, you guys are best friends, you’re band mates and you shouldn’t be getting upset over little things like this. We’re finally having a night out; do you really want to ruin it?”

I guess Harry made a good point; he had a good brain under all those curls. I felt my rage fading away, and I noticed Louis soften up to.

“I’m sorry Lou, I overreacted.”

“No, it’s okay Zayn, I understand.” Louis said smiling at me, and then added, “And sorry about the Dalmatian thing.”

I chuckled and replied, “No problem, I did look stupid with that hair.”

“Good boys.” Harry said grinning, and then noticed something, “Um Zayn, maybe you should go get dressed.”

I looked down, and noticed I was still only wearing a towel, and only have a little over an hour to get dressed and ready.


Maggie’s p.o.v.

I had just finished showering, and was going to do my makeup, when I realized my makeup bag was missing. It must’ve have fallen out of my bag in Louis’ room, so I tied a towel around my hair, tightened my robe, and went to get it. Approaching the room, I heard voices and stopped. First I heard Harry saying something about Zayn liking me, and my heart skipped a beat. Then something about friends and band mates, but it was hard to distinguish as I didn’t want to get too close. I heard Louis say something about Dalmatians, but as I stepped closer I heard Harry telling Zayn to go get dressed. That meant… he was coming this way! I tiptoed quickly and quietly back towards the bathroom, and just as Zayn opened the door from Louis’ room, I managed to make it look like I was just stepping out of the bathroom.

“Babe! Hi!” Zayn said, as if he was shocked to see me. He was looking me up and down, and I realized I was only wearing a bathroom, even though it was thick and actually covered more of my body than a normal summer dress would. I guess it was the illusion of just being in the shower, wait… was Zayn picturing me in the shower? I narrowed my eyes at him suspiciously, and it was like he read my mind, cause he quickly looked up, and muttered something about getting ready while hurrying off to his own room.

I had a feeling Zayn might be a little jealous of Louis’ and I’s friendship, and since he might see me going to Lou’s room I made sure to say loud and clear,

“Lou! I forgot my makeup bag in your room!”

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