Loved You First

"Was it possible that all the signs, I had convinced myself were just my imagination, actually were real?

I just couldn't help but wonder how long she'd had feelings for him, even if they were subconcious.
I was sure that I loved her first, but at this point I actually didn't know who she loved first."

A few slightly sexual references (not smut, I don't do that)
A few slightly violent scenes
Use of strong language at times
SELF-HARM references in a couple of chapters


36. 'Everything's Working Out'


Heeello my lovelies! :D I don't wanna make this too long but I have a few things to say

first of all I don't know if any of you are J-Cats or like UJ but I've been a massive fan since they were on xfactor last year aaand LAST NIGHT I FINALLY GOT MY 1/4 FROM JOSH AND I TOTALLY FREAKED OUT!!! SERIOUSLY I'VE BEEN SO HYPER SINCE THEN, AND I JUST WONDERED LIKE WHAT WILL I BE LIKE IF I EVER GET 1/5??? soo just wanted to share that with you ;)

anyways abt the story..

I just wanna say that I don't hate Perrie, I don't know her personally and if she makes Zayn happy then I love her!! (and I don't have anything against Taylor Swift, I'm just not a fan of her music :P)

2. THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO COMMENTS, YOU MAKE ME SOO HAPPY, AND I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, SO KEEP IT UP!! ;) if more people start commenting, I might start doing shoutouts/dedications..:)

anyways, this chapter is sort of two parts, cause the first part could have been in the previous chapter, but I wanted to end it at that point :)... soo, that's all

Enjoy, xoxo M. ;)









Chapter 30

"Everything's Working Out"

Maggie's P.O.V.

I stood staring at the blonde vixen in front of me, utterly speechless and unable to move.

What the hell was she still doing here in Manchester?

"Oh I'm sorry is this your bag? I was just on my way to hand it in at the entrance." She said, with a fake smile plastered on her face.
Was she acting a fool, or did she honestly not know who I was? Even if she didn't know me, she had met Tally before with Eleanor.
"What are you doing here Perrie?" Tally suddenly said, looking like she was about to wipe, or rather punch, that smile off Perrie's face.
"Oh Natalie I didn't see you there..." Perrie said smirking, towering in her heels over the not so tall Irish girl.
"Let's just go!" Tally said, grabbing the bag and walking off, but I stood glued to my spot.
"Why are you still here?"
I heard the words coming out of my mouth, though I didn't register saying them.
"I can be wherever I want to be... Why do you care?" Perrie asked crossing her arms, looking me up and down, and I felt a sudden rage boil in me.
"I care because you're after my boyfriend, even though he made it clear that he wants nothing to do with you, and stalking him around like a dog won't change his mind so get lost!" I yelled at her face, surprised with myself.
Perrie rolled her eyes and took a step closer,

"It's not like you two will stay together. He'll realize soon enough that he doesn't belong with someone like you... A guy like him will never stay under his level, he'll go back to someone in his own high standard... Like me." She said the last with a smile, and I have never wanted to beat someone to the ground so much in my life.

"I'm sorry Perrie, but you are so mistaken... Zayn doesn't need someone famous or super hot... He just needs someone faithful who can keep her legs closed for more than five minutes!"

I wasn't quite sure if Perrie's or Tally's gasp was louder, and I didn't care about the other girls in the bathroom who had now turned to us with wide eyes.
All I knew was that I felt damn good!

Our gazes were locked on each other in a deathly battle, and I was so close to my final straw. One more snoody comment from those purple lips and I would completely lose it.

Zayn's P.O.V.

We had been waiting for the girls for five minutes, and it couldn't possibly take that long to get a bag from the bathroom.

"They're sure taking their time!" Harry commented standing with his arms around Lauren, keeping her safe from the now chilly night air.
"Probably doing girly things," he went on, "checking their makeup, doing their hair, adjusting bra-straps."
"Could you not talk about my girlfriends bra-straps!" I said a bit more rude, than I had meant it to be.
"Ooh, Zayn is getting stroppy... Get it, stroppy, straps?" Harry was grinning, while the rest of us looked at him stupidly, except Niall, who was laughing.
"Niall! How could you laugh at someone else right in front of me? Traitor!" Louis said, crossing his arms only making Niall laugh even more, and I rolled my eyes at the idiots, who were my best friends.

"I'll see what's taking so long." I finally said, walking back into the club, heading towards the girls' bathroom.

 I quickly spotted Mag next to Tally outside the bathroom, but then I noticed she was talking to someone, but all I could see from where I was standing, was the top of a blonde head.
I got a bit closer and froze to my spot.
 What the fuck was she doing here?!

I gathered myself together, and walked up to them, anger pumping through my veins.
"What's going on here?" I asked, and three pairs of eyes turned to me in surprise.
"Zaayn... Hi!" Perrie said, with a fake sweet voice and I furrowed my eyebrows at her,
"Are you seriously following me now?" I asked, and she opened her mouth in fake shock,
"How could you ever think that? I know people here!" She replied, and I rolled my eyes,
"So you just happen to be in the same club as me, and I just happened to see your car by a bakery, close to where I'm staying, last week?" I said, remembering the car, when I took that morning run.
I knew, I had seen it before!

"Listen Zayn, I really think we should talk about things..." She started, but was interrupted by Tally,
"Excuse me? Who the hell do you think you are? His girlfriend is standing right here, and he wants nothing to do with your skanky ass!"
"Who do you think YOU are? How dare you talk to me like that!" Perrie replied, and I sensed a serious catfight coming up. People were already starting to stop and stare, but I didn't blame them.
How often do you see Zayn Malik arguring with his also famous ex-girlfriend, backed by his new girlfriend and Niall Horan's girlfriend.

I could tell by their expressions that at least half of the crowd knew, who we all were.
"I know exactly who you are! You're a skanky, wannabe, cheating, desperate-for-fame ex-girlfriend, and I'll talk to you exactly how I want!" Tally spat out, and a gasp was heard through out the crowd.

I was about to say something, but Perrie beat me to it,
"You better take that back right now!"
"Make me." Tally said challenging, taking a step forward.
"Enough! Let's just leave!" Mag said, and Perrie looked at her with a smirk,
"I should have known you were a coward!"

Mag stared at her with wide eyes, and raised her hand, but I quickly held it back and looked her deep in the eyes,

"Don't. She's not worth it." I stated simply, and she looked at me for a few seconds before nodding to Tally, who gave Perrie a last death glare, before turning around so we could leave.

I let out a sigh of relief, until I heard something, and Mag stopped right in her track. Perrie had just spit at her right at the back of her head, and what happened next was far too quick for me to stop.

"Oh hell fucking no you didn't!" Mag said angrily, turning around and slapping her right across the face!
Perrie's hand flew up to her red cheek, tears forming in her eyes from the burn, mouth wide open.

Before I could even take a breath, Perrie had grabbed Mag's hair pulling her to the ground only to be pulled back herself by Tally who had jumped on her back.
I tried to pull the three girls apart as people stood around not knowing what to do, but to my luck three big guards quickly came up, and within seconds we were all outside the club.

"What the... Perrie?!" I heard Harry exclaim, and all the others looked at the four of us with wide eyes.
"I'm gonna finish... Niall let me go now!" Tally exclaimed, as Niall held her back, quickly picking up on what had happened.
"Tally! Calm down!" Liam tried, as she wiggled around in Niall's firm grip.
"What is going on?" Harry demanded to know, and Perrie, her blonde hair a total mess, replied with a highpitched voice,
"That psycho attacked me!"
"What? you attacked Mag first!" Tally yelled back.
"She slapped me!"
"After you spat on me!" Mag said, stepping forward, and I had to hold her back as well.
"Let go of me dammit! Zayn!" She yelled furiously and she was stronger than I thought, almost breaking free.

To be honest, I did not have a problem with Mag and Tally beating Perrie up, but it wouldn't solve anything, they would all get hurt and she really wasn't worth it.
"Perrie you should leave!" Liam said sternly, and I could see he was trying hard not to yell.
"Fine! Why should I waist my time on you guys!" Perrie replied turning around, but quickly turned back reaching for something in her clutch.
"This fell out of your bag!" She said throwing something at Mag before walking off, and the little box fell to the ground right in front of Mag's feet.

I let her go and bent down to pick up the little black box.
I stood up, and looked at Mag confusedly, by she just stood there with wide eyes.
I opened the box, and a silver ring with a sapphire stone was shining at me.

"Mag? What's this?"

* * *
"Oh Mag you should sing "Kids In America your voice is perfect for Kim Wilde..."
"Harry, not now!" I yelled at the curlyhaired boy, as we walked to the karaokebar, after Tally and Mag had calmed down and fixed up thanks to Lexy's pocket mirror and brush.
At first the three of us, weren't so up for karaoke but Lauren and Harry somehow managed to convince us.

Mag and I had fallen back a bit, discussing her so-called "friendship ring" from Louis.
"I just don't understand why you didn't tell me about it, if it doesn't mean anything to you? I told you about that night wih Perrie!" I said, truly hurt that she had hid this from me.
"That's not the same Zayn!" She replied loudly, "what happened with you and Perrie was something I should know... This is just a gift from a friend! Do you expect me to tell you about every gift I get?"
"A gift from a friend?" I asked, with wide eyes, "do you have any idea how much a silverring costs, especially with a sapphire? This is a very expensive RING from a FRIEND who has been, and may still be, very much in love with you! It definitely means something!"
"Maybe to Louis, but not to me! What should I have said 'oh Zayn, look what Louis bought me'!"
"Yes exactly! If it is just a meaningless gift, that is the normal thing to do!" I said, getting angry that she didn't understand me.
"Well would you have reacted this way, if it was Harry that gave it to me?" She asked.
"You would have told me, if it was from one of the others." I replied simply, and she stopped walking.
"Zayn, I just forgot about it. He gave me the ring, I put it in my bag, and I went to talk with you. That's why it was just in my bag. I didn't even think about it."
"Whatever you say, Mag." I replied rolling my eyes, and turning away to start walking.
"Seriously Zayn!" She said grabbing my shoulder, and spinning me back around, "you were the one who said that our love was strong enough to handle anything! That nothing can break us apart? How can you say that and then freak out over such a little thing?"
"Because I'm afraid Mag!" I shouted stepping all the way over to her, so our faces were only inches apart.
"I don't want to lose you. Ever. I love you so much, that I can't stand the thought of you ever leaving me, yet I worry about it all the time! If something better comes along, or if you somehow discover that you have feelings for someone else... I would never be able to handle it!"

I was on the verge of tears, just thinking about Mag leaving me, and she looked at me, her eyes filled with so much emotion, that I felt myself in a daze, losing all sense of time and place.

"Zayn... I love you. I will never leave you. Nothing could come along, that would be better for me than you. You're my soulmate, my one and only. You complete me.
'Before you, my life was an endless night, very dark, but there were stars - points of light and reason... And then you shot across my life like a meteor. Suddenly everything was on fire, there was brilliancy, there was beauty'."

I couldn't help but smile, because I knew Mag loved to quote Twilight, but I knew that she still meant every single word. She had said to me before, that even though she didn't come up with the words, when she said them they came from her heart. Just like she had said, the way Stephanie Meyer described Edward and Bella's love, went straight to her heart, because it described exactly what she felt for me.

I pulled her closer, letting myself get lost in her deep brown, honeyish eyes that always managed to put me in a trance, so I had no idea how long we stood like that.
I turned my eyes to her lips, pulling out of my trance, wanting to be fully aware of what happened next.

I crashed my lips onto hers, feeling every little touch of her soft lips against mine. Her hands found their way up to my hair, as I deepened the kiss, running my tongue against her bottom lip, asking for entrance which she quickly granted me.

She was mine.

* * *
Niall's P.O.V.
I was laying in bed, next to Tally, staring at the ceiling, as the sun rose higher and higher on the sky.

By the time we came home, the sun was just rising, and I had woken up after only three hours of sleep, realizing that we were going back on tour the next day. Since then I had just laid in bed, wondering what would happen.

I had talked to all the suits, the band, the crew and of course Paul, about Tally going along, and they had finally all agreed, due to my threats of sulking on stage every night, but if there were any problems whatsoever, she would have to go. Now it was all down to Liam, who still hadn't gotten back to me on my suggestion.

It was a big thing, I knew that, but it had been a week and we were pretty damn close now.
I slipped out of bed, grabbing my phone and went into the kitchen.
Everyone except Lauren, Tally and I had slept at the hotel, and would be coming later with all their bags, so we could have a big slumberparty for the last night.
However they wouldn't be coming for a couple hours and I wanted to talk to Liam now.

I dialled his number, and he picked up after the first ring.
"Hey Niall, how's my favorite leprechaun this fine morning?"
"Hey Li, you sound pretty cheerful?" I questioned, expecting he still would have been asleep.
"Yep! And I have a pretty good reason... which also has to do with the whole Tally coming along situation." He replied, and my heart skipped a beat.
"That's actually why I'm calling! Have you figured it out?" I asked very excited, and I heard Liam chuckle,
"Listen Niall, I have a surprise today and no one else knows about it! If you could be ready in an hour, I'll pick you up and you'll see what it's about, okay?" He replied and I nodded enthusiastically, but realized he couldn't see me,
"Sounds great Li, see ya!" I replied and hung up, before running into the room and jumping on the bed, making Tally groan,

"Niaaall, what are you doing you crazy burger?"
I laughed and smiled at how adorable she looked in the morning.
"G'morning my lovely clover!" I said giving her a kiss and jumping out of bed.
"Why are you up? What time is it potatoe?" She asked squinching her eyes at the bedside clock.
"11AM. Listen I have to go somewhere with Liam, but it's a secret or something. You can go back to sleep if you want." I said grabbing a towel and heading for the bathroom.
"No, now I'm hungry!" She said and I promised to make her breakfast after my shower.
When I came out, of course she had fallen asleep again.

* * *
"Hey Liam! Where we heading too?" I questioned as I got in the car, buckling my seatbelt.
"Piccadilly station." He replied with a smirk, and I looked at him confused,
"What are we doing there?"
"You'll see." He replied, still with that secretive smile, and I was getting more and more curious.

When we were close to the station, Liam pulled out his phone, texting someone, and smiling at the reply he got a minute later.
We pulled into a parking space by the station, and Liam looked around before grinning widely,
"There she is!" He said, and I followed his gaze to see who "she" was.
Walking towards us, small suitcase in hand, blonde hair ruffled under a red bowlershat, mascara framing her blue eyes, red lips, dressed in a laced black and white dress, dark blue stockings, leathercoat and bikerboots, was the one and only Skye Ferguson.
Liam and I jumped out of the car to greet her, me with a hug, Liam with a quite long hug, a kiss on the cheek and a huge smile.

"Skye! What a surprise!" I said, happy to see her, wondering what she had to do with the whole situation.
"Well, that was the point yeah?" She said smiling and getting into the car,
"You guys are leaving tomorrow, and I wanted to see you off, so I was able to get a few days off work thanks to my fabolous assistance at the fashion show last week, which by the way went great!"

"So... Liam has filled you in on the whole Tally and I situation?" I questioned as Liam started the car and the two gave eachother a secretive look.
"Yep! You probably noticed how much Liam and I have been phoning and skyping lately aaand... We came up with a great idea!" She replied with a huge grin, and I couldn't help but smile as well.
On the car ride back to Lauren, Skye filled me in on the plan, and I was bubbling over with so much exictement, that I litterally was bouncing up and down in my seat.
I texted Tally, that we were on a way back, and she replied that all the others were there already, which was perfect.

* * *
"Hello everybody!" I announced cherfully, walking into Lauren's apartment with a huge grin, and Tally jumped on me, covering me with kisses.
"So what's the secret?" She asked excitedly, and I remained silent, but smiled as Liam walked in followed by Skye, and the room erupted in smiles and "oh my God"s and everyone attacked Skye, it was like she was a celebrity.
"Whoa chill down! Damn you missed me that much?" She exclaimed laughing as we all went to the livingroom.
"Harry has been so annoying without anyone to bully him!" Zayn said, and Harry looked at him weirdly,
"What? I've been acting normally, like I always do!"
"Yeah exactly!" Zayn replied with a smirk, and the curlyhaired boy stuck his tongue out at him.
"This is really a surprise, I didn't even know you were coming!" Lauren said, and Skye and Liam exchanged glances.
"Yeah, it was a secret between me and Liam. One of the reasons we've been talking so much lately." Skye said blushing still smiling at Liam, and I was absolutely sure they were secretly already in a relationship.

"So fill me in on the drama... I know you guys well enough, to be sure there must have been something!" Skye said, and the room fell awkwardly silent, while everybody looked at Zayn and Mag, remembering last nights events.
"We ran into Perrie last night!" Tally finally said with disgust, and I remembered the look on her face last night. She had been ready to rip Perrie's head off!
Skye looked at her slightly confused,
"Perrie? Perrie Edwards... But how... Oh right, she used to go out with Zayn... how weird..." Skye drifted off, and we all looked at her with confused expressions, except Lauren and Tally who looked like they had just realized something,
"Oh yeah! I totally forgot..." Tally said and Lauren added,
"Oh my God, that is actually pretty weird..."
All of us were questionmarks and finally Zayn exclaimed,
"What the heck are you guys talking about?"
The three girls finally noticed the rest of us and Skye took a deep breath before explaining,

"Well, the Skye you all know today - bubbly, cheerful, outgoing, but won't take no shit from noone wasn't always like this.
Up until I was like 17 I was a little mouse, very shy and highly unpopular, all thanks to my childhood.
Before Lauren moved to Manchester, our families lived pretty close in London, but my parents, siblings and I lived in South Shields, from.I was born until I was 12, the same place as our lovely ms. Edwards.
I knew her since I was a kid, as we attended the same kindergarten and later school up until my family moved to London.
The first day I met her in kindergarten, she made fun of my favorite sunflowerdress, which was a tad big on me, I was a small child, and that pretty much defines our whole "relationship".

I had one good friend in kindergarten, who luckily started the same school as me, but Perrie and her popular possè made my life hell, especially in the school years. Constantly degrading me, making fun of me, mocking me and they always found something that was wrong about me, even the smallest things like a bloody shoelace! Endless pranks and embarresing me in front of the whole school. Even if it was just lifting up my skirt in the canteen, there wouldn't go one day without humiliation.
The one friend I had moved when I was nine, leaving me alone without anyone, thanks to Perrie.
Even when I moved to London it took five years to break out of my shell and finally grow some confidence and self-esteem... And now five years later here I am!
It's just so weird, how I ended up being friends with her now ex-boyfriend. It really is a small world."

By the time Skye had finished, everyone was frowning, and Liam had his arm around her as comfort.

"What a bitch!" Louis exclaimed, and we all nodded.
"I had no idea she was like that! When we were together she was so sweet... Well until the... um... cheating." Zayn added, scratching the back of his neck.
"I can't believe I forgot that! If I had remembered, none of you could have held me back last night!" Tally said fists clenched, as I rested my hand on hers, to calm her down.
"Well I should totally have remembered!" Lauren added, "I would have joined you and Mag right away!"
"If I had known..." Mag spoke up, and almost all of us were trying to calm down our boyfriends. Except Louis, who of course, had a comment as well,
"I would have told Lexy to go for it! Cause y'know... I can't hit a girl."
I'm not sure if it was what he said, or the way he said it, but everyone started laughing, and I was thankful for the moodchange.
"What happened with her last night anyway?" Skye asked, sounding a lot more calm.
"Long story short, she wants Zayn back and has been following him around here, and last night she was a total bitch at the club so Mag and I had the tiniest fight ever with her, but then the guards threw us out and she left... Good riddance!" Tally explained plainly and

Skye widened her eyes.
"Wow! If only I had been there, the fight sounds like something I should have seen... Or better yet, participated in." She said chuckling and shortly after the room fell silent.
I was wondering when we would tell everyone the plan, so I looked eagerly back and forth between Skye and Liam, but apparently Skye wasn't done with catching up.

"So tell me about this Lexy! Lauren told me you really hit it off!" She said, turning to Louis wiggling her eyebrows.
"Yeah Lexy is great!" He replied, a bit too enthusiastically, "she's funny and bubbly, really pretty and sweet and she seems like the kind of person who really trusts people!" I wondered if I just imagined him glancing towards Harry at the last bit.
Suddenly Tally cut in,
"Oh it would be so cool if Zayn dated her!"
"What? Why?" Mag and Zayn exclaimed in unison.
"Cause it would be Zexy!" My genius girlfriend replied making me smile, and the others roll their eyes.
"Well we don't pick our partners based on how our names will be shipped! And I like Zag!" Mag said and her and Zayn shared one of their lovey looks.

"Well... On a more serious matter..." Skye said, and I thought we finally would discuss the plan, but she turned to Harry,
"Me?" Harry asked looking frightened.
"Yes you mr. Styles," she went on narrowing her eyes, "what do you think you're doing?"
"Um... Talking with you guys?" Harry tried, which Skye glare at him,
"I will have none of that cockiness young man! I told you to stop flirting with my baby cousin! That didn't mean you should start dating her!"
"Oh my God, Skye lay off!" Lauren exclaimed giving Skye an angry look, "I'm not a baby anymore! And Harry is not a 'young man'!" Harry raised his eyebrows at his girlfriend and she quickly added, "well he is a young man, but not in the way you used it! Stop being my mom!"
"You may not be a baby, but you're still my baby cousin! You're only 18 years old..." Skye was cut off by a fuming Lauren,
"Yes I am 18, which means I am old enough to make my own decisions! I have my own apartment, pay my own bills, attend the university with good grades and I have a boyfriend who I care very much about, and he is a great guy! Harry would never hurt me!"
Lauren turned to her boyfriend who held her hand, and smiled sweetly at her, while Skye's expression softened.
"Fine... I guess you're right, you're old enough to make your own decisions and you guys are pretty cute together... Except your kids will have inexplicable hair!" She said the last with a grin, making Lauren laugh, but then turned to Harry one last time,
"But if you hurt my cousin in any way at all... I will hunt you down, I will find you, and I will kill you after torturing you and forcing you to listen to Taylor Swift for days on end!"
I started laughing at the Taylor Swift thing, because when Harry "dated" her, he had to pretend to like her music, and he got so sick of it in the end.

I couldn't wait anymore, so I finally turned to Skye and Liam,
"Guys... We have some things to tell the others don't we?" I said, and they smiled at each other nodding, then turned to the others with big grins.
"I think you should start Niall." Liam said smiling, and I suddenly felt nervous. What if Tally didn't go for the plan? Skye gave me an encouring nod, and I took a deep breath.

"Okay... As you all know, I've been thinking of ways to get Tally to go along of tour, which has been very complicated, because she has an apartment to pay rent for, and it might be hard to find a job when she gets back... Anyway I came up with an idea, that involves Liam, cause... Well Liam and I share an apartment but I was thinking... Maybe, when we get back... You could, well... Move in with me?"
I finally turned to Tally, and she let out a loud squeal and jumped on me, smiling covering my face with kisses.
"Oh my God, of course I want to move in with you! I can't believe I'll actually be able to come along!" She yelled excitedly, and I just couldn't stop smiling and hugging her.
"So what about Liam then?" Harry asked, and I turned to Liam,
"Oh yeah... Go ahead and tell them! This is good!" I said with a smug smile, as Liam cleared his throat,

"Right... As you know, Skye and I have been talking alot lately, and after Niall told me his plan, I needed a plan of my own for where to live... So when I told Skye, she offered that I could stay in her flat, which really is too big for one... And before you start going crazy, a guy and girl can live together as friends! It will be probably just be temporarily anyways."

As soon as Liam finished talking, Tally jumped up from her seat,
"Oh my GOD! I don't care what you say Lili, you and Skye are totally a thing now! Skiam is real, Skiam is real!" She yelled running around the room, before finally settling down in the kitchen, leaving everyone with wide eyes and scared looks.
"Good luck Niall!" Skye said grinning and Zayn quickly added,
"Good luck to us! She's coming on tour! We already have Niall and Louis and now we have a mixture doubled up times a thousand!"

Everyone started chuckling, and Skye spoke up,
"This is one of the rare occasions, where I enjoy a celebratory glass of champagne." She reached into her bag pulling out a bottle of expensive looking champagne, and everyone cheered.
"If it's okay with Liam of course?" Skye added, and he nodded at her smiling.
Lauren found some glasses, and I had the honour of popping the cork, followed by another round of cheers.

As everyone had their glasses filled, Liam with coke, Mag raised her glass,
"This calls for a toast!
To the best people in the world... I love you guys, and I've had the best time, and I know there are a lot more to come!"
"To an amazing tour!" Zayn added
"To friendship!" Skye jumped in
"And to love!" Harry said finally, and we all clinked glasses.

As we sat in the livingroom, drinking champagne, talking and laughing, I finally felt at peace.
Tally was going along, and would be moving in with me, Liam was moving in with Skye, Harry was doing well with Lauren, Zayn and Mag were inseperable.
Everything was finally working out, except for one thing.

I had no idea what was going on with Louis!




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