Loved You First

"Was it possible that all the signs, I had convinced myself were just my imagination, actually were real?

I just couldn't help but wonder how long she'd had feelings for him, even if they were subconcious.
I was sure that I loved her first, but at this point I actually didn't know who she loved first."

A few slightly sexual references (not smut, I don't do that)
A few slightly violent scenes
Use of strong language at times
SELF-HARM references in a couple of chapters


22. 'Come and Claim Him'


Hey lovelys, so I noticed the last couple chaps were a little crappy, but I’ve been kind of distracted… So this one is a little longer, and hopefully better! :)

And there hasn’t been so much Zayn/Mag interaction lately, but don’t worry team Zayn, it’s coming! And a lot more is coming up! So anyways I really hope you like it, and I really would like to know what you think!

Enjoy, xoxo M. ;)









Chapter 17

"Come and claim him"

"Oh Harry, you're just who I want to talk to!" The mystery girl exclaimed, taking me by surprise.

"Tell me where Louis is now!" I shouted, running out of patience.

"I could do that," she replied coldly, "but no, that would be too easy. The thing is, Louis is worthless to me, you're the one I need Harry."

"Who is this?" I asked thoughtfully, not yelling anymore.

The girl laughed evilly, and I could hear her smirk while replying,

"Oh Harry... If I told you, who I am already now, it would spoil the element of surprise. Now listen up. It's rather late, and I'm tired, so I'll call tomorrow, and you better pick up!"

"But we have a concert tomorrow!" All us boys exclaimed at the same time, and I added,

"If it's money you want just say so, and you'll get it! We need Louis... and I want him back!"

"You really think I give a damn about your concert?" She laughed, as if I was stupid, "I don't care, that's you're problem, solve it! And I don't want money, I want you Harry, and I will call tomorrow!" She hung up before any of us could say anything.

I could feel my knuckles tighten around Liam's phone but I didn't care. I felt my body start shaking, and my blood begin to boil, and just as I was about to throw it at the wall, Liam managed to wrench his phone from my hand.

I didn't say anything, as my mind couldn't string words together to form a sentence. I didn't notice the expressions of the people around me.

All I saw was Louis' gorgeous smile, his beautiful blue eyes, the way he did his hair, the way he used to look at me. All I could hear was his laugh, his wonderful laugh, his voice when he sang so passionately, the first time he said "I love you", and all the way back to when he said "hi" at the X Factor toilets.

I had no idea where my Loubear was, or who had him, or if he was hurt. I felt useless and empty, broken and numb. All I could do was walk to the bathroom and slam the door shut.

This was all my fault. If I hadn't told everyone his secret, he probably wouldn't have run out. Actually if I hadn't pressured him we wouldn't have been arguing. Well, if I hadn't kissed him, or walked with him that day, Louis would have been here. Save and happy.

But everything, I had done, had been acts of emotions. I kissed him because I loved him, I pressured him because I wanted him so badly, and I had revealed his secret because I had been so angry.

I shouldn't have been angry, I should just have given him the time he needed, to figure things out. But it was too late, to regret things now. All I could do was wait for that bitch to call, and then I would save my love.


Maggie's P.O.V.

Harry slammed the bathroom door, leaving the rest of us silently staring at anything but each other. Finally Zayn spoke up,

"So what are we gonna do?"

I could tell he aimed his question at Liam, who looked like he was struggling to keep it together.

"Well... I think we - um - we need to call management," He replied, his voice shaking, "we have to tell them what's happened, so we can figure out what to do with the upcoming concerts. And about Lou... we'll have to wait."

"Wait, do we have to tell them... Everything?" I asked hesitantly, and Liam turned to look me in the eyes,

"Everything. We have to explain why Harry and Louis were arguring, and what made him run out. That would be the kiss between Harry and Louis, their argument and then apparently Louis hiding the fact that he... had feelings... for you Mag. By the way Zayn, you should probably tell them about going public with Mag, if they haven't heard it yet."

This was going to be a lot for management to take in all at once, and I was just glad I didn't have to make the call. I was so worried about Lou I could barely say more than few words at a time.

"But Liam, it's almost 3 AM, and that conversation will take forever!" Zayn complained, wiping his face with his hands and adding, "besides, Harry is the only one here, who can explain the whole thing with Louis properly, and he's not in a good condition!"

Liam sighed deeply, and looked thoughtful. Everything seemed hopeless right now. I decided to join Niall, who had been silent, ever since the phone call, and looked so frightened, poor baby.

"Are you okay Nini?" I asked putting my arm around his shoulder. He looked up at me, shook his head, and he didn't even have to say anything; I just hugged him, comforting him as well as my self.

It was peculiar, the different relationships I had with the boys. Zayn was my boyfriend, and I was head over heels in love with him. Niall was sort of like a little brother to me, who I would always help and stand up for. When Harry was himself, he was like a big brother to me, which was weird, considering he was the youngest, but he was protective when it came to my relationship, and I could always confide in him. Liam was the only one, I didn't have a "special" relationship with, he was just a very good friend.

Then there was Louis. My best friend. He was like everything to me, a friend, a brother, a protector, a partner in crime. Louis and I had the best of times, and we were never bored together. Even when we weren't running around or joking, we could just sit and talk. We did that a lot when I stayed at his and Harry's apartment. We could also just sit silently and listen to music, or watch a movie, and it would be fine. It hadn't been like that for a while though, and I realised that I missed my best friend.

Now he was out there somewhere, maybe hurt, and we had no idea how to get him back. He was all alone, without his friends. The tears started to fall from my eyes, as I thought of what Louis might be going through.

"Babe, you alright?" Zayn asked, sitting down next to Niall and I.

"I don't know Zayn," I replied wiping my eyes, "I'm just so worried. We don't know how this girl thinks or what she might do, what if she hurts him?"

"Louis is a big boy, he can handle anybody. I'm sure he is okay. At least we know someone has him, and that he's not just out there." Zayn replied, and I wondered if he would be safer, to be out there.

"Liam!" Harry yelled, barging out of the bathroom, making us all stare. "Call the police, we're going to take care of this!"

"How can the police help us?" Zayn asked curiously, and Harry sighed before replying,

"They can track the call, and find the girl!"

"But that's like advanced equipment, that they use in special cases." Niall butted in.

"Yeah? An international popstar, with huge UK status is kidnapped! They will bring out the equipment!" Harry said very determined, and he had a point.

"We have to tell management, you know," Liam said carefully, "Louis is kidnapped, and if we're about to call the police, they have to know, also to solve the concert problem."

Liam and Harry stared at each other thoughtfully, until Harry finally said,

"Fine. I'll call them and I'll explain everything, but you have to call the police now too."

Liam nodded in reply, and went "upstairs", while Harry went to the bathroom, to make their calls.


Louis' P.O.V.

Blair was sitting across me, wondering whether or not to tell me their story. It was hard to be nice to her, but I had to if my plan was going to work.

"I really shouldn't be talking to you." She said offensively, and I knew I had to push her.

"Well, your sister isn't here, and I just want to understand how you can let her treat you like shit, and why her and Georgina are the way they are." I said in a sweet tone, trying not to cringe too much.

She looked at me curiously, and then let out a deep sigh,

"Fine, I guess I can tell you. It's not like knowing their story will help you escape," she said, and took a deep breath before telling their story,

"Ever since Georgina and I were born, my sister, Georgina and I have been very close. You can even see it in our names. Serena is the oldest, three years older than me, and my parents gave her the middle name Georgia, so when my cousin was born, they named her Georgina. I was born just two days before Georgina, which is why her middle name is Blair. My own middle name is Selena, close to my sisters name.

Our parents lived on the same street in Sheffield, and we grew up together, as if all three of us were sisters, but Georgina and Serena were the closest, and they always took care of me. Even though me and Georgina are the same age, she has always been more mature which is why she connected so well with my older sister.

Well when I was 15 I was kind of rebellious, hanging with the wrong crowd, ditching school, doing drugs and such, and I met this guy. He was 20, and everyone disapproved of him, cause he was an outcast and bad news, but I was madly in love. For a few months we were blissfully happy, and I practically lived in his apartment... But then he changed and he... He was awful; violent and abusive and so mean, but I couldn't leave him. He broke me down, making me think that I was worthless without him, and threatened me if I ever mentioned leaving him.

I wasn't in touch with my parents, only Georgie and Serena knew I was with him, but they didn't know how he had turned out. They called regularly, you know cause they were so protective, but I always lied. Said things were wonderful.

Until one day, when I had been there for 6 months, they showed up unannounced, and me and Demetri, that was his name, had just had an argument. They heard the yelling before they came in, and when they entered I was crying on the floor. They took one look at me, saw the cuts and bruises, picked me up and took me home.

My parents were out of town for the week, so it was just the three of us. Like I said they were both very mature, so even though they were still both teens, they took very good care of me, but were very upset, that I had lied to them.

Well Demetri wasn't happy I left, and he kept calling me until Serena picked up and yelled at him to stop calling, or she would call the police. I'm not quite sure why she didn't call them in the first place, but yeah I can't really change what happened.

That night, we all slept in my room, with Georgina in the bed with me and Serena on a matress. At some point, it was past midnight, we woke up, hearing someone break in through the backdoor, and Serena told me to hide in my closet and keep quiet no matter what, so I did.

I peaked out through a little hole in the closet door, and it was dark in my room, but I saw who it was that came barging through the door. Demetri, and one of his friends Felix who was even worse than him. Everything was chaos, and I could hardly hear anything besides shouting and screaming, until the two boys managed to gag Georgina and my sister.

I should probably mention, at that time, Georgina and I looked alot a like, with the same hair and same size, and since it was dark, they must've mistaken her for me. But they never came back, to fix the mistake. Demetri and Felix took them, and I was paralyzed by fear. I couldn't move or speak, and for the whole night I was in my closet shaking and crying.

The next day I managed to call the police and explained everything. I gave them Demetri's adress but when they went there, nobody was home. They managed to also find Felix's adress, but nobody was there either. My aunt, Georgina's mother, came over and stayed with me, until we got in touch with my parents, who came home right away. They were both happy to see me again after 6 months, but were mortified by my condition, and what had happened.

The police worked the case with hardly any clues, and after a week of sleepless nights and random breakdowns, I started seeing a psychiatrist. Apparently I was mentally unstable or something.

It took a whole month before they finally found Serena and Georgina, in an abandoned building all the way in Bradford city, thanks to an anonymous tip.

I have no idea what those boys did to them, but the state they were in physically and mentally was shocking. I was mentally unstable after 6 months, but they were totally wrecked after one month, and I know they must have experienced horrible things.

They both went to a, well "special" hospital for a while, and actually they have been going in and out for the past five years, and they have regular check ups every few months.

Our relationship has never been the same. They used to be the sweetest angels, and take care of me, but they started to be mean to me, even though they repeatedly said it wasn't my fault. They wouldn't include me when they were together, and they hung out with crowds, even worse then my previous ones.

I was, and still am, so greatful for what they went through for my sake, which is why I don't mind when they sometimes aren't so nice to me, it's not their fault that they act like that. They saved me twice and I owe them everything, and nothing will ever change my opinion."

As Blair was done with her story, I didn't know what to say. Weirdly enough I felt sorry for all three of them, for what they went through, but it still didn't justify what they were doing now.

I was most sorry for Blair, who got pulled into this by her sister, who she probably would never turn against. Her sister and Georgina totally took advantage of Blair, and the fact that she felt so in debt to them. It was a little easier for me to be nice to her, and go through with my plan. It was going to be very hard to get her to turn on her sister.

Before I could say anything, we heard the door and in came Serena, who I now saw in a different light. The superior attitude and evil smirks and tone covered up a totally messed up, weak soul, and it was alot easier to break someone down once you saw through their façade.

"Come on Blair, I'm tired, I wanna sleep." Was all Serena said, without even looking at me, and the two girls left me alone in the room.

I had no idea what time it was, but I was so tired and exhausted, that I fell asleep sitting upright in the chair.

** The next morning **

Harry's P.O.V.

The police arrived at 8 o' clock, as a request from Liam, who insisted we got a few hours sleep, much to my objection.

I hadn't shut an eye all night, after my conversation with management.

I told the others that we were to hold a press conference announcing a delay in the next few concerts, due to serious illness of a band member. Honestly people would notice Louis was missing, we might as well say his name. If we got him back today or within the next few days, the tour wouldn't be too affected, we would just miss a few free days.

That's what management said, and what I told the boys. But I didn't tell them about the Larry talk we had. It had been complicated telling them everything. Without going into detail, I said that Louis and I were in love, but it was complicated because he had a crush on Zayn's girlfriend (they talked a little with Zayn), and I told them we got in an argument which made him run out. I didn't say exactly what made him run out, cause I felt bad enough exposing his feelings to the boys, which is also why I told management, that he only had a crush.

When they heard we were in love, they didn't sound surprised at all, but they were furious that we hadn't confessed it at any of the meetings, and that we lied about the kiss.

We had a heated discussion, in which they told me to keep quiet about Louis until he came back, and they met with the both of us. If anyone at the press conference brought up the kiss picture, I was to avoid it at all cost, and if that wasn't possible, straight out deny. That was going to be really hard, as I could never lie for shit, which is why I would always avoid Larry topics.

The police set up their equipment, and a computer that connected them to the London department with the advanced equipment.

They were able to track the call to a phone booth in a city about an hour away. They checked the CCTV for that area, and we saw a girl with black hair, hiding her face under a hat. Something about this seemed familiar.

"That hat... It reminds me of someone," I said thoughtfully, looking at Liam, who seemed to be thinking the same, and I continued,

"The fact that she probably knew we would track the call, and is hiding from possible cameras... That has Georgina written all over it! Which also explains why she wants me!"

"Georgina? Is that the stalker you told me about?" The officer asked Liam, who nodded.

We all stared at the camera footage, not really getting anywhere, and just waited for her next call, which they would track again, hoping it wouldn't be from the phone booth again.

At 9.30, I got a call on my phone. She must have taken our numbers off Lou's phone, before turning it off.

"Hello?" I answered sort of impatiently.

"Why, good morning Harry! Fine day init?" She replied, annoyingly cheerfully, and I nodded at the police officer, to start the tracking device.

"When can I have Lou back?" I asked, not wanted to beat around the bush.

"If you want your dear Louis back," she said mockingly, "you're going to have to come and claim him."

"To do that, I need to know where you are." I replied, looking at the officer, who motioned for me to keep her on the line.

"Be at the Piccadilly Station at exactly 12 noon, and I'll send you instructions. And don't be an idiot, come alone!" She exclaimed bluntly, and there was no reason to answer, as it was clearly an order.

I knew she was about to hang up, so I didn't think, before spurting out,

"Do you know Georgina? Georgina Sparks?"

There was silence, and everyone was looking at me expectantly.

Finally she answered coldly,

"Don't you dare say that name! You have no right to mention her! Piccadilly at noon!"

And she hung up.

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