Loved You First

"Was it possible that all the signs, I had convinced myself were just my imagination, actually were real?

I just couldn't help but wonder how long she'd had feelings for him, even if they were subconcious.
I was sure that I loved her first, but at this point I actually didn't know who she loved first."

A few slightly sexual references (not smut, I don't do that)
A few slightly violent scenes
Use of strong language at times
SELF-HARM references in a couple of chapters


76. 'Christmas Pt. 1'


xoxo :)

Chapter 67

Christmas pt. 1 - London Holiday

Mag's P.O.V.

"What?" Louis and I both exclaimed at Skye's statement.

"I'm sorry guys, we can't control the weather." Skye replied throwing up her hands in defense,

"No one is very happy about this change of plans, we all want to see our familys but we have to make the best of it."

"Why does Calum have to be here?" Louis asked, and I rolled my eyes.

If he was trying to convince me that we were going to work, his jealousy was certainly not agreeing.

"Because he has no where else to go. His sister went to Chelsea a couple days ago, and his only close friends are the band, who all have left town. I felt sorry for him, so could you just act mature for once in your life, Louis!" Skye whisper yelled, obviously not wanting Calum to hear what she said.

Louis was breathing heavily, as I remained silent, just waiting for him to blow up but to my surprise he calmed down,

"Okay! Alright... I guess we'll have to make the best of it."

He left the room, followed by Skye and I followed shortly after so we could make plans.


"How is this going to work?" I asked, looking at all the faces around me.

Zayn and Ada didn't seemed too phased about the change and were apparently just happy to be together, which made me happy. I was hoping for a long time that Zayn would find someone.

Liam was putting on a smile, but was clearly a little disappointed. Louis was just silently fuming, keeping his eyes anywhere but at the people surrounding him and I knew our conversation wasn't over.

Calum was sitting next to me, with a smile but I could tell he felt a little out of place. It was like he felt that he was a burden or unwelcome and if Louis did anything to encourage that feeling, I would not let it slide.

Finally Skye was keeping it cool like always, taking charge and started to explain the plan,

"Well tomorrow we'll be having Christmas dinner obviously and birthday cake for Louis, we have to find a way to go food shopping with the storm and everyone has their presents here or in their bags, so we'll try to make it as traditional as possible. Of course we'll have some games and stuff tomorrow, I'll be delegating everyone assignments.

Liam and I will be in charge of food, but of course you all have to be ready to pitch in. Mag, Zayn and Ada will be in charge of entertainment, you know planning games, carols and whatever."

"What about me and Louis?" Calum asked, Louis flinching at the younger boy mentioning his name.

Skye avoided looking at Calum when answering his question,

"Well you Calum will be in charge of cleaning."

"Excuse me? I won't be doing anyone's dishes!" Calum replied rather sassily.

"Not dishes Calum! I have a dish washer and everyone is responsible for rinsing their own dishes and putting them in. I mean just keeping the place nice and tidy, something that I know for a fact, you could learn from!"

Snickers were heard around the room, and the times I had been at Calum's place proved that he had a problem with tidiness... much like his older "enemy".

"So what... I just have to like hoover the place?" Calum asked, still confused and Skye looked like a teacher dealing with a learning disabled student,

"Yes and making sure that unneccesary things aren't floating around, dusting down the place, wiping tables, you know... Have you never helped your aunt getting ready for Christmas?"

The looks on Calum's face showed that he had never done such a thing.

"Well, Shay would always help with that stuff."

"So much for equality." Ada muttered, and I smiled already liking her.

"What about Louis?" Calum suddenly asked, as if he had just realized the lack of mention of his name.

"Well, tomorrow is his birthday so I haven't put him on anything but of course he's welcome to help around. On the 25th, he be helping you, and I'm sure you two will work together just fine!" Skye smiled clapping her hands together, and I understood why she had decided to put the two of them on the same assignment.

"What about sleeping arrangements?"

Ada asked a valid question, but of course Skye had it all figured out. It was like she always had a backup plan for anything that could possibly happen.

"Well Liam and I will be in my room of course..."

"I hope those walls are soundproof." Zayn butted in, causing the whole room to snicker and Skye to blush but quickly move on,

"And Mag, if you don't mind Zayn and Ada will take your room? Unless there's someone you want to share with?"

I felt all eyes on me, especially a certain blue-eyed boy, but there was no way I would be sharing my room with any of the males in this room. Especially not blurting it out in front of everyone.

"No... no, that's fine."

"Great! So one of these couches are okay for sleeping on... Calum will you be staying tonight or only tomorrow?" Skye asked, and Calum got that look of not fitting in again, probably fuelled by the glare Louis was sending him.

"I don't have to stay here... It's fine, I'm sure I'll find my way back in the snow."

"Calum, no," I wasn't just going to sit here and have him feel unwelcome, I didn't care what Louis thought,

"It's Christmas, and you should stay here just like everyone else. Right?" I looked at everyone else and they nodded, slightly awkwardly, in agreement except Louis of course, but his opinion was invalid. This was Skye's place and she had the last word,

"No problem! So we have the couch, and I have a couple mattresses and sleeping bags that will do... That leaves Mag, Calum and Louis here in the livingroom. Any complaints?"

I would be surprised if anyone even dared to go against Skye, and it looked like everyone else had caught up on that too.

Until I saw someone timidly raise their hand, and it was like the whole room groaned simultaneously.

"Yes, Tomlinson?" Skye said through gritted teeth.

"I just wanna make it clear... that noone is planning to get up at 5AM Christmas morning?" Louis' frown turned into a smirk and we all let out a sigh of relief.

Staying in a room with two guys like Louis and Calum was something most girls would kill for... but when those two guys were constantly at each other's throats, the dream turned into a nightmare, no matter how insanely hot they both were.

Correction, how hot Louis was!

I had to stop thinking of Calum in that way. It just made everything with Louis so much more complicated.

The rest of the evening had glided by pretty drama-free and seeing as everyone was getting tired (especially the boys who were on Australian time), we decided to get settled in.

That's when it started.

I didn't really have much to do, except fetch PJ's from my bedroom and my toiletries from the adjoining bathroom, but Louis and Calum got into a heated discussion about everything from who got the best matress to how high the volume on the TV should be.

I had already slipped into my warm winter pajamas and made my "bed" on the couch, but I couldn't stand another second. I growled and stomped, ceremoniously, over to the balcony slipping into my coat and boots, ignoring the bloody snowstorm; I needed a fag right now!

As soon as I stepped outside, I felt shivers through my whole body and wrapped the coat tighter around me, fumbling with my lighter in the wind. I couldn't even sit down, seeing as the stool and the floor were covered in snow. I looked down at my own legs and realized too late, that this was a really stupid idea. My boots were only a little taller than ankle high but the snow, which had fallen rapidly all day, went about 5 inches over my ankles, meaning I would have to change my pajama pants.

I had only taken a couple drags before my fingers were freezing, and by the time I got in they felt like ice pops, but it was worth it.

Calum and Louis were laying silently, Louis watching TV at a reasonably volume, Calum reading a book and there wasn't a single scowl or sneer.

As I fell asleep I hoped that they would lay off the fighting and not ruin Christmas, but I knew that would be asking a lot.

*** December 24th ***

Louis' P.O.V.

"... come on, just do it!"

"No way, he'll kill me! You do it, he's scared of you!"

"You're such a baby!"

I woke up hearing distinct whispers, but before I could even force my eyes open, and locate the whispering, they were practically blown out of my skull at a loud,

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" followed by an airhorn, and I didn't have to look to know it was Skye's work.

I bet she had been whispering with Liam before and he was right; I was actually scared of Skye, so I managed a big smile and "thank you", getting up from my "bed" on the floor to notice that everyone else was already up.

I was greeted with birthday hugs from everyone, except Calum who offered a handshake, but Mag was in the kitchen, so I decided to stroll in there. I was dying to get her alone again and finish the conversation we had started last night.

"Good morning Louis," she said surprisingly cheerfull when I walked in,

"Happy birthday!"

"And Merry Christmas!" I replied, equally cheerfull, actually making her laugh a little and it was definitely both a happy and merry day so far.

"So... Mag."

"Yes, Louis?" She eyed me curiously, and even though all I wanted was to pull her into my arms and whisk her away, I pulled myself back to reality and tried to speak in my most casual voice,

"We - um - have some unfinished business, yeah?"

Mag stopped in the middle of wiping a plate, and kept her eyes fixated on her hands.

I felt like time had stopped and I didn't know what to do to make it start again. I was just standing here awkwardly waiting for her to say something, and despite the cold weather I was almost breaking out a sweat.

Finally she put down the plate and turned to face me,

"Louis... I love you. But..."

"Hey guys!"

Of course Skye interrupted at the best time like always!

She should seriously consider changing her name to "bad timing"!

"Whoa, what's with the mug Lou? C'mon it's time for your birthday breakfast!"

Mag was quick to leave the room, and as I walked after her, it occured to me that she had said that she loved me. Yeah, so there had been a "but", so what? Bottom line was that she loved me, and now that I knew she still felt the same, it would be easier for me to wheel her back in. Especially with the presents I had in store for her.

Skye and Liam totally out did themselves with Christmas dinner! I still had no idea how they had gotten all their supplies with that bloody blizzard going on, but they definitely pulled it off!

By the end of it, we were all stuffed and I knew there was a birthday cake coming up later as well. It was supposed to be a surprise, but Zayn had let it slip. Well, I might actually have cornered him and forced it out of him.

He, Ada and Mag had been doing well with the entertainment so far. They had secretly handed us all cards with weird stuff to do during dinner, telling us all to keep it secret and telling each of us that we had been specially picked. Which is why we all gave each other weird looks when Liam bursted out "Happy New Years!" every five minutes, or Calum continually piled turkey onto Skye's plate, while she ignored everything he said.

Basically we all had a laugh when the three of them let us in on the whole thing.

The next couple hours were spent with accent battles (Mag's idea), which ended in a tie between Skye's Geordie accent and Mag's Indian.

Then there was the dance battle, which was downright horrific, and we were all surprised when Liam won. Finally there were impressions, won by Ada and her scaringly accurate impression of Bellatrix Lestrange (we were all convinced Mag had entered that character).

We ended it off with Christmas carols, Calum playing his guitar of course and I was relieved when Skye announced it was time for cake.

"So, Louis... Liam and I decided that since today is your birthday, you should be getting some presents, so everyone can give you one tonight!" Skye said excitedly, while handing me a simply wrapped gift. Judging by the size, I could almost guess what it was.

"This is from Liam and I! We have a slightly smaller more personal gift tomorrow, but this is something you definitely need!"

I quickly unwrapped the gift, revealing a new phone with a very sturdylooking, but classy, phonecase.

"Wow! This is actually great, thanks!" I pulled them both in for a hug.

"Well, all of us are getting tired of you using our phones, and we know you're too lazy to be bothered to go out and get one yourself." Liam said with a chuckle but I knew he was being dead serious.

"Okay my turn!" Ada said,

"I know we haven't known each other that long, so I hope you like it!"

I unwrapped a pair of vintage Ray Ban's and was very impressed.

"I actually only got you one present, since I was expecting to give it to you at the New Year's party, but Zayn has a present from both of us that you'll get tomorrow."

"Oh, these are perfect! Thank you so much!"

That left just Mag, but Calum surprised me by handing me an envelope,

"Obviously I didn't know you were coming, but I thought I had to give you something, even though I feel like a little kid doing this. Especially because you probably earn millions of pounds every year!" Calum explained with a awkward laugh as I pulled out the £50 note.

"That's actually... really sweet of you Calum." I said, meaning every word.

It was a very kind gesture that took me by surprise and I offered him a small hug, causing Skye to "aww" and I quickly shot her a glare, shutting her up.

An awkward silence followed, which Mag eventually broke clearing her throat and handing me an elegantly wrapped box,

"I realized everyone was giving their well... materialistic share of gifts, so here."

I accepted the gift, wondering more about what her personal gift would be tomorrow, and widened my eyes as the black box was revealed with the "Rolex" writing upon it.

I looked up at Mag, still wide eyes and she gestured for me to go on.

I slowly opened the box, my eyes setting upon a classic, expensive looking, black watch.

"Wow... this is... wow!"

I was speechless. It was such an extravagant gift, and the fact that she spent such a large amount of money on me, after what I did, almost brought me to tears.

What was wrong with me? When did I get so emotional, sensitive and... girly?

"You shouldn't have... it must have cost you a lot." I said, staring at her forgetting everyone else around us.

"Well I've started looking for jobs, since my savings are almost up and I thought I might as well spend the rest on people that matter," Mag said with a tentative smile,

"Besides... you're worth it."

She looked up at me, and hearing her say those words made my heart beat faster than a champion racing horse, and I could've kissed her then and there... if it wasn't for Skye bringing me back to earth,

"By the way Mag, I spoke to a couple friends and one of them says they're looking for new employees at the record shop she works at."

"Record shop huh? Well I've spent enough time with Harry to deal with hipsters all day long!" Mag replied with a laugh, and I just couldn't tear my eyes away from her.

Up until now I had been so insecure about what would happen with us and how to win her over, but I felt a lot more confident now. I just couldn't wait to give her my gifts tomorrow!

*** December 25th ***

Mag's P.O.V.

Someone was whispering. I had no idea what time it was, but someone was definitely whispering closeby. However I was still half alseep and not even awake enough to open my eyes and see who it was... until there was a loud crash and I flew up from the couch, suddenly facing Liam and Skye frozen in their spot with wide eyes.

"What is going on?" I asked in a loud voice surprising myself.

"Mag," Skye smiled, but it was a strange type of smile and I noticed her and Liam move close together... as if they were hiding something,

"So sorry to wake you up! I knocked over a glass!"

"What's that you're hiding?" I narrowed my eyes at them, twisting my neck to get a look behind their backs.

"What? Hiding?" Skye laughed nervously, she never did that,

"Silly Mag, we're not hiding anything! Go get ready and we'll make breakfast!"

I continued to eye them suspiciously, but they both stayed in their spots with strained smiles on their faces, and I decided to give up.

By the time I had showered and dressed, I returned to the livingroom to see a big rectangular present next to the tree, that hadn't been there before.

Hah, not hiding anything my ass!

After a big early breakfast, too early for Zayn, Louis and Calum's liking, everyone charged over to the tree and anyone watching would have thought we were a bunch of kids, instead of 19-22 year-olds.

"So who wants to go first?"

Skye had barely finished her question before my hand flew up,

"Can I go first? Please!"

"Of course, calm down!" Skye laughed and I began to skim the gifts, until my eyes landed on the big one Skye and Liam had attempted to hide; a quick glance at the name tag proved that it was for me and I pulled it greedily towards me grinning widely.

I ripped off the paper revealing a cardboard box and looked curiously up at Skye who urged me to go on with a goofy smile.

As I opened the box, my heart stopped for a moment as my eyes widened.

I couldn't look away from the black guitarcase and I carefully opened it, softly grazing my hands over the gorgeous acoustic guitar.

"Oh my God." I finally managed to say, turning to Liam and Skye who both had huge smiles on their face.

"You've been saying for months how much you want to learn how to play guitar and you know quite a few people who are very capable of teaching you," Skye said as I continued to study the instrument,

"Calum's agreed to give you lessons already starting this week, and it was his idea we get you this."

I turned to Calum next to me, who was just sitting there with a satisfied smile, which by the way made him look way too good and I had to look away.

"Thank you so much guys! All three of you!" I said, giving hugs.

Everyone else continued with their presents, and I was ecstatic when I received a giftcard for a "cut and colour" at a very good hair salon from Ada. Zayn had told her that I had never coloured my hair and really wanted to but thought it was too expensive, so I found it very thoughtful of her.

Finally Calum was opening my gift and I saw his face light up,

"The latest version of Guitar Hero!"

"Yeah well, you told me that you love to play but hardly get around to it anymore, so I was hoping this would motivate you." I told him with a small smile which he returned and our gazes locked for a few seconds before I had to force myself to look away. Again.

"Thanks Mag, this is perfect! You have to come by and play then, we could have battles after every guitar lesson." Calum suggested, making me giggle.

What? Why the hell was I giggling?

I decided to focus on Louis and noticed him quickly look away with a sour expression meaning that he had seen me acting like a silly schoolgirl with Calum.

I remembered my personal gift for Louis but had decided to give it to him in private, so that would have to wait. To be honest I was starting to get nervous, as I knew he wanted to finish our conversation from the other night, and I had no idea what to say to him.

I opened my gift from Zayn, the original Star Wars trilogy on DVD - special edition - and I was touched that he remembered how I told him about my love for those movies. It was in the first week that we met, and I hadn't really mentioned it since then, so it was a pleasantly surprising gift. Now I knew I only had two presents left. From Louis and Calum.

I looked back and forth between the two of them, debating who I should choose, when Calum handed me an envelope.

"Merry Christmas."

"Thanks," I replied opening the envelope and jumping up as I pulled out the three tickets.

"Tickets for the Franz Ferdinand gig here in London in March!" I exclaimed with a huge smile, bubbling with excitement.

"Yeah I overheard you telling Skye about it and that you really wanted to go." Calum told me with that small smile of his.

"Yeah, I love them! They were one of my favorite bands as a young teen." I continued staring at the tickets, realizing that I was still standing up and quickly sat down.

"I did not have you down as someone into that indie rock stuff." Ada said with a curious smile and I went into a long explanation about my many style changes as a teen.

"By the way," Calum intereupted my monolouge,

"I got the three tickets cause I know Skye likes them and I thought you could bring, I don't know, Stacey maybe?"

"You like them too though, don't you Calum?" Skye spoke up and I noticed the glare Louis shot her.

"Yeah, I mostly like their old stuff but I still think they're pretty good." Calum replied and I was torn between inviting him along and staying on peaceful terms with Louis.

Luckiky Calum picked up on my inner battle,

"But it's three months from now, so you have plenty of time to chose."

The rest of the presents went by quickly until there was only one left. From Louis to me.

He handed be the big square present and I accepted it with a warm smile.

I could almost feel his anticipation and nervousness as I carefully unwrapped it, and when I was done my eyes glazed over as I admired it.

A beautiful silver frame, a bit large, filled with a collage of pictures.

Pictures of the boys and I, or the boys in pairs and groups, Skye, Lauren and Tally alone or with me and in the middle a picture of all of us together in Manchester.

I was briefly reminded of the photoalbum Zayn had given me, and I glanced at him quickly. The look on his face showed that he had the same thought as he looked from the frame to me with a slightly sad smile, and then put his arm around Ada, pulling her closer to him.

"It's absolutely beautiful, Louis." I said, smiling at him and he tried to hide his sigh of relief,

"Read the engraving at the top."

I hadn't even noticed yet, but I looked closer and saw the small golden letters,

"True friends are never apart, maybe in distance but not in heart."

In a way it was so cheesy, but it was also so sweet and true. Especially at the moment, with the boys being on tour including Tally, Skye and myself in London and Lauren in Manchester. I hadn't realized up until now how much I actually missed Lauren and Tally. And when I thought about it I really missed Harry and Niall as well.

I held back the tears, knowing I would be seeing them soon and pulled Louis into a tight embrace,

"Thank you so much, I love it."

Louis hugged me tightly and I wasn't sure if I was meant to hear his low whisper,

"I love you."

Louis' P.O.V.

I didn't know if Mag had heard me or not, but even if she did I hadn't expected a reply, at least not yet. I was just happy that she really liked my gift and I hoped she would also love the other one I had for her.

While everyone else chatted away I went to the kitchen, where Calum was making coffee.

"I have to say," he said leaning against the counter,

"I'm impressed."

"Are you now?" I didn't mean to sound so sassy, but with him I just couldn't help it.

"Well being a millionaire, I had expected you to buy her some really extravagant and materialistic gift. Guess I had you all wrong."

"I know how much Mag appreciate personal gifts. Just like I know many other things about her." I tried to sound casual, but it was clear that I was playing on the fact that I had known her a longer time than he had, and was actually her best friend.

"So what's going on with you guys?" He asked bluntly and I was taken aback by his straightforwardness,

"I don't really think that's any of your business."

"I'm just curious," he replied with a shrug,

"And I'm looking out for her."

Oh, the nerve he had!

"Excuse me?"

"Well come on Louis, I was here after you left last time. I saw how you made her feel, and I don't want that to happen again. I actually care about her feelings."

"And I don't?" I tried to keep my voice down, so the others wouldn't hear our conversation but it was getting increasingly hard.

"Well, if you do you sure have a weird way of showing it."

I glared at Calum, as I walked closer to him but not close enough to give him any height advantage,

"You don't know a thing about the relationship between Mag and I. You don't know anything about what we've been through and we have been through a lot together. More than you could ever imagine, and if you think you can just waltz in her with your guitar and your 'cooler than cool' attitude, and break a bond like that... than you must be completely deluded!"

Calum seemed completely unphased by what I said, actually proving my point about his attitude.

He rolled his eyes and took a sip of his coffee before replying,

"You're right. I don't know what you have been through in the past, or whatever bond you two have, but I do know one thing. I know how you effect Mag; I've seen how she changes when you're around, how her mood swings from one second to the other, and I notice how both of you let your emotions completely take over and not in a good way.

You make her happy... sometimes, but most of the time you guys always end up arguing and she ends up unhappy for days or even weeks. You two have more bad times than good and as to the things you have been through. It's a bit strange that even after all that, you guys still aren't together."

His expression could only be described as smug and I really just wanted to knock that smirk off his face, but I had to contain it. He wanted this reaction, he wanted to provoke me but I wouldn't give him the satisfaction. Instead I took a few steadying breaths and regained my calm,

"You know, this isn't the first time another guy tried to come between Mag and I. Making her think that I was bad for her and trying to push me away. This isn't the first time I had to fight for her, but it will be the last time. Because we're meant to be, we have been from the start and this just a phase, something we will get through eventually. Mag and I will end up together and no matter how hard you try you can't stop it. It's inevitable. And when I finally have her, I am never letting her go."

I strode out of the kitchen, before he could reply but unfortunately Mag caught my gaze, before I could put on a smile and a look of worry took over her face.

I nodded discreetly towards her room and she quickly got up following me in there.

"Is something wrong, Louis? Were you in the kitchen with Calum?" She asked, closing the door.

"Look Mag, I know you're friends with the guy but he is such a prick!"

I was done trying to pretend that I liked him, it was time that Mag heard the truth.

"Louis, if this is your jealousy again..."

I cut her off,

"No it's nothing to do with that. I know it's hard for you to believe because he probably treats you lovely, but don't you see what he's up to? This is Zayn all over again! He's trying to get on your good side, playing with your head and making me look bad."

Mag just stared at me with a blank expression before characteristically rolling her eyes,

"Do you really think I'm that stupid?"

Okay, not what I was expecting.

"You think I can't see when someone likes me? He has told me himself that he fancies me, but you know what? I don't care! Calum promised not to make a move on me again and..."

Mag stopped midsentence, and a worried look spread across her face as I realized what she had just said.


She stayed silent, biting her bottom lip nervously and I sat down on the bed processing this new information,

"What the hell do you mean again?!"

"Well Calum kinda... he kissed me."

"What! When did this happen?"

"A few weeks ago when we were hanging out, he kissed me but it was only for a second and I told him that I didn't like him like that so he promised never to try anything again!"

"And were you ever planning on telling me?" I asked, not even sure why I was still in here and not smashing Calum's face.

"I didn't think it was necessary! And maybe you should think twice before getting upset at me for not telling you things. Or should I remind you why I came here in the first place?"

"I'm not angry at you Mag! I'm angry at him! And to be honest I don't feel comfortable about leaving you here with someone who obviously fancies you and won't hesitate to act on it."

"Nothing will happen! I don't like him okay? I love you!"

Even though she was shouting at me and had a glare in her eyes, all that mattered was that she said "I love you",

"Then why wait any longer? Why can't we just be together? You know it will happen eventually."

"Because I don't want to rush it." She replied and I felt as it was the hundreth time I heard her say those words.

"We've known each other for ages now, we are both sure that we love each other, we've been through good and bad... I would hardly call it rushing things. We already argue like a couple. What's holding you back?"

"I don't really know... but I know that it doesn't feel right yet. I'm sorry Louis, I can't explain it but I need more time."

I nodded sadly, realizing that no matter how hard I tried to convince her, she would still need more time and all I could do was wait.

I just felt that the longer I waited, the more time Calum would have to woo her.

Finally I remembered something.

"I have an extra gift for you by the way." I said, pulling out the small unwrapped box from my pocket.

That well known look of surprise showed up as she carefully took the box, looking as if she barely dared to open it.

"I actually have something for you too." She said handing me a box similar to mine, and I accepted it with the same look of suprise she just had.

We both looked at the boxes and then at each other before I finally said,

"You first."

Mag was clearly excited as she opened the box and her jaw dropped as she slowly pulled out the white gold necklace, with a locket and a tiny diamond-studded Eiffel Tower dangling from it.

"Oh. My. God."

"Open the locket." I told her, staring at her features wishing that I never had to take my eyes off her.

I moved to sit next to her as she opened the small locket with a picture of us on the Eiffel Tower in each side.

Her smile grew bigger and bigger as I closed the locket again in order to show her the engraving.

"We will always have Paris." She read out loud, tears forming in her eyes but the smile assuring me that they were happy as she practically launched herself into my arms, holding me tightly.

"I don't even have the words to express my gratitude," she said once she had pulled back, leaving me with an empty feeling in my arms,

"This is one of the sweetest things anyone has ever done for me. And so thoughtful and meaningful and... romantic."

It was obvious that Mag had never really seen me as a romantic person, but when it came to her I could be anything and everything.

"This is just kinda... well I don't know if it's weird or cool." She said more to herself than to me and I looked at her confused but her only explanation was that I open my own box.

I was definitely as excited as she had been but not as careful as I quickly opened the box, my eyes widening and my head snapping towards her and her big grin.

It was a sterling silver dog tag, also with a quote engraved on it,

"The course of true love was never easy."

"Shakespeare." I said with a chuckle, referring to the quote.

"Casablanca." Mag replied waving her own necklace in front of me, the smile never leaving her face and I was hoping she would always stay this happy with me.

The quote on her gift for me ensured that even though we had rough times, she knew we could make it because what we had was true.

"It is actually funny how we both got a necklace with a special quote on it." I said twirling the dog tag between my fingers.

"Great minds think alike." Mag said using yet another quote.

"You'd think this was national quote day or something." I went on, the word "quote" starting to sound weird by now.

"Well... Merry quotesmas!" She said with a huge childish grin and I stared at her blankly.

"You know Mag," I said putting my arm around her,

"I think that's the worst thing you've ever said."


AAAAHHH!! I FINALLY UPDATED WOOHOO!! I can't believe I let you guys wait this long, I really am sorry and I promise I will do my best to never let you wait that long again!! Btw the quote on Mag's necklace is from an old movie Casablanca, I don't know if you've heard abt it but it's really a classic so you can google abt it (I think it's actually on Netflix if you wanna watch it) but yh the quote is also very well known!! Sooo the next chap is Christmas with LAURY & NALLY!! yaaay!

anyways pleeeease comment bcus I really like this chap (even though it's been a long way coming) and I think there are at least a handful of "exciting" or "aww" moments.. well that's all, like&fave!


xoxo, M. ;)

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