Loved You First

"Was it possible that all the signs, I had convinced myself were just my imagination, actually were real?

I just couldn't help but wonder how long she'd had feelings for him, even if they were subconcious.
I was sure that I loved her first, but at this point I actually didn't know who she loved first."

A few slightly sexual references (not smut, I don't do that)
A few slightly violent scenes
Use of strong language at times
SELF-HARM references in a couple of chapters


7. 'Chapter Red'


Okay, so I have another extra chapter now. I was writing the next chapter, and it starts with an explanation of a certain someone’s former relationship, but while writing, I thought I’d rather post it as another individual chapter, since it was getting to too long to simply be an “introduction”. I know I could just have made it shorter, but I really think everything was necessary. :P

And some shippers out there might hate me for this chapter, but please don’t, I’m not stating my own opinion, everything is simply for the story, and not necessarily what I think is the truth!  So just take it easy ;)

There is a “scene” with management in this chapter, and I won’t be including any names, so I will simply refer to them as Manageman, and Managelady :P.

One more thing, some of the dates in this story are not exactly right, for example with the tour and stuff but it as a fanfiction, so I make the rules :b. And I promise to stop with these author’s notes all the time :)

Well enjoy, xoxo Mag


Chapter Red

“Who’s Elounor?”

Louis’ p.o.v.

I looked at Maggie, and she was clearly terrified. I then noticed the paper in Harry’s hand.

“Let me see.” I said reaching for the note, which Harry quickly handed me, still with a dead look in his eyes.

As I read the note, I felt myself go numb. This meant that Harry was no longer safe here, and he might have to transfer to another hotel, but what if she found him there also. We had to catch her.

I realized I still had the note in my hand, but hadn’t said a word, when someone touched my shoulder,

“Louis, may I please?” Liam took the note from my hand, and read it to the others’, whose faces turned pale.

“What are we going to do? This has gone even further now, and we have no idea what she might do when she’s “upset”!” Zayn exclaimed, and I knew he was also worried about Maggie, just like the rest of us.

After all, we had brought her into this whole mess. We should have told her from the start. If she was hanging out with us, she had the right to know about the circumstances, and possible consequences. This was all of ours fault.

“Did you ask the receptionist if she got a good look at the girl?” Liam asked, and Harry looked thoughtful, for a minute before answering,

“All she could say was that, she had reddish brown hair, was kind of short, and was wearing sunglasses and a hat, so nothing new. I already knew this information from the pictures, and I don’t see how it can help us now.”

We were all deep in thought when, Liam spoke up again,

“Alright boys we have to figure out, what to do, and Zayn you have to explain this whole situation to Mag from the start, so she has a better understanding.”

Everyone just nodded, not really able to speak, and as Zayn took Maggie to his room, the rest of us sat in the couches.

I knew I really should be helping to solve this problem, but I couldn’t get Maggie out of my head, it had been this way all week. It was just about 3 months ago, that Eleanor and I broke up, but it hadn’t been hard to recover from, since there were no feelings involved. It had been publicity from the start. No one besides the boys and management knew, and it had been hard work keeping it up for so long.

Really all those Larry shippers were insightful. Yes, Larry was absolute bogus, but the fact that “Elounor” was fake, had been true. All the videos I had seen with proof were spot on, but I had never really been worried about them, because everyone believed Larry was the reason for fake “Elounor”, and to my knowledge, no one even thought of the real reason. Publicity. Apparently, having a girlfriend at the right time, was very essential in the entertainment business.


** Flashback **

September 2011

I opened the door, wondering what this meeting with management was all about, when I noticed a girl I hadn’t seen before. She was too young to be management, and was also sitting across from them, next to an empty chair, which I assumed was for me.

“Good day Louis,” Manageman, who I was familiar with, greeted me. Next to him sat a woman from management, I had never met before.

“Hello,” I replied coldly, “so what is this all about?”

Managelady spoke up,

“Louis, meet Eleanor Calder,” I nodded at Eleanor, and she smiled, “she is going to be your new girlfriend.”

What?” I asked, not quite sure if I had just heard, what I thought I heard.

“Let me be frank with you Louis,” Managelady continued, folding her hands on the table,

“In a boy band, being single means one of two things according to the media and the public. Either you’re a womanizer. Or you’re gay. With your first single coming out, and your new album in just a few months, plus your first tour, you guys need all the good publicity you can get. Definitely not gay rumors or any more womanizer reputations. Eleanor here is the perfect girl, to give you good publicity.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. They were seriously telling me to have a relationship with someone I had never met before. Just to avoid stupid rumors!

“But why me? We are four single boys in the band!” I asked angrily. And why her? I thought, but that would be rude to ask.

“Because Louis, Harry is the most popular, and the girls actually don’t like seeing him in a relationship. Niall with a girl would mean losing his “innocence” and his status as “the cute baby”. Liam is in a relationship, but only one out of five young handsome boys, doesn’t seem reliable, and to be honest there haven’t been many gay rumors about Zayn,” Managelady emphasized on the name Zayn, implying that there had been many rumors about me, “Listen, we’re management for a reason, and we know what’s best for the band and it’s publicity, we know what sells! You think good music is enough? Well it’s not!”

I was getting angrier by the minute, but I didn’t really see any point in arguing with them. I took a look at Eleanor. She wasn’t ugly, so at least she had good looks, but that meant nothing if she turned out to be a total bitch. She caught my eye, and smiled sweetly, and I figured it could have been worse.

“So how is this going to work?” I asked flatly, and the two people across me looked surprised, as if they had expected more protest, but I didn’t bother wasting my breath. At least they weren’t asking me to marry anyone, and I wasn’t currently interested in anyone else. I could have this fake relationship, until I found someone on my own.

Manageman and Managelady smiled, and now Manageman joined the conversation,

“Well we have a contract explaining all the small things, like for how long you have to date, details about the whole background story to your relationship and all that stuff. You can take it along, and we will have a meeting again in two days, where we expect the papers to be signed, and then we suggest you go out together and get to know each other, and make sure you get seen.”

“And what about you? How are you with all this?” I turned to Eleanor, addressing her for the first time during this meeting. I hadn’t heard her say a single word, and I didn’t even know how her voice sounded yet.

“I already talked to them about all this, before you came, and I’ve agreed to the terms and everything. Besides I am a fan of your music.” She answered and smiled widely. I had a feeling, this would mean a little more to her then to me.

** End Of Flashback **

After a little over one and a half years, me and Eleanor finally “broke up”. We had fulfilled our duties, and Eleanor had also met this fellow student who she was interested in, so we broke up due to “lack of chemistry”, but stayed friends. Now I had someone of my own, who I had my eye on. Only thing was she had her eye on someone else.

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