Loved You First

"Was it possible that all the signs, I had convinced myself were just my imagination, actually were real?

I just couldn't help but wonder how long she'd had feelings for him, even if they were subconcious.
I was sure that I loved her first, but at this point I actually didn't know who she loved first."

A few slightly sexual references (not smut, I don't do that)
A few slightly violent scenes
Use of strong language at times
SELF-HARM references in a couple of chapters


31. 'Breakdown & Couples'


soo, some of you are probably waiting for Mag's desicion and don't worry it's coming soon!! :) and I know some of you won't be happy, but I can't please everyone at the same time soo..

another long chapter, wordcount is 6755!

enjoy, xoxo M. ;)




Chapter 25

"Breakdown & Couples"


Liam's P.O.V.

One week had gone, since Louis' kidnapping and it was time for the court trial. Louis had been released from the hospital a few days earlier, and was sharing the room with me at the hotel, but we spent most of our time all together at Lauren's. Her and Harry were getting close, but it didn't bother me, as I was starting to develop a crush on Skye. Unfortunately, she was going back to London soon, so I tried to not let myself get too caught up. But even if I wasn't bothered by Lauren and Harry (or Laury as Tally said) someone else seemed slightly annoyed.


Louis and Lauren had hit it off, when they first met, not romantically but as friends, but whenever Harry came around I noticed the looks Louis gave them and the faces he pulled. Besides that, there was his situation with Mag, and his feelings that weren't going away anytime soon. And of course, who had to deal with the whole Mag-Louis-Harry painfest? Yeah, me, myself and I. I really should have considered it before agreeing to be Louis' roommate, but I didn't really have a choice. He couldn't stay with Harry, cause they were in an awkward place, and staying with Zayn was out of the question, as they were both fighting for Mag's love and attention.


I really hoped she was starting to figure things out. Lately she had been spending less time with us, and more time alone at the hotel, or out with the girls. I told them to keep an eye on her, as I was afraid she might be heading to a bad place. Emotionally. I was just happy, that when we were all together, everyone seemed happy. One-on-one, they were almost unbearable.

Louis would complain about Laury or Mag all the time. Harry would talk only about Lauren, or make spiteful comments about Louis. Zayn was just acting weird, since we had been out. And Nally? They were obnoxiously cute and in love, but I was happy for them. However, the others, would constantly come to me to complain or blabber, and it was starting to get a little bit on my nerves.

The tour started again in three weeks and I prayed, that everything would be good by then.


* * *

"Come on Louis, we're gonna be late, and you're the head witness. Actually, you're also the victim, and you have to be there before the rest!" I called, knocking on the door to the bathroom, where he had been quite a while, doing God knows what.

"Give me a second Liam! I have to finish my hair!" He replied, and my eyes widened.

His hair? He was going to court, to witness against his kidnappers and he was worried about his hair? Had he turned into a Zayn type?

"For God's sake Lou, you're going to court, not to a party!"

"Well, I wanna make a good impression on the jury." He stated, finally coming out, hair styled to perfection.

"You do know, neither Mag or Harry are in the jury." I said, exactly what was on my mind, and he completely ignored me.

"Did the others leave yet?" He asked grabbing his jacket, and checking his hair one more time.

"They should be there soon. Harry is a witness to, and so is Zayn."

"How come Zayn is, but not you?" Louis asked, as we left our room, walking down the hall.

"Zayn and I have the same knowledge about the case, and the police only needed one of us. Zayn offered, and I let him do it, as he promised to have a clear mind. I thought the preperation would be good to occupy him, and get his mind off other stuff." I replied as we took the elevator.

We all knew the trial would mostly be a formality, as there was no question about Blair and Serena being guilty. They were just waiting for their sentence.


Harry, Zayn, Mag, Niall and Tally took the van with Paul, so Louis and I would take another car and pick up Lauren and Skye.

Even though Lauren, Skye, Tally and Mag weren't actually allowed in the courtroom, they would wait outside. I believe Tally said it was moral support.

"Are you nervous?" I asked Louis, as we got into the car, and he shook his head.

"We've been over the questions. I just have to answer honestly, it's no problem." He replied.


I just wanted to get this over with. Skye and I were making dinner for everyone tonight, and I was looking forward to having fun with her in the kitchen. Once you got to know her, and got beneath that tough girl facáde, she was really a blast. She was kind of like a mix of Tally and Lauren with a twist. She was carefree and funny, but could be very serious, and she was very intelligent. Being 22, she was the oldest, and more mature but when she got in her carefree mood, she was so childish, but in a good way. But I knew, I couldn't get attached, as she was going back to London. She was starting an internship at some designer, and she was very excited about it. I had seen her sketchbook, and she was very talented, so she hoped this internship, would be a way of getting her foot into the fashion industry.


"Hey guys!" Lauren and Skye said in unison, as they got into the car.

"I'm so nervous!" Lauren exclaimed, and Louis gave her a weird look, so she added,

"For you guys. Harry just texted me, and he's so worried he might go blank or something, poor baby."

I noticed Louis pull a face, and thanked God that no one else noticed.

"He's such a whimp!" Skye exclaimed, and Lauren hit her shoulder,

"Don't say that, of course he's nervous! We're going to be supportive, not to mock!"

Skye just rolled her eyes, and I tried not to laugh at the way Lauren defended Harry.


Sometimes she acted, like he was a child who needed protection from the bully, who in this case was Skye. I could kind of understand Lauren though, Skye was a bully against Harry, but it was nothing compared to Tally.


Zayn was in a weird mood, and Niall and Tally's escapades and general loudlyness would really annoy him, which made him go after Niall, and of course Tally wouldn't have it. She practically made it her mission to make Zayn's life miserable. In a nice way of course, or so she said.


"We're here." The driver finally announced, and I looked out at the courthouse.

"Go get 'em tiger!" Skye said, as she and Lauren went to join Tally and Mag.

I was just relieved that the paparazzi, for once, didn't know about this trial. Yet.


* * *

Harry's P.O.V.

Serena Watson. 5 years for kidnapping. 2 years for assault.

Blair watson. 5 years for kidnapping.

If they hadn't found us sooner, or Louis had been hurt worse, they would have got longer, but I was happy that they found us when they did.

Apparently Sparks was their mother's name, but they changed names when their mother remarried.


It was a bit of a hassle getting passed the paparazzi and fans that had showed up. Someone must have seen us arrive and tipped them off, but we were able to get pass with no comments.

Finally it was over. Now we just had to wait for Louis to recover. He went for a check up at the hospital twice a week, and the doctor stuck to his first diagnosis of a month. That meant, we could go back on tour in three weaks, and of course Louis had to take it easy. I didn't even call him The Heartbreaker anymore, as I didn't like that it implyed, he had such a huge effect on me.


Since I had kissed Lauren, things were going really well. I was really happy, when I found out that she had a crush on me, as I had started to develop one myself. I knew it would be tough when we started the tour again, but we would manage. At least it wasn't like with Niall and Tally, who already were grieving over having to be apart for so long.


I noticed how Louis would get annoyed about me and Lauren getting so close, but I couldn't care less. If he was jealous, that was his problem, and he should have thought about it before ending things. I knew it was probably because Mag had turned him down, and he probably thought I would still be there. Well Harry Styles is never a second choice, and Louis Tomlinson had to realize that!


I hadn't forgotten my talk with Zayn either. I gave him until the end of our "break" to tell Mag about the Perrie incident. If he didn't tell her, by the time we started the tour again, I would tell her myself, it was only fair. She deserved to know it, if she was making a decision. I didn't see, why it was such a big deal, like he said, it didn't mean anything, and if she really wanted to be with him, she would understand that. I was just worried what would happen, if she wasn't totally sure about their relationship. This could be the one thing that pushed her over the edge to end things.


"Harry, are you alright? You seem bothered?" Lauren asked me sweetly, as we all were gathered at her place, as Liam and Skye prepared a celebrational dinner.

"I'm fine. Just a bit tired sweetums." I replied, giving her a sweet smile, and I felt Louis' glare burning.

Did he really think, I would only use those nicknames for him? Well, I didn't use sweet nicknames for abandoners, another thing he had to realize.

"Oh, Niall I'm gonna miss you so much!" Tally suddenly exclaimed, and we all gave her a weird look, except Niall who replied,

"I'm gonna miss you too potato chip!"

Potato chip? Seriously?

"Guys? We still have three weeks left, why the sudden outbursts?" Zayn asked, giving them annoyed looks.

"Well excuse me for expressing my love for my sweet little frenchfry!" Tally replied, and I just stared at them.


I knew they were Irish, and the potato famine and everything, but I would never understand their use of food as nicknames, especially potato related foods. In the last week, we had put up with things as potato chip, french fry (loads of french fry), roast potato, once she even just called him potato. They were so weird!


"Yeah, well why don't you go express your love somewhere else!" Zayn said throwing a pillow at Niall, and for a second we were all still.

"Oh you should not have done that!" Tally exclaimed and before we could blink Tally was chasing Zayn around the apartment, in best Tom & Jerry style.


"I'm gonna make you regret that Bradford!"


We watched as she chased him through the kitchen, and she jumped, yes actually jumped over the kitchen island, and chased him into the guestroom.

We looked at each other with terrified looks, in silence until we finally heard a scream. Zayn really screamed like a girl sometimes.


A couple earsplitting minutes later, Tally emerged from the guestroom with a triumphant smile and sat down next to her french fry.

"What did you do to him?" Lauren asked in a tiny voice.

"Let's just say, his hair is a little... stickier... then usual." She replied, and we looked at her confused, until Zayn came out, face red as Taylor Swift's lipstick and with some white stuff all over his hair, which by the way looked... disastrous.

"Is that... glue?" I asked, holding back a laugh.

"If this doesn't come out, I will kill you!" Zayn threatened as he stomped off to the bathroom, and as soon, as he closed the door, we all burst out in laughter.

"Glue... Epic!" Lauren managed to get out between laughs.

"That ought to teach him not to mess with my little donut!" Tally exclaimed, and Louis made fake barfing noises.

"Don't make me come after you to Louis! I have plenty of glue, and I know how fond all of you are of your hair!" Tally said glaring around the room.

"Well, would it be such a problem to lay off the food names?" I requested, in the most polite way as possible. I didn't want my curls to suffer the same fate as Zayn's locks.

"Yeah sure, it's mostly just to annoy Bradford Boy!" Tally confessed, and I should have known.


"Food is almost ready!" Liam announced from the kitchen, "who's picking up Mag?"

I looked around the room. Niall and Tally were busy feeding each other crisps. Zayn was washing his hair, and there was no way, Louis would do it.


"I'll pick her up! Why is she at the hotel anyway?" I asked, as I got up trying to find my keys.

"She said, she wanted some time alone." Skye replied with a shrug.


Now that I thought about it, she spent alot of time alone. I realized, that with me spending all my time with Lauren lately, Liam with Skye, Niall with Tally and Louis and Zayn not having alone time with her, Mag didn't really have anyone to turn too. Sure, she said she needed to think things over, but she shouldn't have been left on her own so much.


"Lauren, you wanna come along?" I asked, finally finding my keys.

"I just promised Louis, I would help chose a movie for tonight." She replied, and I looked at Louis, who was smirking. That little shit was smirking! So he was trying to keep Lauren and I from having alone time?

"Fine, see you later." I replied simply, and walked out.


As I head back to the hotel, my mind drifted off to Louis. Was I just imagining things? Maybe he really did just want Lauren to help chose a movie, maybe he wasn't actually pulling faces when I was overly sweet towards her. Maybe it was all up in my head cause I... wanted him to be jealous?

No! No, that would mean I still had strong feelings for him, which I didn't! Not at all!


* * *

I knocked on Mag's door, and waited but there was no reply. I knocked again. Still no reply. I then remembered, I had still had my roomkey, so I found it in my wallet, opened the door and walked in.

The room seemed empty, apart from the two open suitcases and multiple handbags on the floor and bed.

"Mag? Are you here?" I asked, looking around the room, and heard a noise from the bathroom.

I knocked on the bathroom door,

"Is that you Mag?"

"H- harry?" I heard her voice, shaking.

Was she crying?


* *

Mag's P.O.V.

I was looking through my suitcase, trying to find something to wear, for tonights dinner at Lauren. After looking through the first, I went to open the second, and realized something.

This was Zayn's suitcase!

Harry must have mixed them up, when he moved my bags from Zayn's room.



I was going to lay on my bed, but something at the top of the suitcase caught my eye, and it wasn't the first time. The photoalbum he had made for me.

My finger traced the golden initials on the front, and the heart around them. Then I opened it, and settled my eyes upon his handwriting.


"For the best two months of my life, and the girl who made it happen".

Best two months of my life.

He really did love me, and I knew he would never do anything to hurt me. Maybe the things we went through, weren't fate's way of telling us, it wasn't meant to be. Maybe they were just tests of how strong our love was, and obviously his was stronger than mine. I was probably right, when I first thought I didn't deserve him. How could I deserve someone, who had done so much for me, and I just pushed him away.


I couldn't ignore the pictures either. I still remember when I first saw them. That was the first time, I wondered how I really felt about Louis, because of the way we looked at each other.


I didn't deserve any of them. I was a horrible person, who didn't even deserve a loving boyfriend.

I put away the album, and went to the bathroom to wash away my tears, but they wouldn't stop falling, as they blended with the water, I continually splashed on my face. I eventually gave up, sitting on the toiletseat, and just let them fall.


"Is that you Mag?" I heard Harry's voice, as he knocked on the door.

I hadn't even heard him come in.

"H- harry?" I asked, quickly wiping my eyes. "What are you doing here?"

"I came to pick you up for dinner... are you okay?" He asked concerned, and I quickly washed my face.

"Yeah... I... I just got something in my eye, hold on a second!" I lied, as I quickly slapped on some moisturizer, in the hope that it would make me look fresh. I didn't even bother with makeup, except a little lipgloss.

"Just let me get dressed quickly, okay?" I said, finally stepping out of the bathroom, and hurrying over to my suitcase, without looking at him.

"Um... are you sure, you're..." Harry started to say, but I quickly interrupted him,

"By the way, you mixed up my suitcase with Zayn's. I don't have any of my favorite shirts." I tried to sound casual, and hoped he didn't hear the shakiness in my voice.

"Sorry..." He replied simply, as I motioned for him to turn around, so I could slip on my black jeans and pink button up shirt. I quickly brushed through my hair, and tied it in a high ponytail, like usually, when I wasn't wearing make up, and grabbed my handbag.

"Let's go." I said, putting on a fake smile, walking out the door, with Harry following close behind.


During the car ride, I noticed Harry kept on glancing at me, but I ignored him while I sat there with my fake smile, busying my self with Twitter. Most of those girls were right, I didn't deserve to be with Zayn, he was better off without me, I should jump off a bridge and die. Okay, maybe not that last one, but luckily most of the mentions weren't that drastic.

I checked my followers and followed a bunch of people. I was used to always following people back, when I had less than 1000 followers, but it was getting hard to keep up, at the rate they were coming in now.


I didn't deserve that either. People shouldn't be following me, just because I was Zayn's girlfriend, and hanging with the boys. I didn't deserve this attention. To be honest, I didn't deserve anything.


I couldn't tell Harry, or any of the others how I felt though. They would just say, that it was nonsense, I was an amazing person and blah blah blah.

No thank you! I was perfectly fine now, knowing that I wasn't worth shit, and I wouldn't let them convince me of anything else.


* * *

"Hey guys, finally!" Liam said, as Harry and I stepped through the door.

Everyone was already seated by the table, and Niall and Tally looked very impatient.

"We had to pull these two away from each other, like ten times!" Lauren added, nodding at Niall and Tally.

"They were so hungry, that they started eating each other! It was terrifying!" Louis said with a scared face expression, and I couldn't help but laugh, and quickly stopped. I didn't deserve to be happy, remember!


"Zayn, where are your manners? Take off your hat!" Tally exclaimed, quickly pulling off Zayn's beanie, as the delicious food was passed around. Too bad, I wasn't in the mood for eating, I thought putting a tiny amount of mashed potatoes on my plate, followed by the smallest piece of steak. No sauce for me!


I casually looked around the table, and my eyes landed on Zayn, who was glaring at Tally, his hair looking unusually far from perfection. It looked a bit sticky, like he had used too much wax and it was sort of... white on the top.

"What happened to your hair?" I asked, making him look at me, blush rising to his cheeks as everybody else laughed.

"He was mean to my Niall boo, so I glued his hair, and apparently superglue lasts through more than one hairwash." Tally replied, and I opened my mouth in disbelief.

She glued his hair? Zayn's hair! And she was still breathing.

I didn't get a chance to say anything, as Lauren spoke up next to me,


"Are you on a diet or something?"

7 pair of eyes were now all on my plate, and I had to think of something quick.

"I... I'm not really hungry... Stomach ache!" I lied, and Niall and Tally looked at my plate, in sheer disbelief.

"That wouldn't even be enough as an appetizer!" Niall exclaimed, which was a total exageration, but hey, it was Niall.


Eventually everyone turned their attention to their own plates, and we ate in silence, which was highly unusual.

"So this is actually sort of a farewell dinner too." Skye suddenly announced, when we were almost done, and Liam's head flew up,

"But you're not leaving for another two days?" He questioned in a highpitch voice.

"Change of plans," she sighed, "I'm starting in two days, so I'm leaving for London tomorrow evening."

"Oh..." Liam replied, and returned to his food, with a slight frown, which Skye apparently noticed.

"But we can always skype, you know. I never thought I'd been saying this to One Direction, but I'm gonna miss you guys. Even though it's only been a week, you've been fun to hang out with, I guess I had expected five arrogant pricks, with their head in the clouds, but you're not all like Harry."

"Hey!" Harry exclaimed, offended, and she laughed at him.

"Yeah, definitely gonna miss you Curly! There's no one I can be mean to, at the internship."

"Oh, by the way, I have an idea for something we can do tonight!" Tally exclaimed, with a huge grin, and we all looked at her curiously.

"Niall told me about when you had karaoke night, and the losers hadn't received their 'punishment' yet..." Tally said, drifting off as Louis, Liam and I glared at Niall.

"So me and Skye will think of something!" She finally said bouncing up and down in her seat, adding,

"Don't worry, it will be totally humiliating!"

Who was not supposed to be worried?

Skye smirked evilly, and whispered about something with Tally who got wide eyes and started laughing while nodding at the same time.

"Oh that is going to be great!" Tally finally said, and us three "losers" exchanged glances.

This couldn't be good.


* * *

Liam's P.O.V.

"This ring belonged to my mother.. Isabella Swan, I promise to love you every moment forever, would you do me the extraordinary honour of marrying me?" I asked, as I presented a candy ring to Mag, who was sitting on Laurens bed.

"Oh Edward, " she replied with a horrible fake shocked face, "I don't know, you have great hair but Jacob is so buff!"

At this point Skye couldn't hold it in, and let out a loud laugh, making Tally scream,

"CUT! Skye stop laughing!"

"I'm sorry, please continue!" Skye replied, holding in her laughter.

What a great "punishment"!


Reenact a scene in Twilight, and put it on youtube. As Edward and Bella, Tally had poured flour on Mag and I's face to make us pale, while Louis got a dose of spraytan, and weared Lauren's black wig, which they had managed to cut and style resembling Jacob's haircut.

He was now out of shot, waiting for his cue, since Lauren and Harry had changed the script.


"Okay, we'll take it from your line Mag!" Tally said very professionally, nodding to Zayn, who was holding the camera.


"Oh Edward, I don't know. I love your hair, but Jacob is so buff! And seriously, what's with the old ring?" Mag said, looking at the ring disapprovingly.

"Well can Jacob... Play the piano?" I asked, pulling out Lauren's keyboard and playing "London Bridge is falling down".

"Edward, you're so talented!" Mag exclaimed, and then Louis jumped in,

"Oh yeah? Then watch this!"

And he jumped out of shot, as Niall threw in a stuffed toy dog, which landed on Mag's lap, and she gasped.

The camera turned to me, as I sat in a state of shock, so they could remove the dog, and Louis went to sit on Mag's lap, as the camera turned to them again.

"Bella." Louis sad intensely, "I promise to always call you Bella, and not Isabella like that idiot, cause I know you hate it!"

"But Jacob... I just really want to be a vampire. They don't have to eat or sleep, and then I can finally go cliffjumping!" Mag said getting up and looking longingly at nothing.

"Watch out the Volturi!" I exclaimed, and instantly threw myself on the floor, pretending to wringe in pain.

"I'll take care of them!" Louis yelled jumping out of sight, and after a minute, the stuffed dog was thrown in, with its head slightly ripped off.

"Oh no! They're dead!" Mag cried out, "why God? WHYYY?!"

"NO BELLA I'M STILL ALIVE!" I cried out, still tossing and turning.

"Shut up Edward... THEY'RE DEAD!" and with that Mag took the fake knife and stabbed herself in the chest, then layed lifeless on the bed, as Lauren spoke in a voice resembling Jane,

"Okay, she's dead, the dog is dead. Let's leave, I wanna go home."

"But wait!" I yelled, looking off camera,

"You have to kill me! Don't go... They're gone!" I stood up from the floor and shrugged,

"I guess I can hook up with Victoria. I've always had a thing for redheads."

I walked off camera, and Tally exclaimed,

"Cut! That was perfect!"

Zayn turned off the camera, and Louis and Mag got up.


Suddenly we all started laughing.


"Hold on, let me wipe this off." Mag exclaimed, and I followed her to the bathroom to get rid of the thick layer of flour, that was getting all over the floor.

"So you seem to be in a better mood." I said carefully, not looking at Mag.

"W-what do you mean?" She asked nervously, washing her hands.

"I just picked up a bad vibe from you earlier." I explained, and she avoided my gaze.

"I think you're just imagining things Lili." She said bluntly.

"Are you sure about that? Have you gotten any closer to a decision?" I asked seriously, and she crossed her arms.

"Actually yes," she replied, and my eyes widened in surprise, "I shouldn't be with any of them."

And with that she walked out, and I quickly followed, grabbing her arm, before she reached the room.

"What? Are you serious?" I asked, hoping this was one of her weird jokes.

"I am very serious Liam. It's better this way." She replied indifferently, and even though she hid it well, I could tell it was just a mask.

"Maybe we should talk?" I suggested in a soft tone, but she tensed up.

"I'm perfectly fine Liam."

She released her arm from my grip, and walked into the room.

Mag was obviously anything but fine, but how do you help someone, who doesn't want your help?


* * *

"Are you sure, you want to take the train? We could drive you to London!" I suggested as Skye was waiting for the taxi to take her to the trainstation.

"Don't be silly, Liam. It's a long ride, and I've been taking the train all my life, I like it." She replied with a smile.


I didn't want her to leave. What I had feared, was exactly what had happened. I had gotten to close,

I had fallen to deep and now I had to say goodbye.


We saw the taxi pulling into the street, and Skye said goodbye to everyone, leaving me for last, while Niall and Zayn put her luggage into the car.

"Good luck. I'm sure you'll be great!" I said trying to smile, but finding it so difficult.

"I hope so!" She replied, smiling, "I'll text you later."

"Yeah... Goodbye Skye!" I said, putting my hands in my pocket.

"Goodbye Liam!" She said, and right when I thought she was going to get into the taxi, she took a step towards me, stood on her tiptoes and tilted her head up giving me a quick kiss on the lips, before turning around and running into the taxi. She had a huge grin, as she put on her red bowlers hat waving at us, but I was frozen to the spot.


"Oh my God, that was so cute! Aw look, he's blushing!" I heard Tally exclaim, and I quickly covered my face noticing that they all were looking at me.

"I am not! It was just a friendly kiss..." I said drifting off, as we stepped into the flat.

Was it a friendly kiss?

"Um, have you met Skye? She doesn't give friendly kisses! She hardly ever even gives me a kiss on the cheek, and I'm her cousin!" Lauren said, as we all settled in the living room.

"Liam has a girlfriend!" Niall and Tally sang in unison, and I shot them a glare,

"She is not my girlfriend! We only met a week ago!" I said, secretly hoping she would be my girlfriend eventually.


I really did like her. It wasn't like Zayn who fell in love with Mag at first sight, or Niall who knew Tally was the one for him, the first time he laid eyes on her. I just really liked her and her personality, and had a feeling that we would be able to work it out.

But now she was going back to London, and would probably find someone with a more stabile lifestyle back there. I wasn't going to grieve though, I wasn't quite as dramatic as the others.


"Oh my God!" Tally exclaimed, and we looked at her confused.

"I just realized something!" She said, looking at Niall who widened his eyes, and finished, what she started,

"You're also leaving in a week!"

They looked at each other horrified and he pulled her into one of his famous hugs.

"Oh get a grip!" Louis said, glaring at them, and surprisingly they just ignored him.

"Let's talk about Liam's girlfriend!" Harry said wiggling his eyebrows.

"She is not..." I started, but Lauren interrupted me,

"Do you like her Liam?"

"Well yes but..."

"She likes you too, you know, " Lauren interrupted me again, "she has a huge crush on you. If you both like each other, you're just an unofficial couple!" Lauren stated and Zayn looked at her weirdly,

"Where did you get that from?" He asked, raising an eyebrow at her.

She sighed before explaining,

"You don't always have to ask the question. If two people like each other, they will start acting like a couple. Making it official is just a formality."


"So... You and Harry are a couple then?" Zayn asked, and the reactions were priceless.

Niall and Tally stopped cuddling at looked at Lauren curiously. Zayn was waiting expectantly, as was Mag. Harry and Lauren had wide eyes, as they avoided each other's gaze. But Louis. Louis took the cake. He was switching between glaring at Zayn, like he had killed his family, and glaring at Harry, like he was contemplating to kill his family.


If he really still had those feelings for Harry, why did he end things? I was worried something like this would happen. Louis was so damn jealous! Even if he wasn't with Harry, he didn't want him to be with anyone else. He was pretty selfish in that way.


Everyone was waiting for an answer.

"N-no... Harry and I are friends!" Lauren said very little convincing.

"Do you like Harry?" Zayn asked her with a smirk, and she was pretty much trapped. Lauren was a horrible liar, and she couldn't deny that she was totally crushing on the curlyhaired boy.

"I like Harry as a friend..." She replied drifting off, and I saw what she did there. Not exactly a lie, but not the complete truth.

"So friends kiss each other?" Zayn asked, looking at Harry and everyone's jaws dropped.

They kissed?

"What?" Niall and Tally said in unison.

"What!" Mag asked, very surprised.

"What?!" Louis exclaimed angrily.

I just stayed still, wondering if this was a good situation or bad situation. I guess it depended on whose point of view you saw it from.

"I-I... I do... You..." Lauren stuttered clearly lost for words.

"Zayn... Did you see us kiss last week?" Harry asked, trying to remain calm.

Zayn let out a deep sigh,


"Oh my God, why is everyone acting like I just leaked a government secret? Yeah I saw Harry and Lauren kiss, and so what? It is obvious to everyone that you two like each other, and there's nothing wrong with that! You act like a couple more than Liam and Skye... So why not just say it out loud?"

Lauren and Harry finally looked at each other, and no one said anything for what seemed like forever.


* * *

Niall's P.O.V.

Lauren and Harry were staring at each other, and we all waited for them to say something. I shared a look with Tally, and I knew she could tell what I was thinking, as she gave me a slight nod.


"If you don't say no within two seconds, you're officially a couple!" I said quickly, and it came so fast, that no one had the time to react.

"Aw, Laury is real! Your kids will have such curly hair!" Tally exclaimed, and I smiled at her.

Lauren and Harry were still staring at each other, and it was starting to get weird.

"Um... Guys?" I said kind of unsure, and finally Lauren spoke up,

"I like you Harry... I mean, I'm not like in love... But I do like you." She admitted with a slight smile, and Tally was squeezing my hand.

"I like you too." Harry said with a crooked smile, "maybe we should give it a chance?" He suggested taking Lauren's hand in his.

Lauren blushed, and after what seemed like forever, she nodded slightly and Harry grinned widely.

"Come on, let's go out for dinner!" Harry suddenly said, getting up and pulling her to the door.

"Wait! We can't just leave them!" Lauren protested.

"Just go, we'll figure something out!" I said, and Lauren hesitated biting her lip, before Harry pulled her out the door just as she grabbed her keys and waved at us.


"Well, that was... strange?" Liam said chuckling.

"I think it was adorable!" Tally said, and I was amused at how my girlfriend could be so tough, but also be a sucker for love.

"They're rushing things!" Louis said, and I noticed how upset he looked.

I thought he was the one who ended things with Harry, why would he be upset?

"Don't you ever get tired of being jealous all the time Lou?" Zayn asked, and it was so obvious that he was just provoking him, but I didn't know why.

"What are you talking about?" Louis asked glaring at Zayn, and the mood in the room changed drastically.

"Why can't you be happy for your friends for once? Harry is obviously fond of Lauren." Zayn replied, and it was obvious that there was alot more to what he said.

"Don't pretend that this is about Harry!" Louis said angrily getting on his feet.

"Who else would it be about?" Zayn asked, remaining in his seat, glaring challenging at Louis.

"We both know, who you meant Zayn, so why don't you man up, and say what's actually on your mind!"

Zayn instantly got on his feet,

"Fine! Are you going to try and ruin things for Harry and Lauren too?" Zayn asked, walking straight up to Louis.

"I haven't ruined anything, don't blame me, for Mag wanting to take a break from you!" Louis shouted at Zayn, and Mag looked extremely tense.

"Guys..." Liam tried, but Zayn ignored him,

"Well, maybe she wouldn't be in doubt of anything, if you hadn't blabbered about your feelings for her!"

"You don't know anything about how she..." Louis was interruped by Mag, who stood up,

"Stop it! Stop talking about me, like I'm not here! Stop arguring because of me! I'm not worth it! I'm not worth you ruining your friendship! Just forget about it!" Mag yelled, and ran out the door slamming it, and Tally quickly got up.

"I'll go after her!" She said giving me a quick kiss, and running out after Mag, grabbing her jacket on the way.


Zayn and Louis stood across each other, fists clenched, faces red and only centimeters apart, steam almost coming out of their ears.

"Well, I hope you're happy with yourselves!" Liam said, standing up and pushing them apart, but their glares never left each other.

"I told you both to let her be! All of us know how it is to be under pressure, and I thought you would want to make it easier for her... If you really cared about her. But I guess getting back at each other is more important!" Liam looked at the two of them disapprovingly and shook his head.


I felt awkwardly out of place, and didn't quite know if I should do or say something.

"You should be ashamed of yourselves." Liam finally said and the two boys finally stopped their death glares and sat down. The silence was only broken by the rain pounding on the windows, and I thought of the two girls out there.


"I'm gonna call Tally, and hear if she's with Mag!" I said, and pulled out my phone.

"Babe?" Tally answered her phone, sounding worried.

"What's wrong honey?" I asked, getting worried my self.

"I can't find her!"

"What? But you went right after her!" I exclaimed and the three boys' heads shot up instantly.

"Yeah, but it's already dark, and the rain is pouring and I didn't know which way she went. I tried going right, but I can't find her!" Tally replied, panicking slightly, and I noticed the rain had gotten worse. Damn British showers.

"Okay... Maybe she went back to the hotel... Just come back, before you get sick, and we'll try to call her!" I said, and Tally said something, I couldn't hear over the rain and hung up.

"She didn't find her?" Liam asked concerned, and I shook my head.

"It's dark and the rain..." I said drifting off.


All of us sat there in silence, waiting, until finally Tally came through the door, soaking wet. She kicked off her Converse, and hung her jacket to dry on the heater, as I rushed over to her.

"Babe, you're soaked! Go sit down, I'll make tea!" I ordered and she went to the livingroom, as I put the kettle to boil.


What about Mag? Out there, alone in the rain, horrible thoughts running through her mind. I just hoped she was safe.


I put five mugs of tea on a tray and brought it to the livingroom, where I wrapped a blanket around Tally, who had wrapped her wet hair in a towel.

"She's not picking up... Of course!" Liam said, after attempting to call Mag four times.

"Tally and I can go check if she's at the hotel?" I offered and Liam nodded,

"Good idea. I better stay with these two." He said glaring at Zayn and Louis.

They didn't even look angry anymore. Just worried.

Tally and I finished our tea, and after dressing her in a warm dry jacket, we got in the car, and drove off to the hotel.

Hopefully Mag would be there.

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