Loved You First

"Was it possible that all the signs, I had convinced myself were just my imagination, actually were real?

I just couldn't help but wonder how long she'd had feelings for him, even if they were subconcious.
I was sure that I loved her first, but at this point I actually didn't know who she loved first."

A few slightly sexual references (not smut, I don't do that)
A few slightly violent scenes
Use of strong language at times
SELF-HARM references in a couple of chapters


35. 'An Average Guy'


hey lovely readers!! first of all sorry for the short chap, but the next one will be quite long so yeah ;)

secondly, any of you who are reading this, pleease comment, because I have no idea how many of you actually read this, and if you like or dislike please let me know ;) honestly I feel a bit pathetic updating for like 2 or 3 people so :P

and last I wanna take a moment and dedicate this chapter to MrsHoran1993 (I'm pretty sure that's the name) for her amaaaazing fanfic Gotta Be You, which is completed and had me crying through the last chapter. It is actually my all time most fave fanfic next to one I mentioned in the first chap so go read it! she is freaking talented and has given me so much inspiration just by reading her work!!

well anyways, I think that's about it soo..

Enjoy, xoxo M. ;)







Chapter 29

"An Average Guy"

Harry's P.O.V.

The last week had past by so quickly, I couldn't believe it. It was Thursday, and on Sunday we were starting the tour again, with our Bradford gig, which meant we would leave Saturday evening. I wasn't worried about being away from Lauren, even though I would miss her, I knew we could handle it. I was more worried about Nally and Liam who had been spending a lot of time on the phone with Skye.


If things evolved between them, Louis would be the only one left not in a relationship.

Stupid Louis Tomlinson. I hadn't forgotten that night, but of course he just acted as if everything was perfectly fine... which it wasn't! Could you believe he accused me of only being with Lauren to make him jealous? So ridiculous! I didn't even want to spend one more second thinking of him! I decided to ignore him instead, and it was working great for me. I didn't care how many longing looks he would give me, I was unphased. That night was in the past!


"Harry, come on we're talking about tonight!" Mag called from the livingroom and I left the guestroom to join the gang. Since it was one of our last nights here, we were going out, also because stupidface Louis didn't get to go along last time.

"We should definitely go to that club again, it was a great place!" Mag said, and I had to agree. The club had a great atmosphere, good drinks and cool music.

"And the karaokebar!" Tally added, "last time was hilarious and I have to sing a duet with Louis!" She winked at the older buy who grinned widely. Louis did love karaoke.

"So should we go out to eat, or just have dinner here?" Liam asked, and I raised my hand,

"I vote for eating here... But Nally have to make dinner!"

"I second that!" Zayn added and we all looked at the Irish couple.

"Are you sure about that? Niall and I... in a kitchen... experimenting and stuff?" Tally asked, looking at Niall with a sheepish grin, and I had to stop this,

"Definitely, but I'll oversee just to make sure nothing burns during a snogging session, or that you don't eat all the food!"

"C'mon then, let's check out the ingredients!" Niall exclaimed jumping up, grabbing Tally and running to the kitchen.

I remained seated until I noticed everyone looking at me.

"Oh! Right!" I exclaimed, and went to join them in the kitchen.


* * *

"No no no! You add the salt as soon as the water starts boiling!" Tally yelled grabbing the salt from me, and I quickly grabbed it back,

"No you add the salt before it starts boiling!"

"After!" She shouted yanking the salt from me.

"Before!" I fired back, pulling it back.




Tally stopped as the salt flew out of our hands and landed on the floor spilling all over the place.

"Look what you did!" I shouted grabbing the broom and glaring at Tally, who crossed her arms.

"Fine! I don't want to make pasta anyways!" She said stubbornly, removing the pot from the stove, and pouring out the now lukewarm water.

"Babe, that's what you said about the lasagna and ravioli too! I'm so hungry!" Niall complained, grabbing a bag of nachos.

"Well then tell Harry to get out of my face, and let me cook!" Tally said angrily, right as Zayn stepped in the kitchen.

"Vas happenin kids? I heard you arguring... well we all did."

"Zayn can decide what we should make!" Niall exclaimed, his face lit up.

"Thank God! Good luck pal!" I said relieved, and left Zayn in the kitchen

"Well then, let's spicen it up kids!" I heard him say, as he took out the curry and safran.


* * *

"Oh my fudge, this chicken is so delish!" Tally exclaimed, with a mouthful of food.

"Don't eat with food in your mouth!" Liam said sternly, and we all turned to him, looking weirdly.

"You know I meant talk!" He said blushing,and continued to eat.

"Zayn is a very good cook." Louis stated, and waited a before adding,

"He can actually make more than only mexican food!"


I almost dropped my fork, and shot a glare at the sassy boy. I couldn't believe he actually took a jab at my cooking skills. It wasn't my fault that he always wanted me to make fajitas and tacos at home. What was even his problem? He knew perfectly well, why I had ignored him the past week, and that it was his own fault. I continued the ignoring, and turned to Lauren next to me, instead of replying Louis, and I felt his eyes burning me.

I couldn't care less.


* * *

I knocked on the door to Lauren's room before walking in and saw her in front of the mirror doing her hair, wearing a gorgeous navyblue dress with golden linings.

"Wow!" I muttered under my breath, making her face me, and blush looking down.

"This is new." I said walking over to her, tracing my hand down her side, referring both to the dress and the style which was a lot more simple and girly than her usual style.

"I thought I would go for a new look, and Tally pointed this out to me at the mall the other day." She replied softly, tucking a curly lock behind her ears, which immediately bounced back in her face.

"You know I adore your usual look." I said,wrapping my arms around her waist, tilting my head and smiling at her.

"Well... I can change to something else..." She said, drifting off scanning her room, and I took hold of her chin to face me again.

"Darling... You look perfect." I said simply,and she gave me a big smile before turning to the mirror and continued doing her hair.

"Well, I have to look great, when I'm going with Harry Styles." She said trying to flatten her hair a bit, and I looked at her weirdly,

"What do you mean?"

"You're joking right?" She said chuckling, looking at me in the mirror, but when I continued to give her a confused look she turned to me,

"Harry, you must know how special you are! I mean, if someone like me is going out with someone as good-looking and amazing as Harry Styles, I definitely have to up my style now and then."

"You always look amazing Lauren, and I'm not all the special." I said, never quite understanding, why people always put me up on a pediestal.

"Oh come on Harry, you know how many guys would die to be in your place!" She said, rolling her eyes and crossing her arms.

"Well, I honestly don't see what the big deal is," I said truthfully,

"I'm just an average guy with this amazing life, lucky enough to do what I love, with people I love and so nuch support, it's crazy! I'm actually not really special or anything. Yeah I can sing, but thousands of people can sing and I'm far from the best singer ever. Without the fame I'm just like everyone else."


Lauren looked at me with wide eyes.

"How can you say that you're not special? I remember your audition, when you were only 16 and I was dazzled from the start. Your magnetic eyes, your wonderful smile, your CHARM already at so young a age, and your voice, which is absolutely amazing! It's not the fame that makes you special, Harry. It's you that's special enough to deserve the fame.

Look at what you and the boys have achieved in only three years. Loads of awards, sold out worldwide tours, number one in so many countries including the US, getting you a place in the fudging Guiness book of Records! Millions of fans all over the world! Making the biggest Comic Relief single ever, raising more money for Comic Relief, than any other charity single in the history of Comic Relief, and I could go on for ages!

You are not the only boyband of this generation, but you have gotten alot further than any others, in a shorter period of time, and that doesn't happen to average people, who only get by on their looks!

You have something about you, that I can't even explain, and I find myself so incredibly lucky to be with you... I just wish you could see it in yourself, like everyone else does."

I looked Lauren in the eyes, as I stepped closer and without a word, I pulled her into a long passionate kiss.


When I finally broke away, she was out of breath, face flushing.

I gave her a smirk and said,

"You're pretty special yourself. I've never met anyone else whose used Comic Relief so many times in only a few seconds."


* * *

Maggie's P.O.V.

Tally and I got ready in the guestroom, and I was forced to hear about her and Niall's very detailed escapades.

"And then he did this trick where he..."

"Okay Tally, I so don't need to know that!" I cut her off, really not wanting to know about Niall's tricks.

"He's just so amazing!" She sighed adding another layer of peachy-pink lipgloss to her already shiny lips.

I just nodded smiling slightly, trying to adjust the straps on my dress which kept falling off my shoulders.

"Let me help you with that." Tally offered as she noticed my struggle and stepped behind me.

"So what about you and Zayn?" She asked fiddling with the straps, and I examined my nails.

"What do you mean?"

"You guys have been going steady for like two months, if we count out the break... And for other couples that may not be long, but you two have technically been living together all that time... Ever made it past second, or even first, base?" She asked smirking mischievously, and I instantly blushed.

"Um... N-not really... we... we're just taking it slow." I replied almost in a whisper, not wanting to meet her gaze in the mirror.

"Why?" She asked, and I looked at her confused, so she went on,


"I mean there's nothing wrong with taking things slow, as long as you have a reason... As far as I've seen, you two have been through some stuff, but managed to overcome it, so what more proof are you waiting for to realize that you two are going to last for a long time? Usually when people wait, it's because they're not sure of something?"


She finished with my straps, and now stood in front of me, trying to look in my eyes, which were glued to the floor.

"Unless you're a virgin, and it's some sort of 'I'm not ready thing'?" She said very seriously, and I couldn't help but laugh, as I shook my head.

"I guess it just hasn't been the right moment yet. We don't want to plan anything... It happens, when it happens." I finally said with a shrug.

"I totally understand! Niall and I didn't plan it either. It was just like 'oh my God I want this boy right now' and then he..." Tally quickly stopped talking, when she saw the look on my face.

"Sorry... You all ready?" She asked, and I nodded as we went to join the others in the livingroom.


"Finally!" Louis exclaimed with a smile, looking at his phone.

"Finally what?" Liam questioned, smiling at his own phone, probably texting Skye.

"I convinced Lexy to go out with us. She didn't really want to out without her friends, who are all busy, but I convinced her, that she would have fun with us!" Louis replied, grinning widely.

He and Lexy had started texting a few days after we met her, and they apparently really hit it off, when they went out together a couple days ago.


I wasn't in doubt that Louis liked her as a friend, but there was something sort of fake in the way he would get overly excited about her, and always make sure that everyone knew when he was texting or talking on the phone with her.

It was really unlike Louis, to be fake in any way so I shrugged it off, and decided I was just imagining things.


Meanwhile he and myself were slowly finding our way back to the crazy best friends relationship we had in the start, and I was really happy about that.


"Apparently she has no idea what's best for her!" I teased, accepting the drink, Niall offered me.

"You're always so mean to me! Is it that bad boy that got into you?" Louis questioned, and for once made a double-meaning comment, without even knowing it.

"Louis, this has got to stop!" Liam exclaimed, making the sassy boy look at him confused.

"So are we picking her up, or is she meeting us there?" Tally asked, clearly excited that we had an addition to our little party.

"I told her we could pick her up, she'll text me the adress in a sec. We're taxing taxis right?"

"Yup! So drink up, and let's get going!" Niall said and we all cheered.


* * *



The two greeted each other in a warm hug, as Zayn, Liam and I waited in the taxi. The others had taken a seperate taxi, and we would all meet, outside the club.


Lexy looked absolutely stunning in her glitzy dark green dress and purple stilettos, with her shiny hair pulled back in a high ponytail, and Louis clearly had a hard time keeping his eyes off her, during the whole ride.


"I really like your dress Lexy!" I said smiling, and she turned to me, making Louis pout.

"Oh thanks! You look fabolous yourself! I can't believe I'm going out with you guys! Jade was so furious that she's spending the next few days in London visiting family! She adores you and Zayn so much, you should have seen her at the concert, when he stood up for you, she almost fainted!"

Lexy was talking very speedy, and I finally understood how people had a hard time keeping up with me, when I talked, since I according to them, talked very fast myself.

I smiled and nodded, remembering the concert, as Lexy returned her attention to Louis.


I didn't know if Zayn had heard our conversation or not, but he was sitting next to me with a small smile, and I leaned my head against his shoulder.

I realized this was the first time we were going out, while officially in a relationship, and I smiled to myself. I had no doubts about the choice I had made.


* * *

"Harry! Harry! Harry!" We all chanted as he downed as many shots as possible within ten seconds.

Finally Liam called the time, and we all cheered, as Niall tried to count the empty glasses.

"Whoooa... Harry took turdy shots!" He exclaimed with wide eyes.

"Niall... You're seeing double, there is no way he took that many!" Zayn said, clearly struggling to count them himself.

"Guys let me... Exactly thirteen shots!" Liam said, and Harry cheered.

"Yeah! Hand it over Tallsi wallsi!" He exclaimed, and Tally reluctantly handed him the £10 bill. They had made a bet that Harry couldn't take more than ten shots in ten seconds, which Liam tried to talk them out of since Harry was already drunk, gone and beyond. We had only been there two hours!

"C'mon baby! Let's go dance!" Niall said, cheering Tally up, and heading to the dancefloor, followed by Louis and Lexy who were pretty pissed themselves.

"I'll go get some more alcohol and drinks!" Zayn exclaimed, swaying over to the bar.


The next couple of hours were a blur. I faintly remember colorful drinks, dancing and laughing, but all the details were far gone. Up until a certain point.

"I just have to go to the bathroom, wait outside!" I called out to the group, as we were about to leave for karaoke.


I quickly hurried to the bathroom, took care of business, and hurried out again, when I realized something.

"Shit!" I exclaimed loudly, and they all turned to me.

"I left my handbag in the bathroom. Just wait a sec!"

"I'll go with you!" Lauren replied, and we went inside again.


Just as I swung the door open, I saw my darkblue handbag, in someone's hands, pondering for a second if the person was going to steal it or hand it in at the wardrobe, but before I could say anything my eyes travelled slowly from my bag to the person holding it.


From the very high fashionable stilettos, over the little black dress framing a perfect body to the heavily made up, but still stunning, blue eyes, perfectly lipsticked smirk and stylishly set blonde hair.

Unless Perrie freaking Edwards had a twin, I was absolutely sure that I was face to face with my boyfriend's annoyingly hot and perfect looking ex-girlfriend!

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