Loved You First

"Was it possible that all the signs, I had convinced myself were just my imagination, actually were real?

I just couldn't help but wonder how long she'd had feelings for him, even if they were subconcious.
I was sure that I loved her first, but at this point I actually didn't know who she loved first."

A few slightly sexual references (not smut, I don't do that)
A few slightly violent scenes
Use of strong language at times
SELF-HARM references in a couple of chapters


4. 'A New Friend'

Chapter 3
"A New Friend"

Oh my God! I was sitting with Zayn Malik. It was only my fourth day in London and I had already met a member of the world famous One Direction! Some girls lived here all their life, but would never meet them, and I wasn't even that huge of a fan.

When I realized I was staring like an idiot, I had to say something,

"You.. You're Zayn Malik!"

He laughed a little, oh god a beautiful sound, and answered with a smile,

"Yes I am aware of that. Since you know my name, may I know yours?"

I blushed light red feeling stupid for what I had said, but pulled my self together.

"I'm Maggie, or Valerie... I mean my name is Maggie Valerie, but you can call me whatever... NO wait! Not whatever... I mean... Just call me Maggie."

I felt the stupidest ever in my life, mumbling stuff that didn't make sense. Zayn just laughed at me, making my face turn the color of an tomatoe!

"Well I actualluly thought 'whatever' would be a cool name" he replied, smiled cheekily and went on, "but yeah Maggie is a nice name. So I can hear you're not British, but your English is quite good from what I've heard, where are you from?"

Was I actually having a conversation with Zayn Malik? Well if I was I had to stop acting like a silly schoolgirl talking to her crush. He was a normal person, no matter how famous and insanely hot he was. I took a deep breath, a sip of my drink and answered,

"Well I come from Denmark. Originally my mom is Thai and my dad is Danish. I grew up in Thailand, and spoke mostly English, so it's kind if my first language, which is why I speak it so fluently. When I was 6 my dad got ill so we moved to Denmark for him to be treated. He recovered a year later, but we decided to stay, and well now I'm here in London, and that's my life story."

I smiled at my self, for speaking in full sentences and not just babbling. It had been hard, since he had been smiling, and looking me in the eyes the whole time.

"Well actually it was your life story untill you were six." He exclaimed matter-of-factly with another cheeky smile.

I blushed again as he continued,

"But I would like to know more. You see I have a problem. I never get to tell my life story, because when I meet somewhere they already know my life story and everything about me and my family. So I'd rather hear about the people I meet, especially someone as cute as you."

He gave me a crooked smile, and my heart stopped. I pinched my self to make sure I wasn't dreaming, and tried to comprehend with the fact that Zayn Malik called me cute. And he wanted to know more about me.

"But why? I mean why do you want to know about ME?" I questioned exactly what was on my mind. Zayn looked thoughful for what seemed like forever, but was probably a minute and then answered.

" I'm not quite sure. You have an interesting aura, and there's something about you that intriuges me. Besides you're cute," he smiled again and then added, "and I like your phonecover."

I looked down at my phone, noticing the One Direction cover and blushed for like the 100th time that day. Okay so maybe I was a big fan.

"So do you wanna go have some coffee or something?" He offered and started to stand up.

I chuckled and replied,

"I really hate coffee! And won't there be paparazzi? What will management say?"

"You don't actually have to drink coffee, I'm sure they have something else. Besides I do have friends management don't know about, and I am allowed to go out with them. And paparazzi don't ALWAYS know where we are", he said as I got up and I waited a minute, contemplating if this was a good idea.

I then realized it was a once in a life time oppurtunity and this was Zayn Malik, so I just nodded and we walked to a café only five minutes away.

The whole time me and Zayn spent together, I was waiting for the camera people to jump out, saying I had just been pranked by One Direction. But apparently this was real. And for some reason Zayn was actually interested in me.

We talked about my life, though I left out the reason why I came here. I had only known him a couple hours and we weren't close enough at all. It had been nice and cozy, and we also had fun making some jokes; i was surprised at how breezy I was about everything.

When a couple fans came up for autographs and pictures, I felt a little exposed, especially when they asked who I was. He just answered I was a friend and they walked away whispering.

It was now 5pm and I was sure he had some place to be.

"So I should probably get going back to my hotel" I said starting to collect my things.

Zayn frowned slightly and replied,

"Do you have to? I really enjoy spending time with you."

He pouted and I felt my heart race.

"Well I just thought you might be busy, you know, international famous popstar and all."

He chuckled at me and then just smiled for a few seconds before replying,

"Allright, I guess I should get going, the boys are probably wondering where I am. Where are you staying, I would like to follow you back to your hotel?"

I just couldn't believe any of this was happening. I just had a casual "date" with Zayn and now he would even follow me back to my hotel!

"I'm at central park hotel. I think it's rather far though, I took a taxi to the mall earlier, you really don't have to take me there" I said hoping that he would anyways.

He thought for a while and then smiled like he had a perfect idea, and indeed he did

"Well I have a better idea then, our hotel is just ten minutes walk away, why don't you come along, you can meet the boys, and maybe we can get dinner later. I really don't want to say goodbye yet, we still have a lot of thinks to talk about, and I'll take you home later of course."

Oh my god! He wanted me to meet the boys!

"Are you serious?" I asked in disbelief.

He just nodded and I continued

"But you don't even know me.. What if I turn out to be some psychopath crazy fan or something?"

His eyes widened and I quickly added,

"Oh no! Really I'm not, I'm just having a hard time believing this. Gosh I've really ruined it now haven't I!"

He then laughed and replied,

"Relax! I know you're not crazy, I can see it in your pretty eyes."

Another blush. I finally decided to go with him to teenage-girl-heaven, also known as One Direction's hotel room... Wait hotel?

"Why are you staying at a hotel? I thought you lived in an apartment here in London." I asked curiously and he suddenly looked a little nervous, maybe even afraid? What was going on?

But he quickly shook it off and answered,

" I'll explain later, it's a long story. It's actually only me and Harry, but the other boys come there all the time, they might as well check in as well. The room is pretty huge so it's not a problem with all of us being there."

I was curious about this whole hotel thing but wouldn't push it farther.

Ten minutes later, Zayn opened the door to a luxurious pent house suite. It seemed empty and quiet as we walked in, when all of a sudden someone jumped in front of us screaming in our faces, and we screamed in response making the other laugh hysterically. Through fits of laughter he managed to say,

"Oh my god, the looks on your guys' faces!" I had just been scared out of my wits by Louis Tomlinson!

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