Do you remember?

it has now been 15 years since one direction split up. Louis and harry still keep in touch and Lou is married to Eleanor and has a 5 year old boy. Liam is married to Danielle and he is now a manager of recent boy band. Zayn and perrie are still together but not married and zayn is a well known artist. Niall moved back to Ireland to get away from everything and to be with his family. He is still single and is not looking for his princess.


1. what happened?

Simons *P.O.V*

"lads I'm sorry but sales are just dropping maybe its time for you to break up?" i said looking up at the lads

"what? break up? surely there's something you can do to help raise them?" niall said. i shook my head and sipped my tea "I'm afraid not, sorry lads one direction is over" i told them and stood up and left the room.

Niall's *P.O.V*

"i can't believe it lads, no more concerts. no more interviews. our career's are over" i looked up at the other lads and shook my head before standing up " I'll see you around guys" then i left the room.


***15 years later***

Louis' *P.O.V*

I pulled Eleanor into my arms and rubbed her belly "only two weeks to go until we have another princess in the house"  she giggled and nodded "i really can't wait Lou, i mean tommo is a spitting image of you i really hope Ellie looks like you as well" she explained. i nodded then reached for my phone as it vibrated with a text 

hey Lou, 

have you heard about Liam? He's now the manager of a new boy band called '5Ls'. I heard zayn is an artist but I haven't heard from niall....the one who said to keep in touch....

i quickly replied

Hey haz,

I always knew liam would do well and zayn with being an amazing artist. Funny that I heard that niall had moved back to Ireland to be with his family....

I told El about liam and zayn and read harry's text 

Your kidding? The one person who wanted us to stay in touch disappeared. I think we should all meet up and catch up with everything that we have missed out on. We never know niall might have finally met his princess....

i laughed and quickly replied

Yeah right if anything he'll just be going out getting drunk every girl will stay with him for long and they'll probably be just a one night stand....

i put my phone down and pulled El close and kissed her cheek "night darling"


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