Do you remember?

it has now been 15 years since one direction split up. Louis and harry still keep in touch and Lou is married to Eleanor and has a 5 year old boy. Liam is married to Danielle and he is now a manager of recent boy band. Zayn and perrie are still together but not married and zayn is a well known artist. Niall moved back to Ireland to get away from everything and to be with his family. He is still single and is not looking for his princess.


2. niall...

Harrys *P.O.V*

Over the next few weeks me,Louis, Zayn and Liam met up regularly for a few beers and very time one of us would try and get in touch with, but  never got a reply off of him.

A week later I text decided to text nim on the off chance me might reply

"Hey Niall,  we've all been getting together every week for a few drinks and we try to cnctact you but we never get a reply? Maybe you sitched numbers but I thought it was you that wanted to stay in touch yet you dissapeared on us. We've all guessed you've gone back to Ireland but we really wanna have a group get together, you included. If you get this reply and let me know..... harry"

I knew it was pointless texting him because I would never get a reply but it was worth a try.

Nialls *P.O.V*

I woke up at two in ther afternoon and checked my phonne seeng yet again another text off one o of the lads, this one was off Harry and he sounded.....concerned maybe pissed after he had said that he thought I was the one who hd said we would keep in touch yet I was the one who went and dissapeared on them all and never kpt in touch with them

" hey harry, I know I as the one who said e wuld all stay in touch and then I dissapeared bu I was gutted, simon jut told us the band was over and that broke my heart. I loed my job and then being told it's al over really hurt. I now it probably hurt yu lot as well but I had no one in england so  decided to come bak over to Ireland where my family is and I kow saying I have had no time is a stupid excuse because its been 15 years but thaat is my exscuse so I am sorry. Niall"

sent that then turned my phone off and fell back asleep.

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