Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Phone

I wrote harry potter and the deathly marshmallows like two years ago, and now I'm going to write all the books. I'm not sure of what to call the Chamber of Secrets though, so if you have any ideas please tell me!


1. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Phone

One day, Vernon Dursley, his wife Petunia and his baby son Dudley heard a knock at the door. There was no one there, but a small envelope lay next to baby with black hair, green eyes and a scar in the shape of a lightning bolt.

For the next eleven years, the Dursley's looked after their nephew Harry Potter - but they hated him. They made him do all the work. On Harry's eleventh birthday (he had no presents, the Dursley's didn't even know it was his birthday), the phone started ringing. "Harry, get that phone!" Uncle Vernon yelled. Harry walked over to the phone and picked it up. Whatever he was expecting, it wasn't to hear someone say he was going to a school for wizards!

A giant man called Hagrid came in and took Harry to London, to buy all his school stuff. He also got an owl. On the train to Hogwarts, he met his two best friends, Ron and Hermione. When they arrived at Hogwarts, they soon noticed one teacher wasn't very nice. His name was Professor Snape, and Harry, Ron and Hermione began to get suspicious about him.They heard him on several phone calls, and he once said "Give me the number for the Philosopher's Phone!"

Hermione spent months figuring out what it was. Finally, she read that a man called Nicolas Camel, who had invented a phone that, if you ring it's number, you will be immortal. However, the only people who knew the number was Nicolas and Dumbledore.

The next day, they went to ask him what the number was. Dumbledore told them, and they went to Snape. "We'll give you this if you kill Voldemort!" Harry said. He knew that Voldemort had killed his parents, and given him his scar. Unfortunately, Voldemort walked through the door at that very moment and snatched the phone number scribbled onto a crumpled bit of paper. But, as he put the phone to his ear, he seemed to be dying. He was almost dissolving.

Later on, Dumbledore explained to Harry later what had happened. "The Philosopher's Phone has been destroyed. It was an old model and an awful colour anyway. Nicolas Camel has died, but he has lived a long happy life for over 600 years. However Harry, I am warning you. Voldemort might come back. And if you ever invent another phone like that, make it the latest iPhone and give it to me."

When Harry got back to Privet Drive, he had a great time casting spells on Dudley, and couldn't wait to go back next year, especially if it would be as exciting as the last.

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