Dont Let me go - Harry

Jasmine is just a normal girl, she has finished school and is working. she never would of thought her job would give her the opportunities it is. She is falling head over heals in love with everything, from her job her new place new town everything, she has been the happiest she has ever been in years.


12. the verdict

Harry's p.o.v

I was really hoping jasmine would be better by now. The poor thing was up at 4 am sick again. I rang the doctors and booked her in at 12. It's around 9:30 now and she is still sleeping, I won't get her up until she needs to go.

Jasmines p.o.v

I got woke up by harry at around 11:15, I still felt like absolute shit. Harry helped me up and to have a shower and all. I felt really useless but I just had no energy. The sweet boy washed my hair for my and dried it and put it up. It was only a simple ponytail but I was fine with that today. I went and sat on the lounge while harry grabbed our keys, wallet and phone. I slowly walk to the car and hop in are travel to the doctors. We got there at about 11:55, so I still have 5 or so minutes left . I am so impatient waiting the time is taking forever. Harry grabs me a magazine to read but I just can't focus on the words at the moment. I end up just sitting there holding Harry's hand as I fear for what might happen. I finally hear my name being called and hope up to go in . " do you want me to come in with you" harry asks looking up at me with his sparkling green eyes. "No it's ok, I'm a big girl" I reply with a weak smile.

*after appointment*

How on earth am I going to tell Harry, and my family. It's gonna change my life... Forever. " so are you alright" harry questions as I walk out. " umm, can we talk later not here" I weakly ask. " sure, that's fine" he smiles sweetly. " can we go by the chemist on the way home"? I ask "yeah sure, whatever you want" harry replies. I go to the desk and get my receipt and book my next appointment. This is just the start for all of this.

The ride home was silent I didn't say a word or harry. When I got home I went straight to the bathroom and locked myself in . I stand over the sink trying to organize my thoughts, it all gets to much and I stumble to the toilet and am sick again. I can hear harry banging on the door but I can barely move to answer it. He continues to bang on the door. I eventually crawl to the door and unlock it sitting to the side so the door won't hit me when harry opens it. Harry bends down right next to me and runs his hand around my face. " what's going on jasmine " harry questions showing his concern. I don't say anything I just hug harry around his torso. We lay on the cold for a few minutes, harry not asking any more questions."Harry, can you go get me my bag and some water" I ask which he agrees so and go gets straight away. I grab my new medication out of my bad and force a tablet down my throat hoping it stays down. I gradually feel ok to stand up and Harry helps me, we walk out to the lounge and sit down. Harry and I sit next to each other but facing each other at the same time. He holds my hands inside his giving me the signal it's ok to tell him what's going on. I look up into his emerald eyes, they are so sweet, you can see his concern. "I..I'm.. I'm pregnant Harry" I struggle getting out. Harry is just staring at me and hasn't said a thing. "Please say something Harry" I beg him on the verge of tears. "I'm going to be a dad" harry questions. I nod to answer his question . "I'm gonna be a dad " harry repeats in a quiet tone, " I'm gonna be a dad" harry yells and I finally see a smile come across his face. Harry Hugs me so tight and all I can do is laugh, he then runs around his apartment screaming 'I'm gonna be a dad ' over and over again, he can barely contain his excitement. All I can do is laugh and cry a little I was not expecting this result at all.

A/N: I'm so SORRY I can not write on my laptop and I had to wait to be able to update my iPad so I could write on it. I also has exams but I finished them yesterday YAY. I'm sorry if this chapter seems short I don't have word count or anything so I had no clue what it is In comparison to the others. I hope you enjoy and leave FEEDBACK. Thankyou and love to all of you that read this :)

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