Dont Let me go - Harry

Jasmine is just a normal girl, she has finished school and is working. she never would of thought her job would give her the opportunities it is. She is falling head over heals in love with everything, from her job her new place new town everything, she has been the happiest she has ever been in years.


13. Telling the Boys

Harry and i spent the night just watching movies on the lounge. the medication had really helped with the sickness. Harry begged me to let him tell the boys but i didnt want anyone knowing till i was further along, i really didnt want to jinx it.i was only just 4 weeks along so anything could happen yet.i really didnt think i would be having a kid at this age either. i am still really young and now ill have to look after a baby.Harry and i still havent came to a decision on what we will do yet. i like my apartment but i think it may be a bit small to raise a baby in, and Harrys place is so delicate.i really dont want a kid running around and smashing things, but we will have a few months to decide on what we will do. All i know is this is going to be one hell of a experience. *4 Weeks later* i am now 8 weeks pregnant and only just faintly showing,but i always wear baggy clothes so no one has noticed yet. i told harry he can tell the boys. we invited them all over for dinner tonight. we have stayed at each others places a few times. Harry has been more at mine since i didnt want to stay at his place cause i still get a bit of morning sickness but he says he doesnt care.Harry and i talked abit about what we are going to do but im not rushing to make a decision yet. Harry is acting like the baby will be born in a few weeks.We have decided that we are both going to move. there are a few places near Harry's house now that are more suitable for families.i am not able to pay for as much as harry obviously but i did say i would put the money i get from selling my apartment towards our new place.Harry is going to make up the rest of the money and by the baby stuff. he really wants to be a good dad.he is already worrying that he will be a bad dad because he will be on tour or whatever, but i a sure him he will be fine. i can always go on tour with them, i mean they managed Lux. and im sure harry will get many souvenirs for he or she. So far i am going fine with the pregnancy the only thing i cant stand it seafood but i wasnt keen on it before and raw meat which is going to be very hard tonight.We decided that we are going to just do a BBQ as then Harry can handle the meat and i dont end up being sick preparing the food. While Harry Cooks the meat i do a few different salads and desert and get a few nibbly things ready.i did have a real nice black dress i got new a few weeks ago i was gonna wear but it was to tight to wear so i had to think of a new outfit.i settled on a black underdress with was like a top for the outfit and i had a high waisted orange skirt which was shorter at the front then the back and black wedge heals.i left my hair out with light curls and did light makeup with a a bronzy smokey eye.By the time i got ready the boys and there partners were starting to arive. Louis was the first here of course and he had Eleanor with him. Zayn, Perrie and Niall all arrived together, poor Niall third wheeling. And finally Liam and Danielle Arrived. We just talked normally before dinner and didnt give any hints.after we sat down and ate dinner harry was going to tell the everYone, and i didn't mind he was better at telling big news than me. Harry's P.o.v i had just finished cooking dinner with the boys and we all went inside to eat. i placed the meat on the table when Jaz and set out all the other food and we all sat down.Jasmine and i sat down last as i talked to her just before. everyone had sat down and served there food, and Jaz just sat down. i stay standing as everyone sits and eventually the attention turns to me."You alright mate" Niall asks. "Yeah i'm alright mate i actually have some big news to share with is going to affect alot of things.the decisions i make, how i act, the time i spend with use the way we live." i explain making them all curious as to what it could be, they all look so worried. "The thing is... i'm going to be a Dad" i yell the last part. Everyone starts to cheer and come and give me and Jasmine hugs.i couldn't believe how loud the girls were, i knew they would be excited but they are all screaming and jumping around. after all the congratulations are said and we all sit back down to eat. "Can i ask you a question bout this baby Harry" Louis questions. "go for it mate" i reply."Well the kid has to have god parents and i have heard this guy called Louis would be a good option" Louis says keeping a straight face."your absolutely right, i should call Louis Walsh up see if he would like to" i joke around, Louis just gives a smart ass grin and laughs along with everyone else. A/N: hey guys im trying a new program to write which i dont really like but its all i can axcess, if any of you know a free download one recomend it below for computer or ipad. i hope to write more when i get a new program. i am also doing LYRIC VIDEOS so please check them out. thumbs up and become a fan . bye love you all xoxo
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