Dont Let me go - Harry

Jasmine is just a normal girl, she has finished school and is working. she never would of thought her job would give her the opportunities it is. She is falling head over heals in love with everything, from her job her new place new town everything, she has been the happiest she has ever been in years.


2. starting my job


I went to work and actually had a lot of fun. It was really good to get to know the contestants, some of them are so sweet. Once everyone on my list was ready I was put on side- stage makeup. I did any little touch ups if necessary, but it is caked on so thick and so much hairspray we should be fine. I was standing on the side when someone bumped into me. “I’m so sorry” I say as I turn around, to my surprise I am standing infront of Liam Payne. “Sorry babe you alright” he says with his cure british accent. “yeah im fine thanks, aren’t you meant to be here in a few weeks not tonight” I reply looking up at one of my many idols. “haha yeah but im actually here to watch my girlfriend and I didn’t want to be recognised so I came backstage ” Liam explained to me. “Aww that is cute well if I don’t say so myself her makeup and hair is great tonight” I say in a slightly smart tone. “well I will demand the stylist for when im here do you think” he replies. “oh definitely” we go on laughing. “Danielle is really nice” I state ,“yeah that is one thing I love about her” he replies with a grin on his face. “she doesn’t deserve hate people just need to know her” I blurt out. “haha yeah same with me and the boys” he says clearly thinking about it. “I guess so, well I cant wait to meet the boys in a few weeks” I state. “why don’t you join us tonight after the show” Liam offers. “I’d love to if its not a trouble” not wanting to seem pushy to see them. “no no it will be my pleasure” Liam states with a grin. With this we watch the rest of the show before I hop in the car with Liam and Danielle on the way back to Liam’s place.


Liam opens the door and leads me into the living room where the other boys were. They were all talking but went quiet when they saw me walk in how awkward right. I smiled as liam introduced me to everyone and offered me a seat next to harry.


Harrys p.o.v

Holy Shit, was this girl pretty. She has green eyes, brown hair which looked blonde in some lights. She was quite short but I found that cute. I wouldn’t say she is fat its just she is bigger compared to Danielle and she is a stick, she is sort of like jesy from Little Mix. But she seemed perfect to me. I have to get to know her. I stop my day dream for a while and go back to socialising with her. I want to know her.


Jasmines p.o.v

This is amazing I don’t really know anyone in the UK especially not around my age. How good is it that the first people I really get to hang with are celebs, someone I love and listen to regularly. They were all so much better looking in real life then pictures. And funnily enough I actually spent most of the night talking with Danielle. It had gotten quite late and I was ready to go home.

I grabbed my bag off the floor and said to the boys and Danielle I was going to leave.

“How are you getting home” Niall asked

“I’ll Just call a taxi” I reply

“you cant do that”

“Why cant I ”

“ its silly to get a taxi, Harry will drive you”

“Yeah its fine by me and from what you said you are close” harry buts in

“ok but only if your sure”

With this I say goodbye to all the boys and leave with harry to go home. It was a short trip, walking distance in the light.

“Thanks for the lift harry”

“sure my pleasure”

“well, I’ll see you in a few weeks” I say leaving his car about to shut the door

“actually do you want to hang with the band tomorrow”

“Sure I’d love to”

“I’ll pick you up around 10”

“ok I’ll be ready, bye harry”

“Bye Jasmine”


I walk up to my front door, the cool wind of the night blowing against my face. I unlock the door and turn around to see the empty street. But it wasn’t empty, Harry was still there, I give him a small wave before slipping behind the door. I wait a minute before I check out the window to see if harry had left which he had. He was so sweet I couldn’t wait till tomorrow.


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