Dont Let me go - Harry

Jasmine is just a normal girl, she has finished school and is working. she never would of thought her job would give her the opportunities it is. She is falling head over heals in love with everything, from her job her new place new town everything, she has been the happiest she has ever been in years.


6. Protective

A/N: hey guys sorry its taken so long to update, ive had like 6 assignments all minimum 3 pages roughly, so ive been busy so enjoy this chapter and i will hopefully put a new one up sooner. like, favourite and comment, LOVE YA <3 ENJOY    

I didn’t see the boys again till they came to perform on x factor. I saw harry a few times, minimum once a week, one week everyday. Things were going great for me and harry we had bonded really well. We have been dating for over a month now and so far everything has been going perfectly. So good I’ve had pictures printed of and framed in my house. No matter what that boy seems to always take a good photo. The sweetest thing is he even got a copy of the photos in his house. He is also very protective more protective than I thought he would be, especially since we haven’t been together for ages. He will get me anything I need or even just surprises. If anyone sends me hate and it gets to me, he will get some form of junk food and cuddle with me on the lounge till I’m ok and then we will watch a movie together, really this last week he has proved that he will be here for me no matter what.

*Flash Back*

“OMG, I love this song ” I scream and turn up the radio in Megan’s car. Megan works with me and we have become great friends and she is so good at creative eye makeup.

“So do I” she agrees.

“ mama always said nice guys finish, last beat him at his own game honey take the cash , ooh and what a lucky girl you will be, but no he didn’t do jack for me I want a bean with the bean stalk and if the magic aint right time to walk “ Megan raps along

“Use to be baby, use to be a lady thought you were the perfect lover, all the harmony went fallin out of key so now you gotta find another, now your talking crazy sayin that you made me like I was your Cinderella, you and me are through though let me do it acapella ” we both sing along to the chorus.

We both laugh at how silly we sound.

“MEGAN-N-N-N-N-N-N-N” I scream as a car flies right in front of us. Neither of us reply. Both of us knocked out from the impact.

I don’t really remember what happened for part of this, I remember waking up a little to flashing lights with people looking down at me asking me a lot of questions. This happens a few times. The next time I wake up I’m in a hospital room, I tilt my head slightly to look around the room. Harry was there, fallen asleep in the chair, red bags under his eyes from what looks like he has been crying. I call his name and he immediately wakes up and rushes over to me and hugs me lightly and kisses my forehead. “What happen” I asked groggily. Harry explains and holds me tight as I cry into his chest. I escaped this easily, to easy. Megan died and I was lucky enough to survive.

*End Flashback*

Harry was picking me up today to take me to Megan’s funereal, I cant stand the thought of saying goodbye, I was just starting to get to know her and also how did I survive so easily. But if it wasn’t for harry I wouldn’t of gotten through this so far and I need him to get through today. He is always there. He is always there to hold me. He also promised me he wouldn’t let anything happen to me again. He stayed with me the first few nights out of hospital, sleeping on the couch cause he didn’t want to hurt me in my sleep and when he hasn’t stayed over he has come over every day. It isn’t long till harry arrives ready to go to the funereal. He is wearing a full black tux, with a red tie, while I had on a long black dress. With this we left for the funereal harry holding me so tightly making sure I felt safe.


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