Dont Let me go - Harry

Jasmine is just a normal girl, she has finished school and is working. she never would of thought her job would give her the opportunities it is. She is falling head over heals in love with everything, from her job her new place new town everything, she has been the happiest she has ever been in years.


1. my new life!!


Everything today seems perfect. But it wasn’t always like this. We have been through a hell of a lot. I didn’t think I would fall for a girl like her. I bet she didn’t think she should ever be with someone like me. I didn’t think we would get here, but we are. My life will be Changed forever from this day forward. Who am I and who am I talking about. I am Harry Edward Styles and that girl im talking about is Jasmine Bella Smith.


Jasmine’s P.O.V

I walk around the London streets taking in my new surroundings. This was going to be my new home for who knows how long. It depends on how things go. I came to London with my job. I was working on my apprenticeship (or internship as they call it here) as a makeup artist and hairdresser on X factor. I didn’t choose to X factor it was just my mentor was part of it, anyway one of the artist here in the UK had to resign suddenly and my mentor suggested me. I am honestly very excited not only will I be doing the contestants hair and makeup but I may also get to go some of the stars that come on the show. So many stars had been made on X factor especially some of my idols on the more recent seasons. Like Cher Lloyd, Little Mix and my personal favourite One Direction. I will admit they are a bit of alright looking. But they weren’t my absolute favourite artist. I Love Ed Sheeran. Im really into music and like many artists music but Ed’s is just incredible. Anyway enough about the music I like back to why I am here. I am on my last year before I am fully qualified. Even though I haven’t studied it I also do a bit of nail work on X factor.


After walking for a bit I am at a studio where I am meeting my new mentor at. I walk in and am sent to the second floor. I am greeted straight away from a gorgeous lady who I am guessing is Liz. She is average height, thin with brown hair and has black glasses. As much as we want to just talk, she takes me into a room with a large table and sheets spread across it. they were all the looks for the upcoming show which my luck was tomorrow. Just so Liz knew what I was capable of she made me do a certain look on herself which was quite simple. I would be told who I was looking after in the morning, they even have a celeb on the show tomorrow. Rebecca Ferguson was coming back on the show to promote her album. I honestly found it really exciting. We finished going over a few details before I went home. I got a sheet saying all the celebs that will be on the show in the next few weeks. It was so exciting. There would be Guy Sebastian which I was so excited about because he is Australian and I got to know him before. There was Becky G, Jedward, Little Mix, Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift, Usher and for the Final there is One Direction and Ed Sheeran (OMG). I will just have to remember to stay cool on finals night with ed Sheeran around. There is so many A-listers coming on the show it is incredible. I start to walk home and call into Nando’s for lunch on the way home.


I opened the door to my new flat. It was smallish but goo. There was 2 bedrooms, a kitchen and dining in one, a lounge room, bathroom and very small laundry. It was perfect for me. I dropped my bag at the door and walked over to the table and ate my lunch before I started to unpacking. I had never had Nando’s before and it is pretty good. It isn’t very big in Australia. I spend the rest of the afternoon unpacking my stuff. I went to bed early because I wanted to be energised for tomorrow because it was going to be a big day for me.


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