Dont Let me go - Harry

Jasmine is just a normal girl, she has finished school and is working. she never would of thought her job would give her the opportunities it is. She is falling head over heals in love with everything, from her job her new place new town everything, she has been the happiest she has ever been in years.


10. i'll look after you


3 weeks later*

I put the finishing touches on Perrie’s makeup and wish her good luck as she heads on stage. I take a seat in the crowd with Zayn and Harry and watch the remaining performances. When the show was over we all went to the after party and it was incredible. Harry and I had a few drinks and went home to his place, it wasn’t overly late either. We stayed up talking for a little bit before we actually went to sleep.


I woke up the next morning feeling terrible. I groan and rolled over burying my head in the pillow. “Morning Babe” harry says in his groggy morning voice, deep and raspy. “Hi” I mumble back. “Looks like the drinks effected someone last night” Harry teases and all I reply with is another groan. Harry just laughs and rubs my back trying to make me feel better. Well im going to go get breakfast, it might make you feel better. 

Harry’s P.OV

I walk to my closet and get out a part of sweatpants and a shirt and walk down stairs to get breakfast ready. I get out the orange juice, eggs, milk  and bacon. I pour myself a glass of juice and drink it before I start. I mix the eggs and milk in a bowl before I put them in the fry pan with the bacon to cook. I scramble the eggs around the pan and I can hear Jaz moving around upstairs. I finish up breakfast and serve it up along with some toast and wait for Jaz to come down. Everything is on the table ready and Jaz still isn’t down so I go up stairs to find her. I look around the bedroom and she isn’t there, I look in the closet to see if she is getting clothes but she aint there I walk to the ensuite and knock on the door curious if she is in there. “Jaz, you in there” I question, “Yeah” she yells back. “Ok, well breakfast is ready when you are” I inform her, “Ok, ill be..*cough cough cough * in a sec” Jaz struggles to reply. “Jaz are you alright in there” I question worried. I wait for a reply but there isn’t one, I open the door to find Jaz with her head in the toilet, she looks up at me, her eyes were dullier then normal and she was pale.  I go to the sink and get a headband out for her and go to her side. I pull her long hair out of her face and rub soothing circles on her back trying to make her feel better.

After about 10 minutes I move Jaz from the cold bathroom floor to the bed. Her body was so weak she could barely stand so I picked her up and put her to bed and tucked her in. It seemed like it was more than a hangover affecting her, I know if she isn’t better tomorrow I am taking her to the wasn’t long till she was asleep. I went to her handbag and found her house keys. I then wrote her a note and put it on the bedside table. She hadn’t planned on staying so she no clothes or anything with her, she had just borrowed my shirt to sleep in. Hey Babe, I’ve gone over to your place to get you some stuff, im going to take care of you, if you want anything besides the basics text me and let me know, Love Harry xx. With this I lock the door and leave to her house.


I unlock the door and go into the small apartment shutting the door behind me. I walk into the bedroom and search the closet for a bag. I find the one she normally brings to my place, now I just have to find everything else.  I rummage through the drawers eventually finding her pyjamas  and other clothing items, I find a few pieces I wish I could see her in later but I didn’t grab these I got her clothes which looked  more comfortable. I went in to her bathroom and I honestly had no idea what to take, she had so much stuff, I knew she didn’t need makeup but there was other stuff to, I just grabbed her toothbrush and left.


When I got back to my place it was silent. I walked to the bedroom and Jasmine was still in bed, she turned to face the door, when she saw me she had a small smile on her face. She looked better than she did before but still looked sick. “Hey, you feeling better” I ask. “Yes” she says softly. I climb into bed softly and put my arm around Jasmine. “Harry..” Jaz whispers, “Yeah babe” I ask, “Can we watch a movie” she asks. “Haha of course we can what do you want to watch” I ask. “Can we watch ‘the last song” she asks still in a soft quiet voice, “ok, ill go set it up, do you want any food yet” I ask. “Can I have some popcorn, its plain so I should be ok eating it” she argues. “Ok, ill be right back”.  I go and get the movie and popcorn are return to my room and set the movie up. We spend the rest of the day watching movies and cuddled up in bed. I really didn’t mind as long as Jasmine was happy. She got through most of the day without being sick again and managed to have a shower, im still worried about her though.


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