Dont Let me go - Harry

Jasmine is just a normal girl, she has finished school and is working. she never would of thought her job would give her the opportunities it is. She is falling head over heals in love with everything, from her job her new place new town everything, she has been the happiest she has ever been in years.


8. Doing something special


Harry’s P.O.v

Jasmine is fine by the morning, she must just freak out at night about what happened. I wanted to spoil her today, just so she feels loved. I decide to start of this special day for her with breakfast. I knew she loved pancakes so I decided to make these for her. I had just started to cook them when jasmine came out of her room. “Hi babe, how are you” I ask as I greet her with a tight embrace hoping she is fine.

“I’m fine” she replies holding on tightly to me.

I serve us breakfast and we have it and talk for a while. As soon as we are done I tell jasmine to go and get ready while I clean up. She asks where we are going but I refuse to tell her and reply with saying it’s a surprise.

Jasmines P.O.V

Harry would not tell me where we were going so I had no clue what to wear or do, I look through my wardrobe trying to decide what to wear. “Harry is it casual or fancy clothes I need to wear” I yell from my room. “Casual will be fine, but you can go fancy if you want its up to you” harry replies. Great, this still gives me no clue on what im going to wear. I decide to go with a mix of both. I put on my denim skinny jeans, a knitted black jumper along with my converse. I swear ive become addicted to my converse. My hair was naturally wavy and was sitting decently today so I left it out, only putting a few strands back in a plait that didn’t fit properly. I left my makeup very plain, I put a light layer of foundation on, mascara and a small line of eyeliner on the top lid. As im doing my makeup I can hear harry getting changed. When I walk out harry is dress casual but OMG did he look good. It is just a thing that comes naturally to that boy I think. He was dressed in a simple white top and black jeans. With both of us ready we leave in Harrys car to where ever it is we are going.


We pull up infront of a humble take-away shop, Harry tells me to wait in the car while he goes in and gets our order. He wont tell me what he got thought, he then started the car and we are going somewhere else. We arrive at a beautiful park. We walk over to this massive tree and sit under it. Harry had got us chicken and chips as he knew I didn’t like fish. We probably stayed at the park for an hour or two. I then assumed that we would be going home, but I got proved wrong again.  We went around many shops and just looked around. Harry then said he had another surprise, the next thing I know I am at the bowling alley with Harry. Harry knew I loved bowling but I haven’t been once since I moved, mainly because I didn’t know where it was. I was so tired by the end of the day, I went straight for the lounge when I got home and crashed.


When I woke up Harry wasn’t there, I look around the house and find a note on the kitchen bench. 

‘Forgot to get something while we were shopping, just gone down to get it will been home soon, have got my phone if you need me, love Harry’

I decide to just watch tv while I wait for Harry to return. I am only watching tv for maybe 10 minutes when Harry does return.

“Hey babe” Harry greats me with along with a kiss.

“Heyy” I reply watching him to see what he brought.

Harry comes over to me and sits next to me with a bag.

“What’s this” I question. Harry pulls out a box. I panic for a minute, we haven’t been together for long, there is no occasion, im not ready to be engaged.

“Don’t freak out” Harry tells me. I am hoping by this it means it nothing major and ain’t so panicked now.

“this is yours to open” Harry says handing me the small box.

I slowly lift the lid. I am relieved and excited to see a necklace in the box. A silver chain with a silver charm on the end. The charm was a star with one diamond at the point.

“Harry, this is beautiful, but why did you get it” I question



A/N: Hey, ok I know it has been AGES since I updated, and I am really sorry but I have had major trouble with my laptop. I know it seems like im delaying writing this story, yes I have had writers block but I have also been really busy. I had assignments just before school finishes and because I used 2 computers for 1 assignment and they had different updates of software I cannot access all of my writing documents properly, I really don’t know how to fix it, but I have found a way to access them and be able to edit them finally.

I would also like to say I love all the boys I really do but I just cant seem to write properly about the others as well as harry so I will be writing more Harry fanfics, I have a few ideas in mind. So thankyou for patience, like, favourite comment just give some feedback. Thanks again and love you all.


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