Dont Let me go - Harry

Jasmine is just a normal girl, she has finished school and is working. she never would of thought her job would give her the opportunities it is. She is falling head over heals in love with everything, from her job her new place new town everything, she has been the happiest she has ever been in years.


5. A day out with you!

The restaurant was so fancy to anything had ever been to. all I was thinking in my head was here goes the budget. The worst part was there were no prices on the menu, god this made my choice in meal so much harder. I didn’t want to waste the meal by just getting a salad so I should have a proper meal but I didn’t want anything like seafood which would cost heaps so I just got a chicken pasta, surely that wouldn’t be too badly priced compared to other options. Between the boys they all had different dishes. We all got along fine talking. We all ate our meals which were so so so good then went back to talking. I was more interested in learning more about the boys, the sort of stuff they tell people off camera and the fans didn’t even really know but they just kept questioning me. And every now and then make fun of my accent, how I say something, or the phrases I used. It’s a bit hard adapting to all there lingo. “I was wondering if you would like to come to our show tonight” Niall asked practically out of nowhere. “Umm sure that would be a great experience” I reply very excited but keeping calm. “Well that is great, will be good to have you there” Zayn adds. “My pleasure, one thing , I thought use weren’t on tour at the moment so where are you performing” I question. “we are off tour for a little longer and we are performing at the fair ground because it is a charity event and they have other stuff going on aswell ” Louis explained. “Aww that is so sweet, I will be so happy to go but I feel bad that im not paying for a ticket now” I explain. “It’s fine love, we had some passes to give out anyway and there will be rides you can go on to pay” Harry explains. “Well that is good I guess we better get going to get ready if we want to hang out before the show” I surgest even though there was plenty of time but I need to change and do a lot of other stuff. “Ok we will just pay and we can go” Liam states. I grab my purse and follow the boys to the counter to pay. “what are you doing” Harry shocks me asking this question. “Umm paying for my lunch” I explain. “No need its my shout and don’t argue ok” Harry sternly informs me. “Fine, your very bossy you know” I add. “Well a beautiful girl like you deserves lunch to be bought for her” He informs me along with a cheeky grin on his face.


I don’t invite the boys in when I get dropped home as i had too much to do to get ready. I go and have a shower and go to my wardrobe and rummage around to try and find something to wear. It has to be nice and good but not to good because it is a fair and it will probably cold at night but not when I get there god its hard to find the ideal outfit. I end up settling on jeans with boots, I have a white floating thin shirt with a black camisole underneath. I add a few extra curls to my naturally wavy hair and then go to the bathroom to do my makeup, I want to glam it up a bit for tonight. So I do a smokey eye and add some silver glitter into it. As soon as I’m finished getting ready I start to walk over to the boys place as there was still daylight.


I walk up to the boys front door and knock. I wait a few moments before the door is finally opened. A mop of curls peep from behind the door and welcomes me in not revealing another limb. When I am inside I am greeted by a half dressed Harry. He leads me into the living room before he excuses himself to finish getting ready. Harry is the first ready out of all the boys. We sit on the lounge and talk, while we wait for the other boys. Harry goes a bit quieter than his normal self.

“Are you ok Harry” I ask

“Yeah I’m great,…. Can I ask you something”

“Sure, what’s up”

“Will you be my girlfriend” Harry asks while holding onto my hand in hope.

“Of course” I say with a smile before being embraced in a hug.

It wasn’t long till everyone was ready and we had left to show. The showground was still empty at this stage. The band was setting up and the boys were about to run through sound check. It was amazing listening to them and seeing them just mucking around. The boys finish sound check just as people are starting to arrive. The boys spread out and go around the fair looking at stuff and decide to meet up again in a hour to go on some rides and then it will be time to perform.


Harry and I walk around hand in hand just looking at things like the art work which is going to be auctioned off later. We then come across someone doing quick-drawing sketches of people. Harry and I decide it will be fun to get one done and it turns out quite well. When this is done we put the finished work in the one direction van so we don’t have to carry it and won’t lose it. we didn’t really have anything else to look at and we still had some time before we had to meet with the boys so we just went on some small rides. First we went on the bumper cars followed by the merry go round and the Ferris wheel. I found these small rides quiet romantic but I couldn’t wait to go on the bigger ones. I was scared to go on them but I wanted to at the same time. We finally meet up with the boys and go on the rides they were wicked. I felt a bit sick after a few of them but I wasn’t thank god it would have been so embarrassing if I was.


It was finally time for the boys to perform and I was so excited and glad I got to have a break from the rides. They played a mix of songs from both albums. They got a fan on stage who was part of the charity and she asked the boys to sing torn. The boys walked with the girl over to the stairs they had on stage and they all sat down around her and they started singing. It was so good hearing the boys sing this again they haven’t sung it in ages and it was still perfect.


We went on a few more rides before we decided to call it a night. It was about 10pm. I was in the van with the boys as they were giving me a lift home but Harry offered me to stay at his place, I would of but I didn’t want to rush things, the boys were there and I didn’t have any clothes with me. Harry did offer to sleep on the lounge but it was just easier for me to go home but I did say I would stay another night however so that might happen soon. I still can’t believe how lucky I am. I give each of the boys a bit of a hug as we arrive to my place and I give Harry a kiss before I leave and walk up to my front door. before I do I thank all the boys for inviting me. It was the perfect night to me, maybe because of the music, or the rides, or that it was charity, but really I think it was Harry that made it so good.


Ok so i was wondering, do you want me to do a trailer for this fanfic now or do you want me to wait until later, like when i finish the book. i have a draft of what will happen its just getting around to writing it,so oppinions please. THANKYOU to everyone who has liked or favourited or commented, keep it up and feel free to read "just that country girl wanting a chance". thanks guys will try and update sooner this time

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