Untamed Demon's

Kyliee was an ordinary girl in this small world of ours. What she didn't know was, When she turns 18, what she called life is now a Reality. Shes no longer in a day dream, her life is full of crazy messed up things. She meets her worst nightmare, when she runs down an ally in search of hope, or what some people call, Freedom. She meets 4 handsome boys and they become her best friends.Their not telling her about the 5th boy, hes too "Dangerous" they say. They want to protect her, but what if she meets him on accident?


3. 3*2 months later*


Liam's POV

Its been a while since we met Kyliee and its been fun! Shes really sweet and fun!! She lives with us now and its super fun with her shes so adorable. We love to take her out but shes still scared of public places and men. We recently went out to nandos and she got scared seeing as there were 3 teenage boys. I wouldn't blame the girl, but things happen for reasons. Some worse than others. Today were taking Kyliee out to Nandos again for the 3rd time in a row, thanks to Niall. I got a call from... HIM and I looked at the boys to make sure they got the hint and I walked into my bedroom while they distracted Kyliee.

Louis's POV

Liam gave us that look and I knew he was getting a call from HIM. He probably saw Kyliee and wants to take her, which I know Liam wont allow. I just wonder what he really wanted. Liam will tell us in a bit, I had Kyliee eat a bunch of carrots I fed her and Zayn and Niall both danced to some music. She started looking confused and said,

"Are you trying to distract me from liams phone call"?

"NO" Niall shouted almost emedietly and zayn slapped his arm.

She walked upstairs and we didn't dare stop her because she would hear it anyways. We failed our job now lets hope liam's whispering. We her a gasp and running, she ran down the stairs and got shoes, purse, phone, all that and ran out the door crying....

Kyliee's POV

I knew the boys were stalling me from the minute Liam went upstairs. I went up and listen to the convorsation...

"Liam I got to have her, she would be perfect for my collection" A voice said obviously on speaker phone.

I had heard enough I grabbed everything I needed and got out before he could give me away to the boy. I heard the boys screaming my name but I kept running till I couldn't anymore. I sat down by the road and cried, I thought I could really trust them.

Liam's POV

"Liam I got to have her, she would be perfect for my collection" Harry pleaded.

"No! no way! Harry, you need to stop this Your better then this man" I shouted.

"Im coming over don't leave" He exclaimed.

He hung up, I went downstairs to tell the boys but louis was gone. I looked around the house but no sign of him. soon I heard the front door open and louis was standing their panting and looking around.

"Liam, shes gone"

I stood shocked and scared. He was coming, where was she? So many things rushed throught my head.

Harry's POV

I was driving to the boys house when I saw the same girl  sitting on a crub by the road with her face in her hands. Was she crying? Wait why did I care? I pulled by her and got out of the car, I stood in front of her holding out my hand. She looked slowly and then quickly backed away, smart girl. I grabbed her hand forcefully and she squealed. I pulled her up and sat her in the car, I drove home silently.

"You hungry"?

"Yes" she mumbled.

I stopped at Nandos and got her some food. She didn't eat, if she was going to be this stubborn she was going to get me very angry. She fell asleep in the car so I had to carry her into the house she was really cute when  she sleeped. I had to call them and tell them never mind because other wise they will be suspicious. I started calling and Liam answered.

"Where is she Harry" Liam yelled....


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