The new bad boy

This story is about a very nerdy girl named Gianna she is 16 has all A's good after school activities. But she always gets teased because of it all but than the new kid shoes up and changes her hole world and turns it upside down. Will this be good for Gianna or will things get worse along the way....



9. Why did I show up here? Part 2

I ran for a long time an I could here sean get closer an closer to me every minute I kept running an running till I ran out of breath an my body was forcing my to slow down but I kept pushing myself to go about 25 minutes of running Sean finally got me he picked my up by the waist and turned me around and put me over his shoulder. I kept telling him to put me down but he didn't he walked all the way back to his car at the party put my down in the car got in locked the doors an drove to his house. "Would you please just stop an bring me home" "I can't sleep when your gone" "yea but your drunk an your scarring me even more than before" "don't be scared I'm not going to hurt you I'd never let anyone even me hurt you" than he got out the car came to my side got me out an carried me inside bridal style. He set me down on his bed in his room an than he took off his shirt an pants an left himself in boxers than got into bed an fell asleep fast. I got up grabbed his basketball shorts an his whiteT-shirt went into the bathroom changed than came back out an he was standing there outside the door "remember when I told you to make sure you closed something all the way well you should really listen to me" he said as he smirked I ignored him an walked over to the bed I laid down on my side of the bed an wrapped myself in the blankets an than I fell asleep. 

-- next day-- 

i woke up to Sean gone I wondered why but than I got up took a shower cause i smelled like drugs an stuff cause the party last night than got dressed into my die pink shorts an my white flower heels an my jean print shirt that tied at the bottom an than put on some makeup brushed my teeth than went downstairs to eat when I got there sean had plates out with eggs bacon an waffles an toast than there was juice in the cups. Sean came out the kitchen looking a mess an I laughed at the fact he had nothin but food all over him "look at you your a mess" "it's my first time cookin like that for a girl" "oh well you did a good job it looks amazing" "I'm going to go clean up than Ill be right back but you can start eating or whatever you want" "okay" "Kay be right back" an than he kissed my head. (I mean I was an still am mad at him a little for trying to do all that stuff while he was drunk an I didn't like the fact he was drunk ether but at the same time were kids an need to have fun, an yes just to sweet an to cute to be mad at for that long) I put on some tv an scooby doo came on (I have always liked scooby doo as a kid an still do) I put it on grabbed my plate sat down an eat while watchin scooby doo. I heard a doorbell ring so I put my plate down an went to the door I opened it an a tall strong looking man showed up at the door he was tall strong looking had dark dark hair an blue eyes an tan skin. " hey is Sean here?" "Yes why? Who are you?" "I'm Sean's older brother" just than Sean came into the room with his hair all sexy an messy looking from the shower he had his jeans on[an had them a little baggy] an he had his white tank top on, he came over to me an held me around my waist tight. 

Sean: hey what are you doing here?

Seans brother: I'm here to see you an your new girl toy 

me: what do you mean girl toy? 

Sean: he means girlfriend right John 

john: yea sure whatever too call it

me: what's going on here?

Sean: babe go upstairs an get your things I'm taking you home later. 

Me: but Sean-

Sean: now babe. He yelled than he wishpered in my ear "please get all your stuff I don't want you here with him here" 

i did as told I went upstairs an in the bathroom an bedroom I got all my stuff an than later that day he took me home an I unpacked my stuff again. "Sorry I'm having you come back home it's just I don't want you around my brother" "why what's wrong?" "He-he....... Normally when I meet girls he finds out an takes them from me. He always finds a way to take them from me an he is always doing drugs an stuff an always getting into trouble an I don't want you around it" "it's okay ill be fine he's not taking me  away from you I'm all your" 

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