The new bad boy

This story is about a very nerdy girl named Gianna she is 16 has all A's good after school activities. But she always gets teased because of it all but than the new kid shoes up and changes her hole world and turns it upside down. Will this be good for Gianna or will things get worse along the way....



11. What a party!

When me am rose-Chloe got to the party it was jam packed with people music an cars. It was awesome she really new how to party an there wasn't drinking ether cause cheer an us cheer girls are very special about how we look act an our bodies an other stuff there was maybe people making out an other stuff but there was no drinking with made me feel happy an safe. Me an rose-Chloe walked in an we got some sodas an we started to mingle with everyone we could, we even started swimming it was actually fun too it was like I was at a beach party but at night an there was cool neon lights everywhere even in the pool. Rose-Chloe was with Kyle cause Kyle actually dicided to show up after me an rose-Chloe begging him to come they were dancing with eachother outside the pool an drinking sodas an stuff, I was still in the pool than I got out cause it got to many people in it when I got out I put my shorts an short belly tank on an than I fixes my hair an I got my phone back from Kyle an put it in my pocket, I told them I was going to go get a drink an I did but I also told them I was coming back I was but than my one teammate jack asked me to dance with him so I did an it was fun we had lots of fun dancing[an I wasn't uncomfortable around him ever nomatter what we were doing, because aperantly everyone thought or knew he was gay an he actually did act alot like it to so I was ok] me am jack went up stairs to get away from the music a little an talk about something he wanted to talk to me about. When me am jam got up the stairs he pushed me up against the wall an kissed me, I didn't like it cause it wasn't Sean an it was way to fast an I am in a relationship an I thought an everyone else thought he was an is gay. I pushed him off of me with full force than I went to run down the stairs but he pulled me back an placed me on the wall again. 

Me: jack stop you know I'm with Sean, an I thought you were- 

jack: I know but it doesn't seem like it anyway, an I'm not gay I just faked it all to get closer to you. 

Me: wth jack why in the- 

i was cut off by jack pressing his lips to mine again. I tried to push him off but every time I tried he pushed me back again an continued to kiss me. He slowly started to kiss Down my jaw thanto my neck leaving soft kisses. "Jack stop please, jack just please stop" he wouldn't listen to me so I dicided to scream for help an I kept screaming at the top of my lungs than he covered up my mouth an than I took the chance to hit him hard than run I got halfway down the stairs an than right than jack cought me an picked my up over his shoulder an brought me upstairs I kept kicking an screaming for him to stop an for someone to help me than he brought my into a bedroom an places me down on the bed than sat on me an pinning me down I kept fighting an fighting to get away but he kept trying to kiss me. Just than I had wished for Sean to be here I had been wishing for him to be with me for a long time but now I wanted Sean to be here even more. Jack kissed me color bone an I let out a scream for help an than he looked at me an kissed me just than I had seen Sean out the corner of my eyes an than I started crying because what he might be thinking in his head, but instead I turned back to jack an bit his lip so hard he was bleeding. 

Jack: ouch you little f***** fat a** s- 

before he could finish I saw Sean jump all the way across the room into jack an Sean started to punch the life out of jack. As jack kept coughing up blood everywhere Sean kept on punching jack. 

Sean: don't you ever call her that again she is beautiful an amazing an she is not a sl**, you stayaway from her forever I don't care if you have to get off the team you will or I will come back you stay away from her forever if I ever see you around her or talking to her ever again ill kill you. She's my girl not yours a**hole! 

Sean kept punching than I pulled him off of jack because how best jack looked than when I grabbed Sean's arm we started to walk out the room than Sean turned around a kicked jackthree times an I pulled him away. When jack finally looked at me he had seen the tears going down my face an than he whipped them away with his hand an kissed my head an hugged me tight. 

Sean: I'm never leaving you again NEVER. Now let's go home ill pack my stuff an than we go to your house an I put all my stuff in your room an bathroom an ill move in with you. I don't want you at mine my brother is still there getting all the girls wich is gross. 

Me: I don't care where we are or where were going or what the reason is as long as I'm with you forever. 

Me an Sean walked down the stairs said goodbye to everyone said happy birthday to the birthday girl said bye to Kyle an rose-Chloe we went to Sean's house an me am him packed up EVERYTHING in his bedroom an bathroom an put it ALL in his car than we went over to my house unpacked EVERYTHING in my bedroom an bathroom than he put on some sweatpants am a tank an I put on my cheer practice shorts a Sean's jersey hoody on an than we put in the movie coralline an we got popcorn than turned off all the lights got under the covers cuddled an watched the movie in 3D. Than after the movie I put the popcorn on the table next to my bed an than we both laid down cuddled an fell asleep.

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