The new bad boy

This story is about a very nerdy girl named Gianna she is 16 has all A's good after school activities. But she always gets teased because of it all but than the new kid shoes up and changes her hole world and turns it upside down. Will this be good for Gianna or will things get worse along the way....



7. The concert is today

It has been 5 days since me and Sean have talked. I still saw his car outside my window at night sometimes and in school but other than that I never say him or talked to him since what I said to him. And I kinda regret what I said to him cause at first I didn't like him but since I've lost him and I realized how hard he was trying I feel bad and I realized this hole time I did actually like him. And the great knews is me and Chloe have our own popular girl group just me her and than my other friend we did a remodel on jasmine. After school was the concert and I was already wearing my outfit with all the other girls and the bed and the dance team were practicing till we found out we needed a new song for the dance team. And it wasn't hard because the dance team part the band has nothing to do with it aperently. So we decided to dance to the song "runnin" by Jesse McCartney((and others with other dances but this one is the big deal one))and it fit perfectly with the dance but we did have to add more dance moves. Than when we were done it was time for the concert so we started to do all the songs for band wich took a hour than it was finally me and my girls turn and nobody say it coming so all the lights when off than there was a few spot lights and the song started and we started dancing to the hole song with me being in the middle than I kinda started to sing the song since I know the song so well. I sang my heart out with the song and danced at the same time. Than when the song was over it was time to do the other songs with the other dances. 

DNA~ little mix 
Radioactive~ imagine dragons
Animal~ Connor Maynard 
My songs know what you did in the dark(lit em up)~ fallout boys
Your body~ Christina aguilara 
Pom poms~ Jonas brothers
 Already taken~ trey songz 
Do it like you~ Diggy 
Come and get it~ Selina Gomez 
Smile~ Avril lavine 
Do you remember~ jay Sean

an when it came to the last and final song "be good to me" by Ashley Tisdale (((i know old song but it's still good))) I danced my heart out than in the middle of the dance Sean stepped into it and so did all his buddies so it became this hole couple like dance for all of us girls. It was fun and what made it better the hole crowd loved it all it was amazing. When the song finally ended me and the girls went back to the bathroom an changed back I was about to go in with them but as soon as I went to touch the door Sean came up behind me took me to the other side of the hall pressed me up against it and pressed his lips to mine. This time it was longer and more passionate because we both actually meant it, I ended up dropping all my stuff on the floor and put my arms around his neck and he put his arms around my waist and we deepened the kiss even more. Than I finally broke the kiss "Sean I have to go change" "but I like what your wearing now and plus dont you get to keep it anyway?" "Yes I get to keep it forever but I wanna change back to my other clothes" "why I like this outfit on you for one and two it fits for where were going tonight" "where we going?" "A party my buddy is throwing at his house" "oh okay" "yea so let me take your bag and put it in my car" "wait I need to put my phone in my pocket" I grabbed my phone out and put it in my pocket. Than Sean left with my bag filled with all my other stuff in it. 

Than my mom and Devon showed up and gave me a hug group hug and gave me flowers.

Me: what's this for? Where you guys here the hole time? 

Devon: yes we were here the hole time Sean texted me and told me to come cause you wanted us here because you feel like we're never around. 

Mom: is that really true? 

Me: yea sometimes but it's fine you guys came I gave them both another hug. 

Sean: hey you ready to go? As he came up to me while he was on his phone putting it in his pocket. 

Devon: ready to go where? Where my little sister going tonight? 

Me: it's fine dev calm down okay please we're just going over to Chloe's house 

devon: who's Chloe? 

Me: omg dev remember I told you Chloe was my friend in 6th grade than she left and came back and started dating Kyle after that. And Kyle has been my best friend since I was 3 

devon: yea I know about Kyle he was always over when you guys were little and I'd have to babysit you both. 

Mom: okay well just make sure to call and than come home safe okay. 

Me: mom ill be okay I promise. 

Mom: okay I love you Gianna Irish 

than my mom and brother hugged me goodbye and I left with Sean. "Your a good lier to them aren't you" "yes I am a good lier but what do you mean by them" "you are not a good lier with me" "oh okay Sean" than we got in the car and drove off to the party. 

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