The new bad boy

This story is about a very nerdy girl named Gianna she is 16 has all A's good after school activities. But she always gets teased because of it all but than the new kid shoes up and changes her hole world and turns it upside down. Will this be good for Gianna or will things get worse along the way....



5. The big dance!

When we finally got there I realized it was a dancing place. We walked in and there was load music and food and everything it wasn't a club but it seemed like one. We went to take a seat but than one of my favorite songs came on "already take " from trey songz and I jumped on the dance floor and started to dance moving my hole body to the beat of the song than Sean came in with me and before I knew it me and him were both dancing together to the song. It was so fun I hadn't had fun in so long it felt so good to be free and wild and young and beautiful feeling. I wrapped my arms around Sean and he wrapped his arms around my waist and we kissed at the end of the song. Than I fast pushed him off I had realized I kissed a guy I didn't actually like like that and I was just having a date with him it was all too fast so I went and sat down ordered my food eat than we started talking. He talked alot about himself and so did I for once I was able to tell a out myself to someone. After eating an talking for 2 hours I wanted to dance more so I put my jacket and purse and phone in his car than came back and danced with him to all the music. 


Beauty and a beaut~ justin bieber 

Still into you~ paramore
Wings~ little mix
DNA~ little mix 
Love somebody~ maroon 5
The other side~ Jason darulo 

Here's to never growing up~ avril L.

Radioactive~ imagine dragons

We can't stop~ Miley cyrus 

Turn around~ Connor Maynard 

My songs know what you did in the dark(lit em up)~ fallout boys

Intoxicated~ the cab

Ooh la la~ Britney Spears

Your body~ Christina aguilara 

Pom poms~ Jonas brothers

The way~ Ariana grande

Wanted~ hunter Hayes 
With your love~ cher loyd 

Crazy kids~ Kesha 

Your love is my drug~ Kesha 

For the first time~ the script 

Dance with me tonight~ olly murs 

 Swing swing~ American rejects 

I need your love~ Ellie goulding 

Teenage dream~ Katy perry 

Is it you~Cassie 

Endlessly~ the cab

Hot~ avril lavine 

What about love~ Austin mahone 

Come and get it~ Selina Gomez 

Love like woe~ the ready set 

Right thru me~ Nicki  Minaj 

Hero~ Enrique Iglesias 

 Already taken~ trey songz 

Do it like you~ Diggy 

Gimmie dat~ Ciara

after all that music we finally decided to take me home we paid for the food than left and Sean took me home after he took me home he kissed my on the cheek and said bye right before I got out the car I turned around for some reason grabbed his arm before he turned his car back on and asked "can you stay?" "I thought you were scared of me and you didn't wan anything to go to fast" "it's not I just want you to hangout with me till my mom gets home" "yea sure, okay ill spend the night and just sleep in the floor" than he took his bag out his car and came into my room and while he was changing I was changing in my bathroom and when I was done I walked out and went into bed. Than Sean came back into my room wearing basketball shorts and a no shirt and it was so amazingly beautiful he had amazing taj skin and a perfect so pack with a v line showing a little. And than he laid down on the floor. "Sean can you cuddle with me please" "sure" than he got up wrapped me in his arms and we fell asleep in each others arms. 

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