The new bad boy

This story is about a very nerdy girl named Gianna she is 16 has all A's good after school activities. But she always gets teased because of it all but than the new kid shoes up and changes her hole world and turns it upside down. Will this be good for Gianna or will things get worse along the way....



6. The big dance part 2

When I woke up this morning I took a shower got on my London print jeans my American print converse and my red belly tank top on my mascara eyeliner lipgloss blush and earrings ring bracelet and neckless that had the Paris tower on it, brushed my teeth put perfume on. Than put my phone with my new case on it that said "dream it wish it do it" on it and put it in my pocket. I walked out got to my bedroom walked out my bedroom and down the stairs to the kitchen got some milk and a bowl and made cereal with some orange juice. Than 20 minutes later Sean came down wearing baggy jean shorts with a chain on it a white a grey striped tank top and than a black leather jacket with a blue hat. He went and got a bowl and milk and made some cereal and started eating also. 

Sean: so what are we doing today? 

Me: I don't know yet. I took a bit than I heard something drop on the floor. I than looked up swallowed my food. Than say Sean staring at me an his phone on the floor. 

Me: are you always to clumsy *haha* 

sean: only when there is an amazingly beautiful girl with me. 

Me: oh so that's why you have been so clumsy lately.

sean: yea lol at you your beautiful. 

I took my head down while blushing and shoot my head. 

Sean: you are to beautiful you are more beautiful than any other girl I've seen. As he picked my head up from my chin than looked me in the eyes our heads now only inches away from each others. Than he came closer than went to kiss me but than I heard a *cough cough* I looked up and say Devon I jumped from my seat ran to him and hugged him tight. 

Me: Devon I've missed you when did you get home? 

Devon: I got home early this morning. I've come back because its summer break for 3 weeks. 

Me: yay. I'm soo happy. 

Devon: yea me too sis. But who is this? He said pointing at Sean. 

Me: oh this is Sean my never Mind and Sean this is my older brother Devon he justgot break from collage. 

Sean: hi nice to meet you Devon. 

Devon: hi Sean. So how old are you?

sean: I'm 17 I go to the same school as your sister, I play football and baseball, I'm a boxer and male model. I like to hangout with friends or Gianna for fun. I play the piano drums and guitar. And I don't drink or do drugs. 

Devon: okay that's good. You better treat my little sister right though you hear me buddy.

me: Devon that's enought we just started dating gosh. 

Devon: I'm just looking out for you sis. 

Me: thank you but I'm fine okay I promise. 

Devon: okay but if anything happens tell me okay. 

Me: okay. Than I gave him a hug again than I finished my cereal and so did Sean we cleaned our dishes than we headed out the door. 

Sean: so what do you want to do babe. 

Me: one don't call me babe were not an actually couple two I only called you my boyfriend cause my ex was there and the only reason why I still do and do all this is because my family already know me and you are together cause my mom so I'm just faking okay. 

Sean: fine than get in the car and well take you to Kyle's than. 

Me: okay fine. 

I buckled myself in and so did Sean and than we drove off I didn't like the ride tho cause he was so fast and it just scared me when he was angry. 

Me: calm down Sean please your scaring me. 

Sean: shut up he yelled at me. 

Me: stop now your scaring the shit out of me. 

Sean: just shut up okay we're almost there. 

We finally pulled into Kyle's house Kyle came out and walked over to me and Sean in the car. 

Sean: get out my car now. As he pushed me out I ended up falling on the ground and than Sean shut his car door and drove off. 

Kyle: what the hell man. 

Me: Kyle just leave it alone please. Than Kyle helped me up. I just ended up hanging out with Kyle and Chloe all day 

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