The new bad boy

This story is about a very nerdy girl named Gianna she is 16 has all A's good after school activities. But she always gets teased because of it all but than the new kid shoes up and changes her hole world and turns it upside down. Will this be good for Gianna or will things get worse along the way....



15. The big break up part 2

Mom: that's great sweetie 

Sean: yea it is great... I love bieng with Gianna 

*ding ding* 

from: rose-Chloe 

to: me

hey I wanted to go shopping for dresses with you cause the school dance is coming up soon do you wanna come ill pick you up? 

From: me 

to: Chloe 

yes of course when you gonna come get me? I'm already ready for the day. 

From: Chloe

to: me

right now I'm just pulling up come outside... An leave Sean behind I heard him an Kyle were probably gonna hangout. 


I put my phone in my pocket said good he to everyone than grabbed my purse an than headed for the door. When I headed for the door Sean turned me around an pressed his lips onto mine his arms tight around my waist an I put mine around his neck when we releasedthe kiss he said "I love you Gianna Irish" with those words my stomach felt nothing but butterflieslike never before an my heart felt liked it was skeeping beats. "I love you too Sean" an with those words I kissed his cheek an than left got into Chloe's car an me m Chloe headed to the mall. 


When me am Chloe got the the mall we went to every dress store we could/ can find it took 4 hours to find a dress for the dance Chloe had got a beautiful pinkish purple velvet dress that went down to her knees am it went in at her waist an it was strapless. I had picked a long flowing medium blue dress that went in at my waist an went down to my ankles an the straps go around my neck an the back showed my back all the way till it got close to my butt than it stopped there. Me an Chloe went to her house to drop off the dresses than we went to a party at the skate place/ park place an meet up with Kyle an Sean when we got to the party Kyle an Chloe were hanging out talking an dancing an having fun an I was walking around EVERYWHERE looking for Sean. 

----- Sean's prove---- 

"come on Sean it's just a little fun noone is going to find out" Stacy had said to me trying to kiss me am put her hands all over me. Stacy had locked me in the room with here she said she just wanted to talk an way sorry about how she treated me because of my brother an now it's not my fault but she lied an I was to focused of Gianna an I told Stacy I'm with Gianna about 10000 times now but she kept trying to kiss me. "Stacy stop were over we have been over for 2 years now I'm with someone else an I love her very much an I don't want to hurt her, an I'm not gonna let you ruin it ether so just leave me alone" an with that I unlocked the door an headed out an I saw Gianna looking around I went I go up to her an when I finally got within 7-8 feet of her Stacy had come jumping infront of me an planted a kiss on my lips wrapping her arms around my neck an locking her lips with mine. I didn't like it at all it was gross an I didn't feel anything I grabbed her waist an pushed her off I looked up an Gianna had been running for her live an that when I knew she had seen Stacy plant one on me an I ran after Gianna. 

I had been running after Gianna for 20 minutes I got closer an closer to her every second because how determined I was to tell her what happened I had finally caught up with her after yelling at her an running after her I picked her up over my shoulder an started walking into the alleyway. "Put me down Sean now" "put me down" "leave me alone" she kept kicking hitting an yelling at me. I put her down an looked at her she had been crying her eyes out it looked like I felt horrible for having her cry even tho it wasn't my fault I felt it was. I looked deep into her eyes am felt how hurt she was an I kissed her I grabbed her tight around the waist she had kept trying to push me off her but i kept fighting her for it, she finally gave up an I lifted her up her legs wrapping around my waist an her arms around my neck we had both deepens the kiss than she had pulled away. I put her down an rested my head on hers an still had my arms around her waist holding her tight "Gianna I'm sooooo sorry you saw that I didn't mean for that to happen it just did I tried to stop it it was my ex the one I told you about she had come back cause my brother did something again I guess an she tried but I walked away an than when I saw you an guess it just happened I didn't want it to I didn't like it or anything I pushed her off, I'm so sorry I love you Gianna so much" I had waited for an answer for what seemed like the longest time ever but really it was just 3 minutes "I love you too Sean" was all she said she didn't say anything else I didn't I know what she was feeling about the hole thing or anything all I got was I love you too I mean I liked it cause it means she still loves me an everything but it doesn't 100% tell me where we go from here so I was kinda worried. 

Gianna took my hand an we walked all the way to the park an laid there cuddling watching the clouds an the sunset for 2 hours  

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