The new bad boy

This story is about a very nerdy girl named Gianna she is 16 has all A's good after school activities. But she always gets teased because of it all but than the new kid shoes up and changes her hole world and turns it upside down. Will this be good for Gianna or will things get worse along the way....



1. School work home you got it

I woke up early this morning took a shower put my hair up in a bun put my classes on my jeans converse my blue shirt and my hoody on than I grabbed all my books and my phone put them in my bag pack went down stairs grabbed som toast and than left for the school bus. When I got to the bus all the other kids were there( yay time for everyone to pick on Gia)(everyone knows me as Gia) as I went to go on the bus people pushed me aside and I fell on the bus floor and everyone laughed at me I got up and went in my seat in the back of the bus. When we got to a book I noticed people talking about he new guys and how hot he is and how great his car looks and stuff. Than when I say them pointing to the car I looked it was a nice car it was actually the car I've always wanted but I could never afford it right now I'm to busy with school and collage. Than I bumped into someone and I dropped all my stuff I than dropped to the floor picking up all my stuff and putting it in my bag than I noticed they had my phone. I looked up and I say the person he was hot he had dark borwn hair blue eyes perfect pink lips and his was tall. I could tell right there he was the new guy. 

New guy: here's your phone are you okay? He said with a kind smile 

me: yes I'm fine thank you. I took my phone put in my pocket than I I started to walk off. 

New guy: hey where you going? 

Me: to class just like you should. 

New guy: yea that's he problem idk where my classes are can you help me find than all? 

Me: go ask one of the popular girls there dieng for your attention. 

New guy: yea I know, but I asked you 

( what is his problem he isn't supost to talk to me I'm the nerdy one in school everyone hates me everyone stays away from me doesn't he know that) 

me: well I'm sorry but I can't go ask one of the popular girls or someone else. As I reached my locker and started to take in and out stuff for my classes. 

Popular girl: hey is she bugging you? Hey Gia why don't you leave him alone

i went to leave as she said but than the new guy grabbed my arm and pulled my into him wrapping his arm around my shoulder infront of the most popular girls in school. 

New guy: no she is fine this is her locker. I am the one talking to her not her talking to me me and her out fine. 

Popular girl: why are you even trying with her she is so ugly and fat and nerdy and a loser.Unless you are just trying to play hard to get wich I can play. 

New guy: no I'm good I'd rather hangout with a sweet heart than a bitch. But thanks he saidsmiling at her in a mean way. Than the popular girls walked away. 

Me: why did you do that you could be hanging out with all the popular cool people not me. She is right about me. 

New guy: maybe she is maybe she not well just have to see about that, now than I know your name Gia I should tell you mine. My name is Sean. As he looked at me with a smile and his bug beautiful blue eyes. 

Me: one it's not Gia people just now me as Gia my real name is Gianna. And nice to meet you Sean. 

Sean: oh okay Gianna. And nice to meet you too, so where is your first class? 

Me: I have math, history, science, social studies, art, than band 

sean: I have those class's but art I'm not good at art really. 

Me: oh that's great( in my head I was kinda mad, I didn't want the new kid hitting on me or tryi. To win me over or lossing his chance of bieng with the populars it's just how it goes) 

me and Sean walked into class after class after class till I finally had art. I walked into art and sat next to my bestfriend Kyle( my and Kyle pretty much grew up together we have been friends since we were 3) I sat next to Kyle and started my project 

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