The new bad boy

This story is about a very nerdy girl named Gianna she is 16 has all A's good after school activities. But she always gets teased because of it all but than the new kid shoes up and changes her hole world and turns it upside down. Will this be good for Gianna or will things get worse along the way....



17. Please don't go there

I woke up took took a shower put on Sean's basketball shorts an teeshirt on put my hair in a messy bun than went down to the kitchen to make pancakes, I got the batter a bowl an the other stuff out an started to make pancakes, when I was done I put some on a plate for me an some on a plate for Sean I grabbed some orange juice put it into two cups an than put it back when I closed the friged I saw a tall figured behind me from the fridge but I could really see who it was so I turned around an I saw Sean's brother he was looking at me with a smirk "you know you look good in that" he said looking me up an down "thanks I guess, an please do keep you eyes up here on my face" I said than I grabbed a tray put the plates on it an the cups of juice on it an when I went to pick it up Sean's brother had put on of his hands around my waist an the other covering my mouth. I tried to get free but we just kept getting stronger, than I could feel his hand get loose so I bit his hand as hard as I could so that we would let go. He let go of my alright but not only that he screamed an than pushed me onto the floor as I was trying to get to sean((where the hell is Sean an why can't he hear all this)) I screamed for Sean "Sean, Sean he-" Sean's brother kicked me "that's what you get for biting me" I was now holding my stomach in pain wishing for Sean to come help, but he didn't an Sean's brother was hurting me badly Sean's brother knelt down onto his knees grabbed my arms an put them to each side of my head an had me laying on my back "now let's see why Sean is so in love with you sal we, an don't scream or dare try to escape" than he went to go in for a kiss but I had to do what I had to do so I head budded him as hard as I could an of course that got him off my I jumped up an ran up the stairs "Sean help your brothers here please help" an with that Sean came running he was all wet from head to toe( I guessed he was taking a shower an that's why he didn't hear anything) he had his boxers an jeans on having no time to put a shirt on because what I had said an no time to do anything else ether. 

Sean: what did he do did he hurt you? 

I just looked down to the floor not wanting to answer an I put my arms around my stomach. Sean moved my arms so fast an quick I couldn't react than he pulled my shirt up an say the bruises from him kicking me. 

Sean: what is that? 


Sean: tell me Gianna 

me: he tried to flirt with me so I shoved him off than he grabbed me an tried to kiss me an when I but him he pushed me on the ground an started to kick me till I couldn't move than he pinned me down an tried to kiss me again. 

Sean: I'm gonna kill him. 

Me: Sean it's over I'm fine he probably gone anyway. 


Sean went running down the stairs looking for his brother than when we got into the living room his brother was there watching tv. "Oh hi brother how's your morning" an while he was saying that Sean was coming up to him jaw tense fists clenched an eyes filled with anger. An Sean swung a punch at his brother an than swung a few more to the point his brother was laying on the floor an Sean was on top of him punching the life out of his brother an blood was getting all over the carpet. 

Me: Sean stop your doing to kill him 

sean: Gianna stop 

me: Sean if you kill him you will go to jail 

sean: as long as he's died I'm fine 

me: Sean just please stop that enough let's just go please. An I went to get Sean off of his now almost died brother(I mean I hate his brother am want him to die to but not like this not because of me an I don't want Sean to go to jail an I don't want to loose him) an when I went to grab Sean his arm was swinging back an it hit my face I knew it did cause I felt it but it didn't hurt as much tho cause there was so much on my mind I couldn't focuse on the pain so I tried to grab Sean off again an this time I didn't get hit I grabbed his arm an pulled up to me, Sean was off of his brother an holding me so tight that if it got any tighter I think I might pass out "please don't be mad at me or hate me or leave me" "I'm not Sean ill always be here with you always" an with that Sean grabbed the rest of his stuff in his room put It all in his car he got fully dressed an we left so the only person that was living in that house was his brother with his brothers stuff there was not one inch of Sean's stuff there at that house anymore. 

We drove back to my house an we put all the rest of his stuff in my room an in my bathroom. Than I got the aid kit an help Sean clean up his hands that were all bloody from the fight with his brother.

sean: when are your parents an your brother getting home? Like shouldn't they be here? 

Me: my mom an dad always go camping together on weekends so they won't be back till Sunday an Devon won't be back till later he went to his girlfriends house for a while. 

Sean: so we have this place to ourselfs 

me: yup unless you want to go somewhere today 

sean: we should go to the beach 

me: okay ill get ready 

sean: okay me too 


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