The new bad boy

This story is about a very nerdy girl named Gianna she is 16 has all A's good after school activities. But she always gets teased because of it all but than the new kid shoes up and changes her hole world and turns it upside down. Will this be good for Gianna or will things get worse along the way....



23. is this the end?

I was getting a little nervous around Sean so I decided to call chloe and hangout with her for a while so I told Sean I'd see him later than I got my phone and my keys and headed over to Chloe's. When I got to Chloe's we got coffee and than headed back to her place to go talk, we sat down in her living room when I finally came out with it.

"Dylan kissed me" "oh my god he did what" "Dylan kissed me Chloe I was driving him home after we had a bite to eat an I went to walk him into his house cause he wanted me too meet his buddy I thought but instead of that happening he grabbed me and kissed me. An I don't know what to do about it I feel like it's my fault an, an-" "calm down stop freaking out, Gianna everything will be okay it's not your fault you didn't know that would happen...but you didn't kiss back did you? An does Sean know?" "I know but still it did happen. An no I didn't kiss back I mean I'm with Sean and I still love Sean a lot.. An no I didn't tell him" "well you gotta tell him sooner or later because he's gonna find out one way or another soon" "I know I was just scared to when I talked to him because he was so sad that and thinking me and him were gonna end and stuff" "well it does kinda seem that way like you two hated each other than loved each other an you two just kept going back and forth between love and hate. Like now both of you are just like whatever in the relationship so you both are ether gonna end soon or stay together an prove everyone wrong" wow is all that true? I guess it is I mean we do have those times but is it really that bad like that? "Okay well I gotta go I'll see you later, I'm going to go talk to Sean" "okay bye Gia" I got into my car and drove home but as I was driving home I blasted my music super load and thought about everything me and Sean have gone though and thinking if me and him really can last?or if it's just time for a break? Or if there is just something missing between us that completed our relationship but has someone stopped?

When I got home I took my shoes off locked the door behind me and walked upstairs. When I got upstairs I walked into my room and put my phone and keys on my dresser I didn't see Sean anywhere but I heard the water running so he must be taking a shower so I just decided to start walking around my room while I had my stereo on an trying to think of a way to tell Sean what happened(music always helps me think better) when Sean finally came out and I noticed he has (boxers of course) and jeans but no shirt on yet and I couldn't help but stare I mean one he's my boyfriend so I can if I want and to even if he was just a friend I still would I mean he's super hot. "Hey babe when did you get back" he said walking up to me and giving me a kiss on my lips "I got back about 3 minutes ago or something" "oh okay well there is this party one of my model buddies is throwing and he invited us if you wanna go" "I'd love to go it'd be fun especially for me and you.. But umm" but what Gia" "Sean we need to sit down real quick" than we both sat down in the bed but before I could speak I got back up pacing around the room trying to swallow down the huge lump in my throught "Gianna tell me what's wrong or what's going on" he kind of yelled at me while he was still sitting on the bed so I finally got the courage I walked up to him and I looked into his eyes holding both his hands hoping it would make him a little calm about things instead if freaking out an than came the truth "Dylan kissed me" Sean had this look, the look of anger but no just any anger the kind of anger where you wanna kill someone an his hands started to grip on mine really tight and it started to hurt really bad. So much hoe Sean being a little calm about things! "Dylan what, he is so fucking died. When I see him I'm going to kill him. Nobody touches my girl but me! And you, you just let it happen you let him kiss you how can you be so fucking stupid Gianna how could you not have seen it coming... Wait a minute you are cheating on me aren't you with him and your trying to make it seem like... Were done Gianna and I'm going to take care of that Dylan guy too" oh my god what is wrong with him he has finally reached from crazy to scary crazy. I didn't know what to do to make it right so I just did what I do best as he was still sitting down I jumped on him and kissed him. He didn't really feel into it anymore so I kept trying and trying and he still wasn't into it maybe it was really over maybe he was joking this time, an so I started to get sad and started to cry I wanted to hold it in like I normally always try to do but it all just came down my face nothing but tears every second down my face. I had a feeling Sean wouldn't care ether because he already didn't like the kiss he is also mad at me and thinks I cheated when I didn't an he hasn't done anything about me crying so I got up and grabbed my phone and keys and headed for the bedroom door so I could go downstairs and leave for a while but than Sean grabbed my arm and this time it didn't hurt. "Gianna please don't leave I'm sorry" "I-I don't think n-now is the time s-Sean" "Gianna I'm sorry I hurt your arms and I'm sorry I'm making you cry I didn't mean to it's just I hate the fact that all these guys are going after you even though they know I love you and that I'm with you and it makes me sometimes loose it, I'm sorry.. Gianna please just stay we can continue with what you started to do or we can talk more about it an you can tell me what really happened" "Sean.." "Please Gianna just stay" it took me a minute but than I put my phone and keys down closed the door and than went and sat down on the end with Sean. "So tell me what happened I wanna hear your story" I whipped my tears away and sucked it up than spoke "well me and Dylan were just getting something to eat that's it and we talked about work and live most he talked though than after we eat I drove him home and when he was about to get out the car an I was about to leave he jumped strait at me and kissed me it didn't mean anything though and it was only for a second because I pulled away and he got out an I drove off and came right home than we talked than I went to Chloe's told her about it than cake back here and well yeah" "you told Chloe about this before you told me" "yes but it's because I was scared to tell you at fear because I knew you were going to freak out like you just did and I couldn't tell Kyle because he is at his dad's house for a family get together an Chloe is the only other person besides Kyle who can calm me down and get me back on track when it comes to stuff between me and you." "So what I'm just like this guy you go and tell your friends about and all the problems we have an shit" no Sean.. No it's not like that it's just that ever since that one night that I first gave myself to you, you have done nothing but act different" "how do I act different" "your always thinking guys like me all of the sudden, you always freak out at me over almost everything, you get drunk and act out at parties, you started talking to your ex again behind my back an than when we had that very little break an I hooked up with Matt you freaked out about that even though you were just having a secret thing with you ex for who knows how long I mean the list goes on Sean.. You have done nothing but act different and to be honest your the reason this relationship is failing because the truth is nobody I mean nobody is into me and even if they are they don't tell me or show me that they are they leave me alone because they know that I am madly in love with you the only two guys that have ever done anything about it was Matt and now Dylan, and I don't talk to my exes behind your back ether I don't even know if they even are alive anymore because I don't care about my exes to still talk to them behind my boyfriends back, an I don't get drunk at parties and act out because of it, and I also don't think that every girl is after you I mean yes girls love how hot you are and I'm pretty sure that on the inside they want you but they know your with me and you love me so they aren't going to do anything about it. Do you know why I don't do those things or think about those things or worry about those things anymore... The hole reason why I gave myself to you in the first place is because I am madly and deeply in love you and and I trust you with all my heart nomatter how much bullshit we have gone through I still trust an love you... But the more things go like this I'm starting not to and I'm also starting to think that you are too or that maybe you already have" an that fact I had just said everything that I have ever been feeling for the past couple weeks or months I had yet again had tears going down my face because all my feeling coming out and the fact he was just standing there looking dumb founded at me so I didn't bother with grabbing my phone but I took my arm away from Sean grabbed my keys and headed down the stairs. When I got down that stairs I put my shoes and coat back on and was about to leave the house when I felt Sean's arms wrapped around me and spin me around than plant his lips to mine. A part of me wanted to pull away but the other part of me wanted to stay like this forever, but that soon changed when he held tighter and tried to deepen the kiss an I could feel his tears down his face and I had a feeling he new he had really messed up and needed to make up for it or something so I dropped my stuff and put my arms around his neck and also deepened the kiss. He picked me up knowing I wanted him to and than carried me into our bedroom than he put my down on the bed not breaking the kiss. We were making out for what seemed like forever, he took off my shirt and I took off his than he slowly slid down my pants and started to kiss each side of my thighs than my stomach than each part of my beasts that were hanging out of my bra than my neck and kept kissing and sucking on my sweet spot making me moan as he kept pressing his body against mine, I soon took his pants off than his boxers an we started to kiss again while I was on top for now. We didn't break the kiss for 10 minutes now and he was slowly making his way up from my bum to my bra an unhooking it an taking it off me still not breaking the kiss than he flipped us over so he was hovering over me again than got off and took my panties off than got back to hovering over me and kissing me. "I love you so much babygirl" "I love you too" than he slid himself into me and started to thrust in and out an with every minute that went bye he would thrust harder and faster making us both scream and moan. After an hour we both reached our final climax and he pulled out plopping on the bed next to me while we both start to catch our breath "that was amazing" I said catching my breath more better "yeah it was I hope we do that again soon" Sean said wrapping me up in his arms "you know babygirl I'm glad we had this fight than made love after it because without it you'd be gone and I'd be depressed and most of all I wouldn't of known how you have been feeling for me to be able to fix things between us" "your not the only one that has to fix things between us I mean there is two of us in this relationship so both of us have to work things out together and even if I was gone id come back because I love you" "I love you too babygirl"

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