The new bad boy

This story is about a very nerdy girl named Gianna she is 16 has all A's good after school activities. But she always gets teased because of it all but than the new kid shoes up and changes her hole world and turns it upside down. Will this be good for Gianna or will things get worse along the way....



10. I'm on top of the world!

It has been 3 weeks of not seeing Sean I was starting to feel wored but at the same time I wasn't it gave me time to work on me. I had gotten even more better at school an outside of school an now I was going to go iut to competion for a couple months after next week with my cheerteam i wasnt cheer captian i didnt want to be an plus i had kinda lost my popularity a littl bit anyways but its good cause it was getting the best of me anyway, an chloe went back to bieng kinda rose an chloe at the same time so pretty much everything was kinda normal an back the way it was. i was sad I couldn't tell Sean but I had a feeling he already knew because sometimes he'd text me saying hi an I miss you an how he is just protecting me an how good of a job I have been doing an other stuff. I try texting back but I always get distracted by something, me an rose-Chloe are at the mall shopping an than after we to shopping were going to our cheerleading party(well actually it's a girl on the teams birthday an it's a swimsuit party but also Hawaiian too) when me am rose-Chloe got into the store her an I had tried on tons of outfits(swimwear) for the party. I we had finally paid than went over to her house to get ready. 

Rose-Chloe: hey Gia are you ready to go yet? 

Me: hold on can you help me with this? 

Rose-Chloe: yea of curse 

she walked in wearing her hot pink swimsuit with her Hawaiian skirt an all her hair to the other side of her head down into little curls at the bottom an than a fake rose pinned on the other side[she always used fake flowers because she didn't want bugs around her] I was wearing my baby blue swimsiut with a small litte fake flower in the left side if my bottoms up to toward my stomach an my hair in a messy bun an than a bow in my hair. She helped me put on the waterproof makeup on an than she did hers too an we got out shoes on an put our phones in our bags went to the car an drove off to the party. 

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