The new bad boy

This story is about a very nerdy girl named Gianna she is 16 has all A's good after school activities. But she always gets teased because of it all but than the new kid shoes up and changes her hole world and turns it upside down. Will this be good for Gianna or will things get worse along the way....



13. I think I love him part 2

When we got to the mall we had wen to to get some food an when we were done eatin food we just looked around in stores at the mall. After 2 hours of bieng at the mall we went back to my house. We sat down on my bed an watched movies we were watching the movie bring it on: all or nothing when Kyle asked me a question.

kyle: so what's goin on with you an Sean? Your not doing anything bad or doin things you should are you? 

Me: me an Sean are good, he moved in with me yesterday caused we couldn't be away from eachother anymore an he would rather me still be here Than with him an his brother. An no I am not doing anything bad or doin things I shouldn't..................yet. 

Kyle: oh okay, wait what.. What you mean not yet. 

Me: I'm messing with you Kyle. I said laughing 

kyle: okay okay don't do that tho.. You know your like my little sister so I'm just looking out for you. 

Me: okay I know you are just looking out for me older brother. An I laughed an nughed his shoulder. 

Kyle: so do you love him? I mean you two have been together for 3 months or is that a no? 

Me: so what movie should we watch next imma get popcorn an other snacks an you pick the movie 

i ran threw my door an ran downstairs shortly Kyle walked into the kitchen while I was making the popcorn an getting candy an drinks. I say him next to the door of the kitchen standing an smirking at me. "It's not hard to say yes or no" "I like him an I like being with him..." "But?" "Nothin it's just idk yet I mean things at first sucked an it's just getting better an I don't want it to end or get ruined by telling him I love him" "ha so you do love him" "yes I love him""how long" "a while why you asking me so many questions" "no reason" "Kyle tell me" "nope now let's to watch the movie"  me an Kyle went back upstairs an we watched another movie an eat snacks again, when the movie was over me an Kyle cleaned up everything an than he left. 

Sean came home(my house but imma just say home) shortly after Kyle had left. He had ignored me the hole time I wondered what was wrong an i tried to talk to him twice but he never listened he just kept doing what he was doing. So I just went back up to my room an shut the door blasted my music sat on my bed an laid there listened to the music, the song "treasure" by Bruno mars came on an I blasted the music even more an started to dance an sing to the song. Sean an Devon came in as the song was ending dev came over to dance a little with me an Sean just stood there an than we got some clothes an went to the bathroom to change or something... The song ended an the song "it will rain" by Bruno mars came on an I started to cry because its how I felt in the moment I tried not to cry but I did an dev turned it down an took me to sit on the bed an talked to me.

dev: hey what's wrong why are you crying 

me: I'm fine 

dev: don't lie to me like you do to mom, yea I know you lie to mom but your not a good lier to me. 

Me: I'm I'm fine- 

dev: tell me 

me: it's me an Sean idk what's going on anymore. I mean me an him are just so different I'm still this nerdy unpopular girl that likes to be alone or with my close friends an hes always with everyone an so him, I love him an everything like we've been together for 3 months but I just feel so far away from him I don't feel close to him anymore an with him gone all the time I feel like he's cheating on me or something I just don't know what to do anymore I feel so alone. 

Dev: I'm sorry Gianna. I can't be here right now cause collage but as soon as I'm done ill come right back home an stay here for you. Ill be here 

me: no dev it's not your problem it's mine. An with that I got up an turned the song back up so load I couldn't hear anyone else. Dev came up behind me turned me around an danced with me like we used to when we were younger. I put both my feet on his so I was his hieght an we danced to the music. 

After the song dev turned my radio off put me in bed put the blanket on me an left. Sean came out wearing his basketball shorts an a tank top, came over to the bed an laid down put his arm around me I didn't want to cuddle with him at that moment so I got up went to the bathroom got on some pj shorts an a top on put my hair up on a tall ponytail an than I got out the bathroom when I got out the bathroom Sean was right there with a guitar he started to play it while he sang the song "for the first time" by the script. He sang his heart out to me an near the end of the song I say tears go down his eyes as he sang {"oh these times are hard dont give up on me baby dont give up on me baby"4x} the fact he was crying I started to cry a little when he was done he out the guitar down an looked at me I ran up to him jumped up put my arms around his neck an he held me up by my but an we kissed it had been so long since we kissed it was so passionate than he set me down on the bed as he was still hovering over me, he started to kiss me again this time even more passionate he traced my bottom lip asking for entrance wich I gave him our tongues is dancing around each others mouths I began to moan a little an than he kissed my jawline an than my neck than my color bone kissing on my sweet spot I began to moan a little loader an that's when my dad came in the room Sean had jumped off me an just stood there in place I shot up an stood infront of Sean. 

Dad: what's going in here?

Me: dad I didn't know you were coming home today I thought here were coming back home tomorrow. 

Dad: yea my plan landed early an so I came strait home I was going to suprise you your mom an  Devon.. But who is tthis 

me: this is Sean my boyfriend. I was going to tell you tomorrow when you got here but your here so hey

dad: okay well ummmm well talk about this in the mornings I just go to sleep an ill see you in the morning... Good night you too, an Sean nice to meet you

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