The new bad boy

This story is about a very nerdy girl named Gianna she is 16 has all A's good after school activities. But she always gets teased because of it all but than the new kid shoes up and changes her hole world and turns it upside down. Will this be good for Gianna or will things get worse along the way....



21. here comes trouble

"Are you really just gonna let her do that to me Sean" I couldn't help but laugh it was to funny the girl I love most in the world getting upset and dumping a hot coffee onto my ex girlfriend an making all her heavy makeup run down her face causing her to look like a sad clown "I'm sorry but you kinda deserve it" "I what" "you deserve it I mean you were a total bitch to my girlfriend an on top of that you keep trying to get me back even though I clearly told you no a long time ago" "than why do you keep talkin to me and have a picture if me on your phone" "I did but when realized that all Gianna said was right I took all of our conversations an all your pictures off my phone an I even blocked you on it and changed my number that way you can leave me the hell alone" "come on your really not going to take me back even though I'm throwing myself at you, come on we were together for two years we were in love we had great times and your going to throw all of that away" "I'm not throwing away anything, yea we had good times but you were the one that threw everything away because you were the one that was cheating on me with my own brother for a year. An yes I was in love with you but my love for Gianna is way more different that the love I had for you, Gianna is my hole world and I would give up my life for her. For you I wouldn't give up anything.. So goodbye Rebecca and also leave and never come near me or Gianna again" "fine but always remember I'm still here if you want me" an with that I went running out of Starbucks but I couldn't find Gianna anywhere an her jacket was still in my car which means she has to be somewhere so I hopped in my car and I went to the house first but she wasn't there, than I went to all her friends houses and asked if they have seen her and they all said they heard from her but they haven't seen her so than I went to Chloe's she said the same thing than I went to Kyle's house and he said the same thing but than he said how he knows she is at the bus stop near Starbucks so I went over there an she wasn't there anymore I did see one thing though I saw a note on the ground and it was kinda hard to read because it was so wet because of the rain an even I was getting a little drenched now on the note was a couple names I'm guessing it was the football teams names... Shit Gianna is with Matt. I ran back into my car started it an drive faster than a race car driver "how could I be so stupid... What's wrong with you.... You dumbass... Who knows what he's doing to her.. She will never forgive me... I've messed up" than when I got to Matts house I ran up to his door the thing was the window next to the door wasn't covered up by the blinds so I saw my girl on top of Matt making out with him which really set me off I mean really one she is my girl and everyone knows that and two we aren't even actually broken up I mean yea she said goodbye Sean but that can't be it for us it can't be. Now I was soaking wet my hair in my face and I even started to cry a little because all the old memories an now this from my actually true love. So without thinking I was banging on the door "GIANNA I KNOW YOUR IN THERE" an when I looked through the window again Gianna was feet away from him standing up an standing still an starting to get a little teary eyed but Matt being the asshole that he is went up to her taking his hands an sliding them down her arm and her waist telling her something that was apparently calming her down or making her feel worse. "MATT KEEP THE FUCK OFF OF HER" "oh yea why should I, I mean you two aren't together anymore you cheated on her. She has the right to do whatever the fuck she wants, and besides she's mine now" this was kinda true I mean I was talking to my ex behind her back but I wasn't calling her babygirl or anything like that an i wasn't going on dates with her or anything it was just a friend thing till she went to far today "GIANNA.... Gianna please can we just talk, I'm begging you to please come and talk to me" an nothing "Gianna please I can't live without you and the thought of us not being together is tearing me apart. You are my everything my sun my earth my moon and all my stars, your the love of my life I would die for you Gianna. Yes I made a mistake but it won't happen again I promise I cut her off she's not in my life anymore if you would just talk to me please I can explain everything an if you still don't want me I'll try to be friends but please give me some type of chance... Please" an I put my head down letting the rain take over my body I was waiting 5 minutes for her to say or do something but she never did so I was about to walk away but than I heard the door open an there she was wearing her clothes, thank god she is in her clothes now. I went up to her trying to hug her but she stepped back so I did too an I put my hands in my pockets an than I heard the door close an I had a feeling she was back inside so I went to turn around and walk away but than I felt to warm hands grab my face lift my face up an kiss my cold wet lips. Her lips were so warm and so soft so I wrapped my arms around her body and wrapped her in my arms tight so she would never leave, man her hole body was so warm an our lips moved in sync with each other's it was all so perfect an I felt so much passion and love in every second of it all but than she pulled away I mean yea she was still very close to me considering I don't want to let her go and I never want her to leave me again but our lips weren't together anymore "please g-" an I was cut off "don't say anything else lets just go home an you can explain everything on the way" "your really giving me another chance" "why wouldn't I after everything you just said I mean that's just cold hearted if I didn't give you a chance" "god I love you so much, I promise I will never make that

Mistake again" "okay let's go though I don't want you or myself getting a cold."

*1 hour later*

Well I told Gianna everything, like literally everything about my past. About how Rebecca had cheated on me with my brother, how my brother has a criminal past, about how my mother and father left me behind when I was young. Everything. Yea there was a few tears because my past absolutely sucks an yet Gianna is still here with me giving me another chance. "So why is she coming back now" "I don't know maybe because I'm somewhat famous and she just wants me for fame and money, or maybe because I have moved on an I have someone that I love more than anything in the world that loves me just the same." "I do love you a lot... An what happened after I left" "I told her how horrible of a person she is and how I never want her back in my life and how much I love you and to stay the hell away from me and you" "oh okay how did she take that" "let's just say she was being herself" "oh nice" "it's fine though I changed my number took everything off my phone except for the stuff about me and you" "so she won't be able to get a hold of you anymore" "no.. Besides all I need is you Gianna" an with that she gave me a peck on the lips than we laid on the couch while the fire was starting an we were having hot coco an watching movies. After the third movie things started to get all boring an we both got a little tired that is until Gianna started to rub her hand up and down my leg an it started send shivers up and down my spine I looked right into her eyes an she looked into mine while still moving her hand up and down my leg slowly and softly I couldn't take it any longer I want to take it slow and show her that I do truly love her an everything but at the same time she is making me beg for this right now I just had to so I did I planted my lips on here softly and hard more like in the middle of them both an our lips were moving in sync an as if that wasn't enough she did the same thing she was doing to Matt earlier today sitting on top of my lap both hands around me neck and both legs on ether side of my legs I didn't know what to do I didn't know if she was testing me or if she was being serious "Gianna... Gianna stop" "what is it Sean" "I don't know if your being serious here or if your trying to test me, so till I know you actually want this I don't want to do this" "Sean I do want this I swear I'm not trying to test you I really do want this I trust you an I love you, you already proved yourself to me for over 3 hours now an when you proved yourself you didn't just prove yourself you opened up all your scars big or small to me not most people can do that and still have someone willing to give themselfs over to that person, but here I am and I'll always be here Sean.. An I am throwing myself at you an you don't want me" "I do want you I love you so much it's just I don't want to rush things" "your not remember we already did this Sunday.. So take what I'm giving you or throw me away your choice" "oh I am taking this gift" an with that we started to have a full on make out session this time our tongues and lips moving around in sync our hands exploring each others bodies like it was the first time even though it's actually the second time we'd be doing this now in only one week. Than after 5 minutes I lifted her shirt over her head so an she lifted my shirt over my head so we were both shirtless an yet still making out, an I started to think how she was right about everything she said an how it is true till *cough cough* "excuse me I hope I'm not interrupting anything" an than Gianna shot up and was putting her shirt back on "dev babe it's fine she is growing up just like you did let her have a little bit of fun, besides we both know you and I have had our fare share of fun" "I knew there was something else about you that I forgot to mention that I liked about you, you are totally coming with us on that family trip I need you" "thanks Gianna but still I don't want to be in the way if fa-" "too bad your coming I'm not taking no for an answer" "okay than looks like I'm going than" "yay, good" an by the end of their conversation u had gotten up and put my shirt back on and wrapped my arms around the love of my life. "Hey buddy keep hands where I can see them, and away from any of the areas" "oh my god Devon calm down yes there is a couple things we have done and you know because somehow you always catch us doing it but still what do you expect I mean he's my boyfriend and I'm his girlfriend and we've been together for a long while now" "but still your my little sister I still worry an I still will always be protective" "okay when do you go back to collage again" "well I quit collage" "you what Devon moms going to freak out when she finds out that you quit" "why I went for 3 years isn't tat enough" "true but aren't you supost to be there for 4 years normally" "yes but still just don't tell mom okay" "than what are you going to do than if she asks about something that has to do with collage" "ether one I'm going to make up something like always like the couple times as a kid when I faked being sick or saying school was closed because of blah blah reason, or two I'll just go get a place out here to be close to my sister" "okay than". Than my phone went off so I went up to the room than i answered the call.

Me: hello?

????: hello little brother

Me: what do you want

Older brother: oh I just wanted to call and say hi why I can't say hi to my little brother

Me: I know that's not why you called what do you want

Older brother: I just wanna say hi


Older brother: fine you wanna know what I want... What I want is her

Me: oh you mean Rebecca sure go ahead

Older brother: no not that old ugly thing I want Gianna she's super pretty an it looks like she is very popular on all her accounts and sites an to all famous guys she's beautiful too and with a guy like me to have her would be the best thing an might get me some other pretty girls

Me: no you can't have her. You can't see her, touch her, or talk to her at all I'm anyway possible. If you dare try to come near her I will kill you.

Olde brother: kill your own brother wow that's not very nice and brotherly of you is it.

Me: like you are look at you your a mess you always have been since mom and dad left us an worse you put my life through hell. An I'm not letting you do that to me anymore so get out and stay away for the final time.

Than I hung up put my phone in my pocket than went to go downstairs but I saw Gianna standing next to the door "hey how long have you been there" "the hole time, I'm guessing it was your brother asking or telling you he was going to have me or something" "yes but you know all my responses to him" "yeah I know but I can also protect myself too an if it gets that bad an your not able to always protect me I still have" "still have what" "Kyle and Chloe" "I know but still Chloe can't do much an Kyle I don't even know if he can compete against my brother I don't want you or anyone else getting hurt mostly you I'd be so hurt and so lost if I ever lost you an id feel so guilty if you ever got hurt I wouldn't be able to live with myself" "Sean everything will be okay I mean look we have made it through this much together, nothing else can possible tear us apart" "well we have school tomorrow an I don't want to miss fist period again and I don't want to skip again ether" "we didn't skip school got shut down for the day because the principle had to watch her kid for the day because her husband had to go to work for the day an there wasn't a babysitter" "wow this town really is messed up everyone just pretty much does whatever they want most the time" "yeah we do that out here" she said while doing her cute little laugh than tucked a little bit of her hair behind her ear, Than we got into our pajamas than got into bed an fell asleep.

*Gianna's prov*

When I woke up I got up brushed & curled my hair put my makeup on an than I put on my gray shirt with my dark blue skirt an brought it up to my bellybutton an tucked in my gray shirt than put a cute little diamond studded belt around my stomach where my shirt and skirt met together than I put in some jewelry that matched with my outfit an than some cute heels that also Match my outfit. I got out the bathroom an than have Sean a kiss on the cheek told him I'd see him at school than got my dance team bag and my backpack my phone and keys than went downstairs grabbed some quick breakfast told my brother his girlfriend an my mom goodbye and see ya later got outside into my car put all my stuff in the passenger side than put the keys in started the car than drove off to school. When I got to school I parked my car got out went over to the passenger side got out both my bags closed my car door locked my car than headed into the school, as I was putting both my bags into locker(the lockers at my school are super huge) an getting out my books for my classes I had this feeling like someone was watching me or something so when I was done I closed my locker than I turned around and saw Chloe and Kyle next to me an I kinda jumped "oh my god you guys scared me" "I'm sorry Giaboo but ever since you were on E-news because of dating Sean I.. I mean we have to be even more protective of you" "you guys don't have to be protective I can handle it myself an no guys have been after me it's all still the same as when I was just geeky Gia.. I mean yea people think I'm like one of those popular girls of those movies and tv shows but I'm not I'm still geeky Gia with just a little bit of differences to her" "yeah yeah we know we're not stupid" "An Gianna look at you your dating ONE of the most hottest guys school an your beautiful an super smart like your the first or second smartest person in this school and everyone knows it so how could guys not drool over you" "who's drooling over my girl" "oh hey man an nothing really" "hey man and okay if you won't tell me I'll just have to tickle it out of Gianna later today" he said coming over to me while he still had his backpack on an I had a feeling he was going to attack me now so I started to backup a little bit but he really just ended up giving me a hug wrapping his arms around my waist an burring his head in my neck while picking me up and spinning me around. "Hey babe can I put my stuff in your locker for today" "why you have a locker, go use yours" "I know but I'm too lazy to go all the way to my locker right now, and I just want to" "erggg fine but if y-" "oh yea Gianna I forgot to tell you but in planning on throwing a party at my house tomorrow, please come" "I wouldn't miss it.. Now let's go" "SEE YOU LATER BOYS" me and Chloe yelled at the boys while walking away and talking about the normal stuff. We were just about to walk into the gym for the morning assembly today... That god we didn't have to perform today... But while we were walking there I wasn't paying attention apparently or the person wasn't i don't know but all my stuff dropped. And guess who it was that was helping me pick up my stuff?!?

Matt... I mean yeah me and him are okay I guess but yet every time I think about him it gets all weird and awkward an I know him and Sean for sure don't get along and in fact if Sean was here there would be a fight right now because if what happened yesterday.

"I'm so sorry Gianna I didn't mean to I wasn't paying attention" "it's fi-" "hey get away from her you've done enough" "I was just trying to help her so calm down" "Sean let's go sit down" an I grabbed all my stuff than grabbed Sean's arm and dragged him to where me him Chloe and Kyle were going to sit. "Sean I know you two hate each other because what I did but I'm sorry I really am I told you how sorry I was last night remember our very long night last night of all that talking. So please just try not to fight with him it's not all his fault it's mine too, just calm down... You know that nomatter what I'm going to be with you" and before Sean could say anything girls and guys were screaming load! I looked up an I saw some of the teen wolf cast.

(Tyler posey~ Scott McCall, Dylan O'Brien~ Stiles Stilinksi, Holland Roden~ Lydia Martin, Tyler Hoechlin~ Derek Hale, Crystal Reed~ Allison Argent, Daniel Sharman~ Isaac Lehay, Keahu kahuanui, Max Carver~ Aiden, Charlie Carver~ Ethan, and Arden Cho~ Kira)

I don't know where the others were. But Tyler posey started talking. "Hey everyone.. So I guess your all wondering why we are here well some of the staff here at your school told us how much of big fans this school is and how it be great if we come here today to have a little fun with you all... so here we are!" Than Dylan started talking "Yeah and we plan to have a lot of fun with you all but first we are going to answer questions any of you have than we will pick some volunteers to help us get ready for the games we are going to play along with you all.. So does anyone have any questions for is all" than lots of people were raising there arms up every Chloe did and funny things they picked her. Than a couple minutes passed by and it was time for games so while some of the cast was still talking the other were choosing people to be in the game that they were going to play with us. The thing was that I felt a hand grab mine really tight so I looked at Sean "ouch that hurts" an Sean just looked upset at something so when I looked I noticed Dylan was coming toward us.. An as he got closer Sean held tighter "ouch Sean your hurting me stop it" than Chloe was slapping my leg and freaking out and talking to me about him like fan girls do I was trying to hold mine in though I mean with Kyle he doesn't really mind because he knows Chloe loves him and he knows I do that too so he's fine but yet with Sean he just gets so jealous so easily, than before I knew it Dylan was here "pardon me but would you and your friend like to come up here with me" an before I could say one word Chloe grabbed my arm stood up dragged me up with her making Sean let go of me an said "YES... *cough cough*... I mean yeah we would like to" than Dylan took his hand out to take mine and without thinking I took his hand and Chloe let go of mine and started to run over to Max carver since he was her most favorite and he was calling her over to him to help anyway so as me and Dylan were walking over to help I felt Sean staring hard the hole time I was away from him. "I can't believe I finally get to meet the famous and may I say beating beautiful Gianna.. An holding hands with her" I couldn't help holding it in anymore I had to let my fangirl out so I did I started blushing like crashing "thanks.. I'm actually a big fan of you myself.. Ever since I could remember I have been a fan of you and I love your character in the show too" "thanks, now should we get to it" "yup we shall" an so we all started to help the cast everything ready and when it was all done we all noticed it was some type of maze thing like in those tv shows where there is a basketball area than all those areas.

Holland: so everyone we are going to play a couple of games here with a couple of the fans here.

Chloe was right next to me at the moment an we were both fangirling "this should be fun" she said to me overly happy "yes especially since me and you are going to win this" "yes, yes we are Gianna" than all the cast chose out of all of us "volunteers" which one they were going to work with and than when they had there team mates they al chose two or three more people out of the crowd of students on the bleachers, Chloe ended up with Max and I ended up with none other than Dylan than we all took our positions an than started doing what we needed to do. So far me and Chloe were winning which was good for us than as the groups were getting smaller because people couldn't keep up with me and Chloe. Than things were I think getting more interesting between Dylan and me(I mean we are playing a game) but every move Dylan made Sean would get even more angry an Kyle was trying to calm him down but yet at the same time even Kyle was starting to get mad because Chloe and Max were starting to get more interesting around each other like me and Dylan... We had gone through everything else but now it was time for basketball so Dylan and Max were on a team together and me and Chloe had to try to come of with cheers for them while other groups ether watched of played the other games an the other team was Tyler and Charlie and there was two other girls on the other side trying to come up with cheers which wasn't working out for them very well. Me and Chloe kept coming up with the best cheers and dance moves I mean hello we are captain of the dance team, 5 minutes past and me, Chloe, Dylan, and Max had own all of the games which turned out to be good because it was super fun and me and Dylan became friends along the way and than now me and Chloe just got flowers from them and they also gave us hugs than all the fans that got picked sat back down. The cast said there goodbyes and than the principle started talking for about 10-20 minutes. Than it was all over and everyone started to go to their classes, Sean on the other hand just walked away from me and I couldn't find him(Kyle and Chloe were fine though) "hey Kyle what's wrong with Sean" "he's upset about the Dylan thing just let him calm down" "why is he mad about that we weren't doing anything" "giabear you remember what you did last night... Yes he told me but I'm not judging what he did was wrong so he kinda deserved it, but still with that then Dylan trying to flirt with you or whatever I kinda see why Sean is mad and you were very fan girly over him" "but so was Chloe" "yes I know Gia but at the same time me and Chloe don't have that big of problems like you and Sean, and I trust Chloe she won't cheat on me nomatter how bad she wants to" "it's true kyleboo I do love you very much and I wouldn't because all I need is you and my bestfriend Gianna to be happy" "erggg I feel like you are both going against me" "were not... We are just telling you all this that way you see where Sean is coming from like why he is sort of able to act like that" "fine I'll give Sean a break... You know what maybe that's what me and him need because me and him have been having alot of fights lately and I don't really like it so maybe he needs space and so do I" than I walked away with all my stuff and over to my third period(the assembly was very long apparently) so I walked into third period sat down in my seat an started to do my work. School was over in a short period of time an me and Sean haven't talked to each other the hole time we were at school, I was going over to my car I put all my stuff in the backseat than was about to get in the driver seat and start my car when someone came over to my car door "hey sorry if I scared you I didn't mean to" "oh it's okay I was just going to-" when I looked up to see who it was after my little scare I had it was Dylan "oh hey Dylan why are you still here" "well I was going to ask you if you want to go get something to eat because it seemed to me like you need it" "and why would you think that" "because I saw the way your boyfriend was acting toward you and I know most girls need something to eat or something fun to do when they have things go wrong in their world" I thought about it for a minute and I actually was hungry an I could use some fun and Dylan and are are just going to be friends anyway "okay but I get to chose where we are eating" "okay fine by me" an than we hopped into my car and drove off.

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