The new bad boy

This story is about a very nerdy girl named Gianna she is 16 has all A's good after school activities. But she always gets teased because of it all but than the new kid shoes up and changes her hole world and turns it upside down. Will this be good for Gianna or will things get worse along the way....



24. back to the past

We got up later that day and went out to the party Sean's friend was having and it looked amazing like you just walked into one of those super cool parties you see on tv shows an movies. "hey man how's it going who's this beautiful lady" I'm guessing he was Sean's friend I mean he did look like the model type he was dark blonde pretty hazel eyes tall and sort of buff "hey man it's going great and this beautiful lady is my girlfriend I told you about like a thousand times" "oh so this is Gianna.. Nice to meet you Gianna" "nice to meet you too umm" "oh yeah my name is Alexander but everyone just calls me Alex" "oh okay nice to meet you too Alex" "well you two go and enjoy the party I'll see you both later" "Kay bye man see ya" than Sean wrapped his arm around my waist and we walked in to the party seeing what we should do first. Sean grabbed me and him a drink or two an we gulped them down, as we have been talking for like five minutes now a really good song that I liked came on an I rushed out to the dance floor where there was a hole bunch of people sweating and grinding on each other an some doing there own dance so I started to do my own little dance too and with every move my body was going along with the beats of the song an as the song was ending another after another came on an it has been almost an hour or more..(im not sure)... and I wasn't even sweating yet but as one of my favorite love song came on 'turning page by sleeping at last' I had known that Sean must of payed the dj to play it because I don't think anyone else even listens to this sing anymore or has even heard this song before, so as I was just standing there Sean came up behind me and spun me around than put his hands around my waist and held me close so I put my arms around his neck an we swayed and danced. Sean would spin me around and than go back to how we were at first and he would do all these other cute romantics moves as we danced to the music an soon into the song I started to sing the song but I didn't realize I was singing so load that everyone could here till the song ended as I looked around everyone at the party was in a circle around me and Sean an looking at us an clapping and whistling at us than Sean took my hand in his and we walked up the stairs and into one of the rooms "they think we did great babygirl.. An I think we did good too. An by the way your voice is absolutely amazing you should be a singer" "I don't think I want to though I mean we wouldn't be able to be around each other as much as we are now and we would always be doing something with someone or going to do something an I just don't think I'm really that good" than Sean came over to me taking my hands I his an looked deep into my eyes "we will be fine if we can get through all the shit we have already gone through we can get through that and you have the most amazing voice I've ever heard agents would kill to have you as one of there artist" "I don't know Sean" "please just think about it princessia" "fine I'll think about it but that didn't mean it will end up as a yes" "yeah okay princessia" an with than he put both his hands on each of my cheeks an pressed his lips to mine.

We have been kissing for three minutes now when my phone rang "hold on I'll be right back" I got up walked into the bathroom because even with the door closed it's still a little load in the room too an so when I got in the bathroom I answered my phone.

Hey mom

Hey I need you to come home now!!

Mom what's going on

No questions just come over now

Okay mom I'll be there as quick as I can

Okay see you when you get here

Kay bye mom

When the call ended I ran out the bathroom an told Sean to hurry up an than I ran down the stairs and outside to the car while Sean ran after me "get in now we have to go" "why where we going" "my mothers now hurry up an get in the car something is going on" an with than Sean started the car an drive as fast as he could to my moms house. When we got there I jumped out the car an ran over to the door taking the key from under the Matt under the rock next to the door unlocked the door and ran in to see my real dad sitting on the coach in the living room along with my mom stepdad(dad) brothers and sister sitting in the living room too. "What's going on mom you sounded like it was important like something bad was happening but now all I see is this" I said kinda angry while pointing to the man I used to call dad "well honey" my mother said getting up an coming over to me "I knew if I told you your dad-" "he's not my dad" "okay well if I told you he was here you wouldn't of come" "yeah you got that right... Now I'm leaving" I started to turn around an walk back to the car with Sean when my "dad" said something. "What did you say" I said while turning around and speed walking over to him when I was about five feat away from him Sean grabbed me and pulled close to him and held me tight because he knows that always calms me down. As I calmed down Sean sat down on the floor with my brothers and sister while I was sitting on his lap because he wanted to make sure I stayed a good girl while we were here an my mom was sitting I'm my stepdad(dad) lap on the chair next to the coach. "Well why are you here" I said trying not to sound or be mean "well I know I have mad a lot of mistakes but I was hopping you would all give me another chance. An i promise I have changed an I will try everything to make it up to you all." I didn't say anything and nether did anyone else an I was about to say something but Sean asked if we could have a minute so me and him got up and walked over to the kitchen.

*Sean's prove*

I didn't know what was going in I didn't know who the one guy on the couch was I didn't know what they were talking about an I didn't know why my princess was this upset so I asked for us to go an talk so we got up and walked I to the kitchen as soon as we got into the kitchen he went over to the sink and pleased some water in her face and died off her face and hands an she looked really sad angry and lost so I went over to her and wrapped her tight in my arms. "Hey princess what's wrong you look so sad and angry is it something I did or can I help" it took her a minute to answer but she did "no it's not you Sean it's him.. I just.. I can't" "you can't what, babygirl remember me the persons that loves you more than anything the person you live with the person that you can talk to about anything" "well it's just that when I was young my dad had done some really bad stuff to my mom and my siblings and I so we left. But than a while after that he came back into our life's and my siblings and I would go and visit him every now and than but after that something happened and he started to not talk to us an not want to spend time with us anymore an whenever he did talk to us it wouldn't actually be about us it'd be about my mom and than he would always text my mom and try and spend time with her an forget about us... So I stopped talking to him and spending time with him an did the same to him that he had ever done to me, a couple years pasted with no contact from him an now he's back" she said starting to cry "I'm so sorry babygirl I wish I was here before all that happened to make things better that way you didn't have to feel this pain" I said wrapping my arms around her even more "but if we meet before all that happened we probably wouldn't be where we are now an I like where we are now" "me too an yeah things would be a little different but I'd still have the same feeling that I have for you now" I lifted her head up an kissed her tears away an put her hair behind her ears so they were out of her beautiful face than put my hand on her cheek leaned in an planted my lips to hers an it was perfect. the way he lips taste like strawberry but yet at the same time there so soft like if she doesn't have any makeup on, but as it was getting more loving someone walked in.

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