20 Times

You know the story of the girl who rejected THE Liam Payne 20 times? Well thats me, and here I am years later going to finally make his dreams come true. The only reason im doing this is because I need a little action in my life, im only using him for a good time right? I would never fall in love with him or so I thought....


6. Chapter 6

Alexandra's P.O.V

  "Aye get your back off the wall", my alarm clock started playing to wake me up. Today was the day where Payne finally got his date with me and boy was I ready. I was practicing my flirty faces and moves in the mirror and boy did I look stupid. I suck at acting and everyone knew this, but Payne wouldn't notice my fake act since he is *so in love*. Since it was 12:00 pm I had lots of time to waste before I could actually start getting ready. What did I do, waste time on my laptop and eat food. Thats all I did, then the time finally came 5:00. 2 hours to get ready, just great, I decided to take a quick shower and wash my hair since i needed one anyways. Once I dried myself after that I decided to quickly blow dry my hair and curl it. After I decided to do my makeup and boy did I want to really impress Liam. I didn't know why but i felt some spark inside of me when I thought of him, but I quickly ignored it getting back to my makeup. I slipped on my dress and my look was complete. A nice pair of stilettos to match the dress and I was ready, with 5 minutes to spare.

  *Ding Ding!*

  I quickly hopped down the stairs and opened the door to see a hot looking Liam dressed in a white dress shirt with 2 buttons open showing some of his chest, it was so toned. Im gonna be in trouble with this guy tonight, I don't know why but I feel like something weird is going to happen. But I kind of was excited. Snap out Alexandra its loser Payne and I'm suppose to break him!


Authors Note: 

Its a filler chapie for the date :)

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