20 Times

You know the story of the girl who rejected THE Liam Payne 20 times? Well thats me, and here I am years later going to finally make his dreams come true. The only reason im doing this is because I need a little action in my life, im only using him for a good time right? I would never fall in love with him or so I thought....


5. Chapter 5

Alexandra's P.O.V

  "What have I done? And what am I going to wear for god sake!" I screamed in frustration as I went through my closet trying to find an appropriate outfit for the date. Now I have to make the poor guy fall even deeper in love with me and then crush him into pieces. But a bet is a bet and I love a challenge so I decided to pick and outfit for the night (outfit in the comment section). I didn't want to look to trashy, but I wanted a sexy form fitting dress that complements my curves, you see I'm not very thin, nor am I fat I'm an average weight. And I'm not so keen on looking perfect, even though everyone tells me I am which I believe they are just saying that to give me some sort of confidence, but it doesn't really do anything.
 So I picked my outfit for tomorrow and set it on a chair so there would be no wrinkles for me to iron. After a few moments I decided to go to sleep. As I was about to fall asleep I remembered the last time I talked to Liam before he left for X-Factor.

"I know you don't have any feelings for me but I want to tell you one last thing before I leave for the competition", Liam confessed before I could say no to one of his attempts of asking me out.
"What is it?" I sighed knowing it would be something that would pressure me into going out with him.
"Im going to win this competition for you, and when I'm famous I will come back and shower you with all the gold and diamonds I can buy and soon enough you will fall in love with me," he smiled to himself thinking that it would win me over.
"Bye Liam." I said as I walked away leaving him at the front of our school.

  That was the last thing I pictured before falling into a deep sleep.

Author's Note:
Alexandra is so mean to poor Liam :(



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