20 Times

You know the story of the girl who rejected THE Liam Payne 20 times? Well thats me, and here I am years later going to finally make his dreams come true. The only reason im doing this is because I need a little action in my life, im only using him for a good time right? I would never fall in love with him or so I thought....


4. Chapter 4

Alexandra's P.O.V

  After Elena left I started to watch watch some T.V, the series finally of breaking bad was on right as I turned on the T.V, so I decided to watch it. Five minutes into the show I suddenly got an unexpected phone call from an unknown number. So I decided to answer it.

"Hello?" I questioned

"Hey Alex its me Liam" He answered.

"Oh hey erm, whats up?" I questioned slightly unsure what to say.

"Well I thought we could go on a date tomorrow is that fine?" He said nervously through the phone.

  I knew I couldn't just say no to him I mean I have to complete that bet of breaking him and finally getting him to leave me alone.

"Sure why not" I said confidently.

"Wow really okay I will pick you up at your house which I also need the address to?" He said shyly on the phone.

"78 Whether Drive" I breathed through the phone.

"Yes I will pick you up tomorrow at 7:00pm" He said a little too excited.

"Uh okay?" I said still wondering why I was still on the phone with him.

"Okay see you bye!" He said quickly on the phone before hanging up.

  I guess the bet of me breaking Payne has just started and it hasn't even been a full day.


Liam's P.O.V

  I couldn't believe she finally agreed to go on a date with me, after 20 times of trying and trying I finally got her to go on a date with me. I guess 21 tries is a charm, once I realized she said yes I already started to panic. 

"WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR!" I screamed in frustration knowing I have to look sharp and perfect for Alex.

"Mate just stay casual, but also a little classy." Harry said from behind me scaring me.

"Whoa you are still there?" I questioned.

"Yea and I saw you're little day dreaming session after you hung up the phone." He chuckled while taking a seat on the couch.

"Okay weird but what am I going to do." I said as I shoved my hands into my hair.

"Okay mate you have finally got the girl of your dreams to go on a date with you don't make yourself look like a fool, anyways I have to get going Niall is probably starving without me at my flat, just stay calm and do what you always do best." Harry said right before leaving my flat.

  'Do what you do best' echoed in my head, but the problem is with her stuck in my head I don't know what I do best.

Author's Note 

Hehehe you can kill me now if you'd like, like 2 months without updating well I'm back and ready to write :)

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